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[ ]FootballFirst season that the College made any pretentions toward playing football with other teams40:212/11892
[ ]FootballWittenberg wind from Case, Cleveland 20-1220:110/151895
[ ]FootballAdelbert cancelled with Witt to play U of Michigan34:210/221895
[ ]FootballAdelbert disappoints us36:110/221895
[ ]FootballProfessionalism has been most scathingly rebuked34:110/221895
[ ]Football"Keep off the grass"--we did--Delaware bites the dust--one more victory scored43:110/291895
[ ]FootballAdelbert wins over Wittenberg. Rough play.51:111/51895
[ ]FootballReview of the year58:111/121895
[ ]Footballresume of the season's work75:111/281895
[ ]FootballReview of the year's work (pic)71:111/281895
[ ]FootballScores and games listed for the years 1892-189585:212/31895
[ ]FootballResume of the football season of '9591:112/101895
[ ]FootballFootball prospects for the season23:110/61896
[ ]FootballOSU disqualifies Capt. French of football team62:111/31896
[ ]FootballWitt 24 vs. Ohio State Univ.83:111/171896
[ ]FootballBanquet held after game on Thanksgiving for teams106:112/11896
[ ]FootballLast game a victory. Witt vs. Otterbein103:112/11896
[ ]FootballRules for Western intercollegiate athletics12412/81896
[ ]FootballSummary of the season114-11512/81896
[ ]FootballCase 12 vs. Witt at Forest City on the lake73:112/101896
[ ]FootballWitt plays the Deaf Mutes of Columbus1910/21897
[ ]FootballCase school of applied science vs. Witt; good coach needed for Witt33:210/301897
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins from Kenyon 6-095:211/271897
[ ]FootballAthletics--roughness of game discussed115:112/111897
[ ]FootballProspects for the football team2:39/241898
[ ]FootballAthletics1:210/11898
[ ]FootballIn defense of foot ball4:110/81898
[ ]FootballAthletics; Witt 10--Otterbein 22:110/291898
[ ]Football; Kenyon CollegeFootball number1:111/261898
[ ]FootballAwakening. Bright prospects for winning football team at Witt. A stirring speech1:39/301899
[ ]FootballFirst blood for OSU. Witt so long a victor, at last dragged at OSU's chariot wheels.1:110/141899
[ ]FootballQuakers victorious6:110/211899
[ ]FootballVictory. The long absent bird finally perches on Wittenberg's banner. Varsity 12, Heidelberg 0110/211899
[ ]FootballFootball harmless if played scientifically. Brute strength not essential110/281899
[ ]FootballMcKinley defeated. An easy game for the varsity; good weather, poor crowd, excellent punting1:110/281899
[ ]FootballUp against it. A real cause of tough luck. Miami scores touchdown in last 15 min of play and wins a practically tied game1:311/41899
[ ]FootballWitt-Heidelberg controversy. Cancels game.4:111/41899
[ ]FootballWitt 5, Otterbein 0. Keyser kicks 20 yd. field goal1:211/111899
[ ]FootballHeidelberg cancels game with Witt that was to be played at Tiffin. Controversy renewed4:111/251899
[ ]FootballOnslaught: Won game for the "Medics" -- Score 24 to 0379/291900
[ ]Football; Songs (College)Wittenberg's Foot Ball Song: Nothing Can Beat Wittenberg (To the tune of "Yankee Doodle")3710/131900
[ ]Football16 to 0: Tells the story of last Saturday's game -- Wittenberg wins5110/201900
[ ]FootballShelby Game: Shelby, 8; Wittenberg Second, 06310/311900
[ ]FootballSurprise Party tendered by Eleven "Wow-Wow" Warriors to Miami Guests6210/311900
[ ]FootballAda again goes down before the 'Varsity: 31 to 07411/71900
[ ]FootballFoot Ball in Hades7311/71900
[ ]FootballFootball and Brains8611/141900
[ ]FootballNeither was the favored team at Delaware -- 5 to 58711/141900
[ ]FootballSecond team wins from Xenia, Score 23 to 510011/211900
