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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Graduation requirementsStudents complain of the practice of conferring degree, in cursu, upon those who have not taken the full course143:1-24/11878
[ ]Graduation requirementsNew requirements set by faculty committee. Courses improved to suit demands1:13/151917
[ ]Graduation RequirementsNew Requirements For Graduation [At Least 7 Hours of Work to be Taken in Social Sciences]1:44/31924
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]University Rankings;Graduation requirementsIs Wittenberg a Four-Year College? 10:312/92015