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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]GymnasiumFunds raised for new building, but not for equipment63:112/11889
[ ]GymnasiumShall gymmasium be run by Y.M.C.A., faculty, and association, etc?73:21/11890
[ ]Auditorium -- GymnasiumOur great need. Auditorium-gymnasium is regarded as essential by president11:310/41911
[ ]GymnasiumBoard considers plans; will raise tuition in 1928 and 19291:212/151927
[ ]GymnasiumCampaign for "gym" fund will be event of spring1:23/81928
[ ]GymnasiumFund drive begins May 21st. Week long intensive drive to take place1:55/101928
[ ]GymnasiumStudents to parade for fund drive campaign1:15/171928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaign parade shows student interest1:25/241928
[ ]GymnasiumCampaigners give promising report at 1st luncheon1:35/241928
[ ]GymnasiumStudents launch 2 day campaign drive to aid fund drive1:55/241928
[ ]GymnasiumHouses razed for the new gymnasium1:49/201928
[ ]GymnasiumBids let to contractors5:611/11928
[ ]GymnasiumBreak ground on homecoming day for gymnasium1:311/151928
[ ]GymnasiumField house offers a new opportunity for college events2:111/141929
[ ]GymnasiumFormal opening of the new building1:72/131930