[ ]FootballSix hard earned points won Friday's game -- O.U. defeated9811/211900
[ ]FootballBellefontaine meets first defeat of the season -- Second team wins11112/51900
[ ]FootballIn the Dark: Otterbein makes winning touchdown11012/51900
[ ]Football; Rogers, Charles Warner; Miller, Harvey AppThe Squad: 'Varsity and Second Team (por)114-11512/51900
[ ]FootballWittenberg's Record for 190011012/51900
[ ]FootballEarlham runs against a stone wall3710/161901
[ ]FootballWitt vs. Miami 12-051:210/231901
[ ]FootballWitt Vs. Cincinnati 18-063:110/301901
[ ]FootballKenyon vs. Witt 15 to 098:111/201901
[ ]FootballThanksgiving Day game. Witt great in defeat. Bushey kicks goal from field10912/41901
[ ]FootballWitt 11, Earlham 6. Quakers hardly in it291:24/231902
[ ]FootballDiscussion of abolishing Thanksgiving games138:31/141903
[ ]FootballTime is out and Uncle Joe tells how it all happened112/131911
[ ]FootballMoleskins are laid aside.17712/181912
[ ]FootballResolutions adopted by students. Athletic Assoc. voices protest against outside influence in election184:112/181912
[ ]FootballLife lessons from football2111/221913
[ ]FootballAtheltic situation. Poor play not coach's fault36:111/61913
[ ]FootballCoach Keyser reviews season's work. Discouraging in many respects, successful in others67:112/31913
[ ]FootballOutlook for coming year is encouraging.69:112/41913
[ ]FootballFootball prospects. Varsity ig going some1:29/251914
[ ]FootballMass meeting to be held at college entrance1:310/11914
[ ]FootballMass meeting was well-attended. Opening of a season celebrated by all2:410/81914
[ ]FootballMen, work, spirit. coach says too few men come out for football2:110/151914
[ ]FootballWittenberg not given permission to use freshmen.1:210/161914
[ ]FootballConference will not give more concessions3:110/221914
[ ]FootballAn effort to arouse the freshman to join the football team2:211/51914
[ ]FootballTorch prognosticator gives football dope. Situation of Ohio Conference with probable outcome discussed Wittenberg's position1:411/101914
[ ]FootballConference victory goes glimmering. Interesting comment on merits of Witt football men1:311/251914
[ ]FootballVarsity ends season with loss to Antioch. Foul play on the part of Antioch was disclosed.1:412/31914
[ ]FootballVarsity ends season2:112/61914
[ ]Footballgrosscup will lead '15 football team1:212/171914
[ ]FootballFootball rules are slightly changed4:11/111915
[ ]FootballConference withdrawal. Faculty, students, city press are not sympathetic.2:110/71915
[ ]FootballSome talk astir about withdrawal. Old proposition looms up again. If the conference will not grant the right to play freshmen, Witt should withdraw from the conference1:510/71915
[ ]FootballTheir own team. Freshmen should have own coach and supervisor2:110/71915
[ ]FootballWittenberg will not withdraw from the Ohio Conference2:110/71915
[ ]FootballCome on team, be a Phoenix2:210/211915
[ ]FootballThiel will come to battle with Varisty next Saturday, for the first time in the history of the schools1:210/281915
[ ]Football BanquetBanquet has become a fixed date on social horizon2:211/181915
[ ]Football BanquetFall banquet promises to be another brilliant varsity night1:311/181915
[ ]FootballGodfrey's henchmen defeat Quakers. Celebration in Chapel by speeches and cheers. Plans for dinner under way1:511/231915
[ ]FootballBanquet to be feature. Short after dinner speeches. Football team to be honored (pic)1:111/241915
[ ]FootballRadical reforms in athletics. Pro. Wm T. Foster of Reed College demands that inter-collegiate athletics be abandoned2:411/241915
[ ]FootballEcho of football fete honors perpetrators. Humorous ending to dinner leaves good impression4:212/141915
