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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyWill sponsor panel on architecture and church3:12/91962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyAnnounces new appointment6:53/301962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyTo offer course to faculty3:14/271962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyThe graduate 331:25/181962
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyEmma R. Miller gives $2000 to Hamma Seminary5:22/51965
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyTo present "Cain Cycle"6:44/221966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDr. Stanley Schneider speaks at graduation6:15/201966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySlates summer study6:45/201966
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyFamed pastor, author to join Hamma staff1:15/121967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDesigns asked for Synod Chapel8:15/191967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyDr. Auman is named as Hamm (commencemet) speaker8:35/191967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyHold graduation; candidates, calls announced2:45/261967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyRev. J. Bruce Weaver to join Hamma staff6:45/261967
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyNew curriculum stresses year round training1:11/191968
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyReceives $500 Faculty Development Grant from Lutheran Brotherhood3:12/91968
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyProfessors Dr. Karl Hertz and Dr. Granger Westberg to be installed1:111/151968
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySponsoring seminar to explore black prophetic voice on Mar. 17th and 18th3:42/281969
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyAdopts new program based on individual freedom1:111/141969
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyNew curriculum a "student utopia?"3:111/141969
[ ]Hamma School of TheologySeihammer as President takes office1:14/181974
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyBooks are being divided from Hamma School of Theology with the Lutheran Theological Seminary for the recent merger6:510/201978
[ ]Hamma School of TheologyService commemorating the merger of Hamma School of Theology from Wittenberg and the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary at Capital will be held Nov. 5, 19786:110/201978