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[ ]Bowman, S.A.; GiftsThe college library. S. A. Bowman made a present of $100 to the Theological Department of the library5:110/11874
[ ]Class of 1874; Class GiftsThe large boulder placed on the campus by the Class of 1874 as a memorial is now the only Class Memorial on campus60:15/11875
[ ]Class of 1871; Class of 1872; Class GiftsStumps of the evergreens by the classes of 1871 and '72 were removed during Commencement week74:26/11875
[ ]Gifts; Brice, Colvin S.The Hon. Mr. Brice, U. S. Senator from Ohio presented the Seminary with $50023:211/11890
[ ]Class GiftsNew bulletin board167:22/21897
[ ]Class GiftsPresentation of bulletin board1762/91897
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore class has installed electric bells in Recitation Hall to mark the recitation periods131:21/151898
[ ]Class GiftsElectric bells to the college4:112/191898
[ ]Class GiftsPulpit dedicated for chapel use by the Class of '96 is pretty and useful addition2:19/161899
[ ]Class GiftsShould be encouraged2794/171901
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore flag-raising321:25/71902
[ ]Class GiftsSophomore's gift: a fine cement pavement from the steps of Recitation Hall to the driveway308:24/291903
[ ]Class GiftsAn elaborate entrance-way to campus is being planned3:1-33/161911
[ ]Class GiftsPresentation of new pillared entrance way by Class '1119/271911
[ ]Class GiftsGraduating class of seminary presents bronze tablet. Fitting exercises mark presentation honoring late Dr. S. A. Ort1:1-23/271912
[ ]Class GiftsGifts: past and present266/51912
[ ]Class GiftsWalk extending from entrance of campus to Science Hall3:19/251912
[ ]Gifts; Clark, Arthur L.Former Wittenberger makes unique gift. Presents valuable Bible4966/41913
[ ]Gifts; Clark, Arthur L.Arthur L. Clark meets with great success in newspaper field166:1-33/191914
[ ]Class GiftsGift of drinking fountain located in Reci Hall235:15/281914
[ ]Class GiftsGift is to fit up Dr. Schneider's Recitation room1:31/211915
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors give complete equipment for English room; Wm. H. Sorn gives address; formal services held1:14/151915
[ ]Class GiftsGift problem puzzles senior class committee4:33/91916
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors decide to redecorate chapel as fitting memorial1:13/301916
[ ]Class GiftsGood chapel attendance at senior procession and gift exercises; Ashelman gives memorial1:15/111916
[ ]Class GiftsClass '16 refurnishes academy language room. Professor Bahner given easy chair to assist Latin study1:1-25/251916
[ ]Class GiftsEditorial: Class gifts and tombstones!2:12/11917
[ ]Class GiftsDr. Anderson's room to be decorated by seniors1:13/11917
[ ]Class GiftsWork begun on room1:23/291917
[ ]Class GiftsSlate being installed in Dr. Anderson's room1:45/101917
[ ]Class GiftsDr. Anderson's room soon to be completed1:55/241917
[ ]Class GiftsSenior preps install Reci Hall lights1:15/241917
[ ]Class GiftsSenior preps make presentation of new lighting system. Prexy receives lamp globe after Kreppert speaks3:16/61917
[ ]GiftsMrs. Minne Blumenshein, widow of the Rev. Elias Huber, presented to the chapel a very fine bible and other valuable books1:33/141918
[ ]Class GiftsSeniors vote to give fountain to college. Heated discussions held before Committee's recommendations were accepted437:1-24/301919
[ ]Gifts; CampusLocal resident gives $12,500 to be used to develop campus8:211/241920
[ ]Gifts; CampusScore of buildings to be erected on Witt campus in next fifty years, shown in prospectus1:2-412/81921
[ ]Gifts; Guard, John W.; Guard, William; Zimmerman, John L., Sr.;College Receives $40,000 Gift [From John W. Guard]: Pledge of Two Brothers to Aid Church and College Fulfilled - Chair to Be Founded1:19/181924
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Deaths; Gifts; Wagnalls, Adam W., 1843-1924Gift is Made to Divinity School: Adam Wagnalls, Alumnus of College, Remembers Institution in His Will1:411/261924
[ ]Gifts; CampusLandscapers begin work on arboretum1:410/141926
[ ]Gifts; CampusWalk project for campus begun4:110/181928
[ ]Gifts; CampusCampus improvements. Walks, drives, lighting included in program of change4:211/11928
[ ]Class GiftsClass gifts for half a century listed3:2-511/11928
[ ]GiftsElgar Weaver is donor of gift to Wittenberg1:310/241929
[ ]GiftsJ.H. Koch donor of large gift1:310/241929
[ ]GiftsOfficial Verifies reports of gifts by J. Koch and E. Weaver2:210/311929
[ ]Class GiftsGift of Class '29 and Class '31 is a circle located at intersection of Meyers Hall walk and Reci-Blair Halls walk (description)4:13/201930
[ ]Class GiftsFive classes pay for new overlook2:45/241935
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Oldest graduate gives $16,000 gift to college4:33/241937
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Rev. Dr. Culler recalls college life of the 1860s4:34/301937