[ ]FootballFootball rules are slightly changed. Official know as Field Judge will be added. Resubstitution of players affected4:12/111916
[ ]FootballEditorial serpents his amid gentlemen. Onlookers etiquette2:12/241916
[ ]FootballEditorial. Rampant criticism by sports editor of Daily News2:19/281916
[ ]FootballFew new football rules3:29/281916
[ ]FootballWittenberg meets Cincy in openedr1:1-29/281916
[ ]FootballCincinnati blanked whistle blows at 0-01:310/51916
[ ]FootballCardinal and Cream defend2:110/261916
[ ]FootballEditorial (criticism)2:111/31916
[ ]FootballWittenberg loses last chace to land place in Ohio Conference. Ohio Northern gambles with defeat1:311/161916
[ ]FootballVictory of gridiron celebrated in Chapel1:311/231916
[ ]FootballSeason ends with defeat1:512/71916
[ ]FootballChallenge to men, training valuable2:42/231917
[ ]FootballLost to Cincinnati. Injury to wise in 2nd half, cause of Witt's defeat3:13/11917
[ ]FootballChange in rules3:14/51917
[ ]FootballMichigan returns to big 9 after absence of 12 years3:44/51917
[ ]FootballTournament to be held at Zimmerman Field. Godfrey to grade men on every event. Honor plagues to winners1:15/101917
[ ]FootballDutch Uhlman wins 1st place in tournament1:35/171917
[ ]FootballAlumnus calls coach a chief. Commends school spirit, offers suggestions3:111/281917
[ ]FootballDue to food conservation, there will not be a gridiron banquet1:211/281917
[ ]FootballStudent opinion2:211/281917
[ ]FootballFour out of five conference games won1:112/61917
[ ]FootballMike Dolph named to all-Ohio 2nd team. Four others given honorable mention1:212/61917
[ ]FootballCoach Hobt has new idea. Like a "Get Together."1:312/131917
[ ]FootballEditorial. More men needed to go out on the gridiron and play the game2:111/31918
[ ]FootballWitt receives OC title112/71918
[ ]FootballVarsity rated hight by football critics1:511/61919
[ ]FootballVarsity rated as strongest team in OC1:511/201919
[ ]FootballWitt ends second season undefeated1:1-212/41919
[ ]FootballMembers of team (pic)312/111919
[ ]FootballVarsity banquet postponed till Jan1:512/181919
[ ]FootballStudents celebrate victory with parades, songs, yells3:310/261920
[ ]FootballStudents parade downtown after Miami victory1:610/281920
[ ]FootballVarsity downs Miami. Leading contender for OC championship1:110/281920
[ ]FootballVarsity triumphs over Cincinnati U1:111/41920
[ ]FootballVarsity defeats Ohio Northern, maintains conference lead3:211/111920
[ ]FootballOtterbein plays fighting game. Varsity crippled by absence of 4 regulars, subs play good game2:311/181920
[ ]FootballReview of gridiron season given4:111/241920
[ ]FootballVarsity wins last conference game, ends 3rd season undefeated1:512/21920
[ ]FootballSpring football to be instituted, to replace baseball. Fighting team assured for next year.1:12/31921
[ ]FootballFootball season almost profitless according to report2:312/81921
[ ]FootballO.W.U. Hands Cardinal and Cream Defeat (Good Season, Though Defeated, OWU Defeats Witt)1:511/21922
[ ]FootballVarsity Eliminated in Conference1:111/91922
[ ]Football"Bearcat" Criticism (Good Season Though Defeated)2:111/161922
[ ]FootballVarsity Stages Comeback and Are Victorious1:111/161922
[ ]FootballVarsity-Cincy Battle On a Muddy Gridiron, Resulting in Even Up Score of 6-61:111/231922
[ ]FootballNorthern to Appear Tomorrow (Good Playing Season Though Defeated. To Play Northern in Last Game)1:111/291922
[ ]FootballThree Varsity Gridders Honored with Places on All-Ohio Mythical Team (All-Ohio Mythical team defeated.)2:212/71922
[ ]FootballVarsity Victorious Over O.N.U.1:112/71922
[ ]FootballGodfrey Has Big Problem Five Letter Men Lost By Graduation-9 Days Till First Game (with Picture)1:29/201923
