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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Freshman CapsFreshmen adopt hats. Color of new headgear is not appropriate to the subjects7:32/71912
[ ]Freshman CapsWriter advocates insignia for underclassmen2:44/131916
[ ]Freshman CapsFreshmen must wear green caps next year. Pan-Hellenic Union takes initiative towards this end Monday night1:14/51917
[ ]Freshmen; Freshman CapsBoost "W" Assn. Announces New Freshmen Rules (Gaudy Green Cap Changed to Cardinal Cream Knitted Helmet)1:19/201923
[ ]Traditions; Freshman CapsAs They Like It (Torch Asks student Body Views About Freshman Caps and Rules For Girls)1:39/271923
[ ]Freshmen; Traditions; Freshman CapsFreshmen are Addressed by Dr. Schneider: Blazoned Torch Presents Rules for First-Year Students [Freshmen given rules for campus conduct]1:110/301924
[ ]Freshmen-Sophomore Clash; Freshmen; Traditions; Tug-of-War; Freshman Caps; Maurer, Victor; Borza, John; McFarren, Robert; Keyser, Joseph; Westphal, Raymond; Gennett, Daniel; Weider, RogerFreshmen Win Student Clash: Victory Shortens Time "Frosh" Must Wear Official Caps1:39/241925
[ ]Freshman CapsPermanent-style headgear to be chosen for Frosh1:63/41926
[ ]Freshman Caps;'Caps Cover Small Heads' - Such Is The Book Store Report On Freshman Caps4:310/111928
[ ]Freshman Caps;FreshmenStudents Hold Rally Tonight - Freshman Cap Deadline Set For Tonight's Game1:69/291933
[ ]Freshman CapsSenate settles beanie question1:39/231955