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.Rev. Culler marks birthday (por)2:310/71938
[ ]Gifts; Catherman, Clarence L.Tulloss announces $50,000 gift1:64/211939
[ ]Gifts; Clarke, James R.Clarke makes gift of $80001:211/31939
[ ]Gifts; Culler, Rev. Dr. Jacob H.;DeathsRev. Dr. Jacob H. Culler dies at 93 after brief illness (12/26/39)1:61/121940
[ ]Gifts; Brophy, NathanielTulloss reveals gift of $75,000 in Florida1:53/211940
[ ]Gifts; CampusAlumni gift to college nears completion (pic)2:39/201940
[ ]Gifts; CampusNew campus overlook opposite Recitation Hall nears completion1:29/271940
[ ]GiftsMrs. Nathaniel Brophy announces $50,000 gift to college1:42/71941
[ ]GiftsAnonymous gift of $50,000 proveds for new library1:610/171941
[ ]Gifts; Field House; Hovdesven, E. ArneOrgan dedication will be next week: Prof. E. A. Hovdesven Initiates Gift to Wittenberg4:31/91942
[ ]Gifts; Carnegie EndowmentCarnegie Endowment gives books to IRC2:110/21942
[ ]GiftsPrexy announces gift1:21/141943
[ ]Boost Wittenberg Association; Gifts; CampusBoost W campaign to improve appearance of campus, buildings1:61/151943
[ ]Christmas;GiftsCo-Ed Ponders Her Christmas Gifts3:112/151948
[ ]Class GiftsClass '49; a portion of Blair overlook and a new electric scoreboard for football stadium5/251949
[ ]GiftsCollege receives gifts1:112/201950
[ ]Gifts; Cromer, Charles, S.College places gift in general assets1:411/201953
[ ]GiftsFour gifts help convert Prince home5:12/261954
[ ]Class GiftsHymnals for entire chapel1:22/181955
[ ]GiftsDayton residents will $18,250 to Wittenberg1:41/131956
[ ]Class GiftsClass '28 gives Memorial Fountain2:55/41956
[ ]GiftsCollege receives financial gifts1:41/181957
[ ]Gifts; Petticrew, Mr. Gifts add $10,000 to record fund1:24/271957
[ ]Gifts; Library Funds; Myers, Kate M.Fore edge books given1:311/151957
[ ]Gifts; Chai, WinbergWinberg Chai, '55, gives $4002:33/71958
[ ]GiftsDimon Herring estate donates $50,0001:13/141958
[ ]Gifts; Carnegie CorporationGift provides Sandak slides1:210/201961
[ ]GiftsSecond largest total received4:410/271961
[ ]GiftsDr. Stoughton announces gift from anonymous alumnae6:43/161962
[ ]Gifts; Cummins Engine FoundationHillila announces $5000 gift to ATS2:43/161962
[ ]GiftsGift from Esso Foundation1:11/41963
[ ]GiftsTwo donors give $175,0006:44/191963
[ ]GiftsWittenberg receives $161,600 gift anonymously1:52/51965
[ ]Gifts; Coleman, Mr. ; Gluck, Arthur; Holmann, Mrs. WilliamThomas Library receives gift5:111/51965
[ ]American Oil Foundation, GiftsStauffer announces foundation grant3:211/121965
[ ]Gifts; Christie, AnnaWU receives $16,000 bequest5:111/121965
[ ]Gifts; Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. E.A.Gift from Colemans boost library's fine art collection4:11/71966
[ ]Luther, Martin;Voigt, Louis C.;Archives;Reformation;Gifts;Schreiber, Dr. Otto LouisMedallions portray Luther6:13/251966
[ ]American Oil Foundation, GiftsAmerican Oil Foundation makes gift of $25007:41/171969
[ ]Gifts; Buchy, Charles G.Wittenberg received $23, 201 from annuity for physics laboratory3:15/91969
[ ]Gifts; Capital CampaignMoney accepted by Wittenberg: Nine Springfield financial institutions joined together to make unprecedented gift of $500,000 to Witt's campaign1:44/251980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergCampaign receives financial gift from Xerox Foundation1:310/171980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergStella Ora Schneider Marlatte, class of 1911, left part of her estate to Wittenberg5:110/241980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergDelta Zetas "kidnap" Greek officers; give ransom to Campaign4:211/71980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergGreed "kidnapping" a success (pic)6:411/71980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergKnesge Foundation Challenge Grant given to Witt as goal achieved1:32/201981
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergNew phase of campaign targeted at Indiana-Kentucky Lutheran Synod about to begin1:13/61981
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for Wittenberg20 Million Raised (pic)1:11/141983
[ ]Kipness, Robert; GiftsKipness artwork donated15:19/301988
[ ]Class Gifts;Campus Appearance;Demchack, Amy K.Class gifts educate, brighten campus9:112/52000
[ ]GiftsWittenberg receives major gifts1:51/232001
[ ]Kissing Bridge; Class GiftsThe Hottest _______ on Campus; "K" is for Kiss 12:14/262007
[ ]Class Gifts; ScholarshipsClass of 2008 leaves behind unexpected legacy2:12/72008
[ ]Seniors; Senior Circle; Class Gifts; ScholarshipsScholarship for Upward Bound student goal of Senior Circle2:13/262009
[ ]Seniors; Senior Circle; Class Gifts; Senior Circle gives something back3:14/222010
[ ]Holidays; Christmas; GiftsIt's the most wonderful time of the year6:0112/82010
[ ]Finance;GiftsThrifty Gifts 5:112/72011
[ ]Holidays;Gifts;AdviceQuick Holiday Gifts on a Budget 4:112/72016