[ ]Stadium; FootballVarsity Swamps Antioch in First Grid Contest 79-6 New Stadium Fittingly OPened By Dazzling Vicotry Credit Due Godfrey1:110/41923
[ ]FootballChanges Are Made in Football Rules; Modifications Will Tend To Make Grid Game SPeedy and Interesting5:110/181923
[ ]Football; Etter; TrautweinOld Stars Made Football History at Wittenberg6:210/181923
[ ]Torch; Special Issue; Football; StadiumStadium Issue10/181923
[ ]Stadium; FootballLutherans Unable to Down Stadium "Jinx"; Wesleyan Wins Dedication Game After Being Outplayed in First Three Quarters1:110/251923
[ ]Football; Borman, Edwin (Rusty)Senior Out of Northern Game [The Husky Half-Back was so Badly Injured at the Mt. Union Game, that He Had to be Taken Out of the Game] [Picture]2:211/281923
[ ]Football; Finefrock, John C.Play Clean Athletics Plea of Old Grid Stars3:52/211924
[ ]Sports;Football;Godfrey, CoachWittenberg's Success On Gridiron Next Fall Depends On Students, Coach Godfrey Says1:23/201924
[ ]Football; Godfrey, ErnestCoach Godfrey Expresses Opinion on New Rules [Radical Changes Made in Rules]1:13/271924
[ ]Football; FamilyBrothers Play At Similar Positions on Grid Team3:19/241925
[ ]History of Wittenberg; FootballWittenberg Gridiron Teams Win 137 Games [Football at Witt from 1892 to 1925]3:29/241925
[ ]Sports;FootballGridders To Be Given Letters - Thirteen Academy Players Will Be Rewarded at Banquet Friday Evening3:22/181926
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Game Booked For 1927 - Wittenberg Will Meet University of Dayton Eleven3:32/251926
[ ]FootballForward passing to be penalized when used in excess3:23/251926
[ ]Sports;FootballFigures Reveal Saturday's Game - Story In Digits Tells of Victory Over Kent Normal3:29/301926
[ ]Beemon, Bus;Sports;FootballGuards Fight To Play Against Hess - Bermon Will Probably Face State's All-American Star3:29/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;RosterHow Wittenberg Gained Ground3:29/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballKeen Competition Expected In Buckeye Conference This Year - Big Six Gridiron Teams Show Well In Season Openers Saturday3:19/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballLutheran Gridiron Team Begins Thirty-Fifth Season3:39/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballLutherans Resume Buckeye Hostilities - Cardinal and Cream Gridders Clash With Scarlet and Gray Ball Toters For First Time In Sixteen Years3:19/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryOn To Columbus2:19/301926
[ ]Passenger Train;FootballSpecial Trains Chartered For Great Trek Eastward1:39/301926
[ ]Football;The Ohio State UniversityTickets For State Game On Sale4:39/301926
[ ]Football;RosterVarsity Squad Statistics3:39/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;The Ohio State UniversityWhat State Did Last Year3:59/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Downs Kent Normal, 27 to 0 - Entire Squad Displays Great Form as Godfrey's Charges Romp to Victory in Season Opener Saturday3:59/301926
[ ]Sports;Football;Godfrey, CoachWittenberg Grid Stars To Invade Ohio State Saturday - Two Thousand Rooters Prepare For Great Trek When Lutherans Meet Buckeyes the First Time In Sixteen Years1:49/301926
[ ]Sports;FootballFighting Lutherans2:110/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;HumorSport Shots3:310/271927
