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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]GreeksDZ's and Fiji's top greek grades4:41/171974
[ ]GreeksChicken fights - Greek highlights8:64/251974
[ ]Greeks; Buildings; Fraternities and Sororities; FiresHouse fire damage1:35/161974
[ ]GreeksNew pledges for winter term6:61/271977
[ ]GreeksAttempt self-definition in wake of comission on mission and priorities1:15/51978
[ ]GreeksComments on upcoming activities and general information3:69/91978
[ ]GreeksSororities and fraternities announce philanthropy projects3:19/221978
[ ]GreeksRound robins set for freshmen, meetings and information cited3:510/131978
[ ]GreeksLiving-learning religion class to be offered spring term for Greek men and women only5:11/191979
[ ]GreeksBegin living - learning course. Organized for Greeks only3:11/261979
[ ]GreeksFraternities and sororities announce new rushees3:12/21979
[ ]GreeksActivities announced3:52/91979
[ ]GreeksGreek students congratulated; named to senior and/or department honoraries3:54/131979
[ ]GreeksHistory of Greeks at Wittenberg chronicled3:35/41979
[ ]GreeksGreeks are planning many events for Parent's weekend6:15/111979
[ ]GreeksGreeks are planning on trying co-op learning3:35/111979
[ ]GreeksGreek Week activities scheduled3:15/181979
[ ]GreeksFall rush ends6:49/291979
[ ]GreeksFall rush officially ends for women, new pledges announced3:110/51979
[ ]Greeks1979-80 Fraternity formal rush is underway6:410/191979
[ ]GreeksBusy with philanthropies3:311/91979
[ ]GreeksRush activities are scheduled6:111/91979
[ ]GreeksFormal rush is underway1:31/111980
[ ]GreeksSororities to start open rush4:51/181980
[ ]GreeksDescription of functions of Greek Council, Inter-fraternity Council (IFC), and Panhellenic Council (Panhel)3:34/181980
[ ]GreeksGreek Forum--purpose was to educate people about the Greek system. Also discussion of Black sorority4:34/181980
[ ]GreeksGamma Phi Beta and Alpha Tai Omega become Big Brothers and Big Sisters to 20 children through Big Brothers Organization of Springfield6:55/21980
[ ]GreeksOrganizational system of houses explained2:15/21980
[ ]GreeksWomen surveyed for opinions on Black sorority1:55/21980
[ ]GreeksCold Dorm system described2:45/91980
[ ]GreeksFraternities take little sisters8:15/91980
[ ]GreeksGreek Week festivities outlined5:65/91980
[ ]GreeksPanhellenic council seeks to broaden its focus5:45/91980
[ ]GreeksSigma Nu earns charter at Wittenberg; plans discussed1:25/91980
[ ]GreeksNew chapter of Delta Sigma Theta plans to be service oriented4:19/261980
[ ]Greeks; Student DisturbancesRole of Greeks in community disturbances examined; need for communication stressed2:29/261980
[ ]GreeksWitt Fijis win awards at National Phi Gamma Delta convention4:19/261980
[ ]GreeksStudent Sam Moffie discusses feeling about recent petition of Springfield residents and administrative views toward Greek houses and student disturbances1:210/101980
[ ]GreeksGamma Phi Beta receives four awards at National Convention4:110/171980
[ ]GreeksRush policy and alcohol consumption discussed8:110/241980
[ ]GreeksDiscussion of role Greek membership might play in career and later life3:411/141980
[ ]GreeksPledge-program regulation concerning conduct will be enforced1:42/61981
[ ]Stevens, Eileen; GreeksMrs. Eileen Stevens speaks to Greek Community about dangers of hazing as part of pledging process; urges them to remove incidents like hazing from Greek system1:52/271981
[ ]GreeksDeclining enrollment causes Dean Scott to stop sophomore releases to Greek houses1:54/201981
[ ]GreeksFall Festival sponsored by Greek Council3:610/231981
[ ]GreeksGreeks ask "What Can the administration do for us?"5:19/281984
[ ]GreeksGreek statement4:110/51984
[ ]GreeksPledge class lists finalized4:12/11985
[ ]Greek Life;Greeks;Fraternities and Sororities;Duderstadt, Emily;Heath, KeriLarge Turnout Accompanies Sorority Recruitment 2:11/232013
[ ]Online Exclusive;Greeks;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Greek LifeFrigid Temperatures donít Freeze Recruitment 2/52014