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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Habitat for HumanityProfessor founds Habitat for Humanity2:39/221989
[ ]Habitat For HumanityProfessor Founds Habitat For Humanity2:39/221989
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat elects exec, plans begin to help families10/271989
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat For Humanity Elects Exec; Plans Begin To Help Families4:110/271989
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat looking for new headquarters2/161990
[ ]Habitat For HumanityStudents To Travel To South With Habitat For Humanity2:33/21990
[ ]Habitat for HumanityStudents travel to south with Habitat3/21990
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat Helps Many On Spring Break8:14/61990
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat helps many on spring trip4/61990
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat learns importance of cooperation on trip4/201990
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat Learns Importance Of Cooperation On Trip4:14/201990
[ ]Habitat for HumanityDean Scott, Mayor Copeland, and Dr. Hamilton sleep in shack5/111990
[ ]Habitat For HumanityDean Scott, Mayor Copeland, and Dr. Hamilton Sleep In Shack1:35/111990
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity Gets Official Homepg. 4, col10/51990
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat to dedicate housepg. 3, col2/221991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityResident expresses appreciation to Habitat grouppg. 3, col3/11991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat helps others during spring breakpg. 2, col4/51991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat fights poverty with compassion13:39/201991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat to hold Celebration '91 in Columbus10:19/201991
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity has three volunteer work trips planned during spring break2:42/141992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat, more than just Spring break5:42/281992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat members travel South1:24/101992
[ ]Habitat for HumanitySpringfield Habitat for Humanity hosts annual Habitat gathering in Shouvlin1:55/291992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity sets goals2:410/161992
[ ]Student Senate; Habitat for HumanitySenate rejects Habitat's 92-93 budget appeal1:310/161992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat budget rejected due to rules infractions1:210/231992
[ ]Habitat for HumanitySenate restores some funds following appeal by Habitat2:510/301992
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat dedicates its fourth house; McClains move in5:41/291993
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity's spring trip proves memorable and demanding on Witt students2:14/91993
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat plans spring break trips3:311/91993
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity gets thanks1:22/81994
[ ]Habitat for Humanity[Ruth] Kober and Habitat - eliminating poverty housing11:410/41994
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat for humanity travels to Honduras7:11/171995
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat raises funds for trip14:11/171995
[ ]Habitat for HumanityWitt habitat for Humanity trips a big success14:34/111995
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity fights homelessness2:1-311/211995
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat group makes difference in Honduras2:1-51/301996
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat groups travel south, build homes for needy2:2-43/191996
[ ]Habitat for HumanityThree campus groups join together for Habitat's 'building blitz'9:4-59/171996
[ ]Habitat for HumanityDitch digging, roofing, and food: Habitaters spend break in Mississippi6:43/181997
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHammering, accidental detours, laboring long days: Habitat for Humanity's Collegiate Challenge spring break trip to North Carolina6:13/251997
[ ]Habitat For HumanitySpringfield native to recieve one of five houses from Habitat for Humanity3:34/111997
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity 'Blitzes' to build with Springfield community8:49/161997
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity provides students an opportunity to construct houses and memories7:12/31998
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat Project H allows more chances for service3:110/61998
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat focuses on helping others6:13/21999
[ ]Habitat For HumanitySpringfield family receives $30,000 in Habitat funds3:49/281999
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat dedicates new house to advisor2:12/152000
[ ]Habitat For Humanity; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldHabitat Women BUILD set for June3:12/292000
[ ]Habitat for HumanityThirty-four Habitat members head south for spring break3:13/212000
[ ]Habitat For HumanityHabitat working on new house, planning for Shanty Town (pic)2:19/262000
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat building a better future5:110/302001
[ ]Habitat for HumanityTake the Challenge: Habitat for Humanity Spring Break5:12/52002
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat for Humanity: Habifest 20023:14/92002
[ ]Habitat for HumanityWitt Students to Africa for Habitat for Humanity2:110/12002
[ ]Habitat For HumanityWitt Habitat For Humanity makes a difference in Springfield3:39/182003
[ ]Habitat for HumanitySell cookies to buy houses5:12/192004
[ ]Habitat for HumanityWittenberg students build for Habitat on Spring Break trips5:13/252004
[ ]Habitat for humanityHabitat builds1:211/182004
[ ]Habitat for HumanityThe Hottest ____ on Campus: "A" for Association 12:11/252007
[ ]Habitat for HumanityFuller: A life devoted to service 1:12/152007
[ ]Habitat For Humanity; Riley, Phil; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldShed spread: Witt Habitat for Humanity builds for charity1:110/112007
[ ]Habitat For HumanityGrowing lives, one garden at a time9:12/112010
[ ]Habitat for HumanityHabitat efforts will blitz Springfield 8:12/252010
[ ]Hagen Center for Civic and Urban Engagement;Community Service;Habitat for Humanity;Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;DeVantier, Katherine;Copeland, Warren;Brown, Benjamin;Gilbert, Tiana;[Photo]Hagen Center Provides Community Service and Personal Growth, Students Say 1:12/182015