[ ]Stryker, Harry;[Photo];FootballStellar Passer3:210/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;Brief SurveyStudents Opinion Leans Toward A Victory Over Miami Saturday1:410/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;Schroeder, DuckyWittenberg Beats Ohio University By 28 to 0 Score - Godfreymen Display Strong Running Attack and Excellent Line Threat; Schroeder Stars3:310/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Migrates To Miami Saturday - Critics Say Tilt Is State Grid Classic1:610/271927
[ ]Sports;FootballWittenberg Migrates To Miami Saturday - Sportdom Watches As Forces Gather1:310/271927
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryWittenberg-Miami All-Time Dope3:310/271927
[ ]FootballDaily News to sponsor victory banquet1:511/31927
[ ]FootballFirst victory over Ohio Wesleyan in 32 years3:211/171927
[ ]FootballFive men to end football careers when they play Dayton1:411/171927
[ ]FootballWhat may we do?2:111/171927
[ ]Sports;Football;Humor;"Thru' the Line"3:510/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Wittenberg University;Ohio University;All-Time Ohio Scores3:310/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Athenians Feel Victory Certain - Roar Emerging From Lair Of Down State Bobcats Is 3:210/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Athens Invasion Scheduled Next - Will Be First Buckey Conference Game Of 1928 Football Season3:110/111928
[ ]Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;Sports;FootballInvite County Kids To Marshall Game - School Children From 11 Counties Issued Invitations To Marshall Game1:610/111928
[ ]Sports;FootballSpirit2:110/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Big Ten Conference;State Squad Gives Locals 41-0 Defeat - Lutherans Fail To Even Threaten Goal Line of Big Ten Conference Schools3:110/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;TicketsStudent Opinion2:210/111928
[ ]Sports;Football;Wittenberg's Schedule3:310/111928
[ ]FootballFootball is ancient sport3:611/11928
[ ]FootballNot as hard a game as it formerly was5:211/81928
[ ]FootballTrophy will be exchanges for first time between Miami and Witt1:311/81928
[ ]FootballIna Telberg, foreign student, gives her conception of football1:111/151928
[ ]Sports;Football"Thru' the Line"3:312/131928
[ ]Edwards, Bill;Football;AwardsEdwards, Sophomore Guard, Elected Football Captain - 22 Varsity Men Receive Awards; 24 Freshmen Get Numeral Sweaters For Service In 1928 Season1:512/131928
[ ]Football;Sophomores;FreshmenFrosh Wins And Close Season - 6-0 Score Is Enough To Pass Yearlings Above One Season Veterans3:112/131928
[ ]Field House; Homecoming; FootballGrads stage annual invasion to witness traditional tilt: Faculty and students complete plans to entertain visitors Saturday; New field house will be featured in activities1:111/71929
[ ]FootballWittenberg answers charges concerning violation of Buckeye Inter-collegiate A. Assoc.1:411/211929
[ ]FootballWittenberg resigns from Buckeye assoc.1:412/51929
[ ]FootballFurther discussion with A. Assoc.2:112/121929
[ ]FootballSeason closes on triangular grid record3:512/41930
[ ]Football1931 Football schedule3:79/181931
[ ]FootballFootball rules are changed3:59/181931
[ ]FootballWittenberg plays five home games3:19/181931
[ ]FootballLutherans end season without gridiron defeat3:612/111931
[ ]FootballUndefeated team honored in chapel1:112/111931
[ ]FootballMembers of 1932 grid squad and staff3:29/231932
[ ]FootballFootball 1933 roster3:19/221933
[ ]Sports;Football;Photos;Schaefer, Tid1933 Freshman Football Squad3:39/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball2:19/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Contest3:79/291933
[ ]FootballFreshmen roster3:19/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballNew Member of B.A.A. Has Full Grid Schedule - Marshall College Expected To Make Strong Bid For Title3:69/291933
