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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Greek Pledges;Fraternities;Interfraternity CouncilRushing2:19/291933
[ ]Greek CouncilGreek Council elects officers: Guy Henson, president and Jill Johnson, vice-president5:44/191973
[ ]Greek CouncilPicture of VW stuffing contest held Oct. 28, 19764:411/41976
[ ]Greek CouncilAnnounces Greek Week6:32/101977
[ ]Greek CouncilGreeks plan charity skate Feb. 254:52/241978
[ ]Greek CouncilGreeks skate with kids on Feb. 254:53/31978
[ ]Greek CouncilGreek Council reorganizes and is planning new events for the year4:19/291979
[ ]Greek CouncilMakes changes, more interaction with other groups2:410/51979
[ ]Greek CouncilGroups general purpose misunderstoodNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.4:110/121982
[ ]Greek CouncilNot a dull moment in May9:14/271984
[ ]Greek CouncilGreek Week main topic of Greek Council discussion8:12/221985
[ ]Greek Council"Greeks plan philanthropy projects"4:410/181985
[ ]Greek Council"Philanthropy projects announced"5:710/251985
[ ]Greek Council"Greek Council off to great start with new advisor"8:91/311986