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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallDedication of hall42:112/11890
[ ]Buildings; Hamma Divinity Hall; FiresFire1361/91901
[ ]Buildings; Hamma Divinity Hall; FiresHall threatened by flames160:1-21/291902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallStatue of Luther to adorn Hamma86:22/221902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallDedication244:23/261902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallFeast of dedication3165/71902
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallHamma Divinity Hall dedicated3064/301912
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallHall nearning completion, with many conveniences1:45/61915
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallNew halls and heating plant dedicated1:511/111915
[ ]Hamma Divinity HallDedication servies--new alter and communion rail3:22/81957
[ ]Hamma Divinity School; Ward HallBuilding progress continues5:33/111960