[ ]Sports;FootballSeven Lettermen Included In Starting Lineup Against City College of Detroit Tonight - Lutheran Gridmen Primed For 1933 Curtain Raiser3:19/291933
[ ]Football, History ofWitt has four undefeated grid teams in 40 years; was first intercollegiate sport here3:310/201933
[ ]FootballTigers to play Ohio Conference schedule3:39/211934
[ ]Sports;Golf;Football;AthleticsSpectator Comments3:24/121935
[ ]Sports;Football;Stobbs, T. W. "Bill";Bussard, Arthur;Fischel, PaulSpring Grid Drills End This Week - Mud Hampers Practice; Two More Men Receive Injuries3:14/121935
[ ]FootballVarsity football squad3:19/271935
[ ]FootballFrosh squad4:510/261935
[ ]FootballHail, fighting Lutherans of 193639/251936
[ ]Lambert, Charles;Intramural Sports;Football"Charley" Compares Students Of Two Campus Generations1:310/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;RosterCannon Fodder For The Varsity3:410/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;Brief Survey;Van Why, John;Stobbs, T. W.;Wilhelm, Len;Koch, Jack;Hall, JimD'You Favor Owl Games?3:310/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;Diehl, WaltDiehl Too Much For Lutherans - Leads Bluffton Aerial Attack In 19 -12 Upset3:210/21936
[ ]Sports;FootballLutherans Need Win Over Scots Tomorrow To Prove Strength - Must Atone For Bluffton Fiasco By Winning First O.C. Game3:110/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;Rivalry;Clark, Bernie;Taliaferro, Bob;Cassidy, Ray;[Photos]These Lettermen Will Aid Scots3:310/21936
[ ]Sports;FootballTwo Tiger Foes Lose Openers3:410/21936
[ ]Sports;Football;RivalryWittenberg and Wooster3:110/21936
[ ]FootballFootball schedule3:29/111937
[ ]FootballFootball roster19/241937
[ ]FootballFootball roster3:29/241937
[ ]FootballFootball schedule3:59/161938
[ ]FootballFootball team1:39/231938
[ ]FootballFootball Freshman roster3:510/71938
[ ]FootballBowl 'em Lutherans!3:210/141938
[ ]FootballWill these aerialists click tomorrow?3:110/281938
[ ]Football, History ofSpartans gave football its start in ancient Greece 2,000 years ago1:411/41938
[ ]FootballHail seniors, and farewell5:211/111938
[ ]FootballFour win football honors3:112/21938
[ ]FootballFootball schedule3:29/151939
[ ]Football1939 Wittenberg roster3:59/221939
[ ]Football1939 freshman roster3:59/291939
[ ]FootballHere are Lutheran gridders of 19391:310/61939
[ ]FootballSix reasons for grid success3:310/61939
[ ]Football; Thomas, Warren I. They stand in path of Big Red3:211/31939
[ ]Football1940 grid opposition3:29/201940
[ ]FootballFootball results3:29/201940
[ ]FootballLate comers to ranks3:39/201940
[ ]Football; Lymangrover, Norman DaleAs tough as they look3:39/271940
[ ]Football1940 roster3:110/41940
[ ]FootballThese veterans start tomorrow3:310/41940
[ ]FootballThese Lutheran sophmores3:110/111940
[ ]FootballFighting Lutherans3:310/181940
[ ]FootballTop of the heap3:511/151940
[ ]FootballFinal grid results3:111/291940
[ ]FootballOhio conference champions1:211/291940
[ ]FootballSchool dedicates assembly to team1:611/291940
[ ]Athletics; FootballStudents, faculty sing praises of champion Lutherans1:111/291940
[ ]Football32 yearling grid hopefuls report3:39/191941
[ ]FootballSelective service, sheepskins dampen Lutheran grid hopes3:19/191941
[ ]Football1941 Lutheran gridders3:29/261941
[ ]FootballGrid opposition3:510/31941
[ ]FootballWittenberg undefeated since November two years ago3:210/31941
[ ]FootballFinal grid results3:511/281941
[ ]Football1942 Lutheran gridders3:510/21942
[ ]FootballLutherans to open 50th grid season1:610/21942
[ ]Football1942 Lutheran gridders3:211/201942
[ ]FootballGrid summary3:412/111942
[ ]FootballTigers begin 1945 season1:110/51945
