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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1334/11876
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society5812/11877
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyCriticism55:112/11879
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyGranted two pages in the Wittenberger78:11/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society741/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyShows signs of being active again74:21/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyContributions by the Hesperian Literary Society98:1-22/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyAsks for two lady professors139:24/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1394/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyDisbanded104:12/11881
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyDisbanded107:22/11881
[ ]Mower, Mable; Hesperian Literary SocietyMable Mower, editor, announces its discontinuence109:22/11881
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHistory of the Society92;11/11887