[ ]FootballResume of Tiger tries3:210/261945
[ ]FootballResume of Tiger victories3:211/91945
[ ]FootballTiger gridders prepare for opener3:59/201946
[ ]FootballTigers preparing for Fifty-third grid season4;19/151947
[ ]FootballFrosh squad1:111/151947
[ ]Football, History ofTiger records reveal 29 victories7:511/151947
[ ]FootballYardage gainers for the 1947 Tiger gridiron 117:211/151947
[ ]Allison, Bernie;Sports;FootballAllison Holds Classes for Prospective Frosh Football Candidates4:312/151948
[ ]Sports;Football;President's Inauguration;Van Why, J. B.From The Sidelines4:110/261949
[ ]Sports;Football;Hammond, Bill;Walsh, Jim;DiRocco, Tony;Heath, BillLutherans Finally Click To Smother Hapless Pioneers, 27-74:410/261949
[ ]Pi Kappa Alpha;Intramural Sports;FootballPi Kaps Take Lead on 7-6 I-M Grid Win4:210/261949
[ ]Sports;FootballTiger Cubs Open Against Otterbein4:310/261949
[ ]Sports;FootballTigers To Take On Capital Lutherans In Evening Grid Tilt4:310/261949
[ ]FootballWittenberg looks forward to her alliance with opponents of four other states for the football seasonNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.2:112/51949
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;Sports;Football;RivalryBishops Tangle With Might Army As Season Opener For 19514:311/171950
[ ]Sports;Football;Donnelly, JimFreshman Gridders Hold Baby Bishops--Lose To Tiger Varsity4:411/171950
[ ]FootballLocal gridmen have best season since undefeated, united team of '404:111/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballLocal Gridmen Have Best Season Since Undefeated, Untied Team of '404:111/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballSecond Migration Day Planned for Valparaiso Saturday Tilt1:111/171950
[ ]Sports;Football;Varble, Bill;Hammond, Bill;Bishop, LoyalTigers 19-0 Win Is First Denison Blank Since 19463:511/171950
[ ]Sports;FootballTigers, Bishops Tie 7-7 In Final Home Game4:111/171950
[ ]FootballOfficial's signals4:49/271951
[ ]Dunkel, James; FootballDunkel looks back over...season4:311/201952
[ ]FootballTigers4:39/181953
[ ]Football, History ofWill history repeat?4:210/171953
[ ]FootballFootball 500th game plans4:510/81954
[ ]FootballTigers lose4:510/151954
[ ]FootballKnow your 1954 team and coaches410/301954
[ ]FootballRoster of Tiger squad6:110/141955
[ ]FootballLutherans close 1955 season with 4-3-2 record4:511/181955
[ ]FootballThat forward look7:49/211956
[ ]FootballWin over Ohio Wesleyan for Conference seat--1st victory in 29 years1:411/151957
[ ]FootballDefending Ohio Conference Champions6:110/171958
[ ]Football;Ohio ConferenceMigration: Wittenberg to Invade Denison; Teams to renew old rivalry; Tiger win means OC Share6:110/311958
[ ]Football;HomecomingTigers Score 66-8 Triumph [against Mount Union]6:410/311958
[ ]FootballTigers Win as [Akron] Zippers Falter6:410/311958
[ ]FootballWittenberg 6-0 [against Baldwin Wallace]6:310/311958
[ ]FootballOn top again611/141958
[ ]FootballFootball team portrait7:19/171959
[ ]FootballWittenberg Tigers open season against Big Green4:39/161960
[ ]FootballTiger cubs perform major roles5:19/301960
[ ]FootballFreshmen players hope to help team5:29/151961
[ ]FootballTigers clinch Conference title6:311/171961
[ ]FootballNational ranking includes Tigers8:512/151961
[ ]FootballFreshman team7:29/141962
[ ]FootballGettysburg vs. Wittenberg7:111/91962
[ ]FootballTigers wallow over Zips for O.C. championship8:311/161962
[ ]Football3rd consecutive year to win Ohio Conference1:111/151963
[ ]FootballSeniors leave with 45 new records6:311/221963
[ ]Green, Charles; Cherry, Bob; FootballBob Cherry and Charlie Green receive Mike Gregory Awards for outstanding Conference lineman and back6:212/61963
[ ]FootballFreshmen to play key role in filling Tiger football gaps. Tigers rated in top dozen6:39/121964
[ ]FootballDunkel Ratings4:39/181964
[ ]FootballRevamped Tiger squad shows adequate defense, good offense6:19/181964
[ ]FootballDunkel Ratings5:49/251964
[ ]FootballTigers steal victory in final minute plays6:19/251964
[ ]FootballAssociated press rates WU tops5:510/21964
[ ]FootballDunkel Ratings5:410/21964
[ ]FootballOffense, defense both excellent at Tigers clobber Otters 40-66:310/21964
[ ]FootballDunkel Ratings6:310/91964
[ ]FootballPrinces appear at Tiger ball; WU dances to the tune of 64-07:310/91964
[ ]FootballTiger defense holds; results in 7-0 win6:110/161964
[ ]FootballDunkel Ratings9:310/241964
[ ]FootballTigers romp Marietta with a 35-0 victory8:110/241964
[ ]FootballImpressive homecoming victory as Tigers stomp Denison 40-145:310/301964
[ ]FootballTigers O.C. football champions as they crush Ohio Wesleyan7:311/61964
[ ]FootballNation's no. 1 football team beats Wabash 42-7; ends season 8-07:211/131964
[ ]FootballTigers win 3 spots on first team, 3 on 2nd, 4 honorable mentions6:312/41964
[ ]FootballFootball players set by coaches6:29/171965
[ ]FootballOtterbein8:210/11965
[ ]FootballAkron5:210/81965
[ ]FootballTigers trounce CSU4:310/161965
[ ]FootballBaldwin-Wallace7:310/221965
[ ]Football, History ofSports lore8:110/221965
[ ]FootballHeidelberg8:210/291965
[ ]FootballOhio Wesleyan8:111/51965
[ ]FootballWabash7:311/121965
[ ]FootballHofstra (Sports lore)6:111/191965
[ ]Football"Wittenberg to be at the top" says "Sports Illustrated"6:39/241966
[ ]FootballTiger football anniversary to be marked6:29/241966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench8:19/301966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench7:1-410/71966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench8:110/141966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench7:110/211966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench10:110/291966
[ ]FootballThese eleven their final Wittenberg Homecoming engagement8:210/291966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench8:111/41966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench6:211/111966
[ ]FootballWU whips Kalamazoo 33-76:111/181966
[ ]FootballFrom the bench6:112/21966
[ ]Football; Rennecker, Howard; Rummins, Tim4 Wittenberg Tigers named to '66 all-Lutheran squad4:11/201967
[ ]FootballCoach says "we'll be ready" for key contest September 235:15/51967
[ ]FootballFreshmen Footballers4:39/291967
[ ]FootballTiger '67 returning lettermen4:#9/291967
[ ]FootballTiger shutout Muskies1:19/291967
[ ]FootballTigers trounce Crusaders in 63-0 victory6:110/61967
[ ]FootballMad Tigers maul Marauders6:210/131967
[ ]FootballNew ruling causes confusion in TIger-Yellowjacket clash6:110/211967
[ ]FootballTigers teamwork praised, defined6:310/211967
[ ]FootballDefense rates praise in Carroll victory7:210/271967
[ ]FootballWesleyan outwits Witt6:111/31967
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Heidelberg7:111/101967
[ ]FootballTigers beat Akron6:111/171967
[ ]FootballWitt finishes season with 8-1 win-loss6:112/11967
[ ]Miller, Rod; FootballOutstanding lineman award given to Rod Miller9:112/81967
[ ]FootballTigers open with Capital win; Lehigh victory is predicted8:210/41968
[ ]FootballTigers triumph over Capital; Noble's skill aids in victory7:310/41968
[ ]FootballBattle of "Best of Sixties" seen in Tiger-Muskie grudge match8:310/111968
[ ]FootballTiger-Student Prince clash10:310/191968
[ ]FootballTigers lose to Muskies8:110/191968
[ ]FootballTigers challenge B-W8:310/251968
[ ]FootballTigers-Heidelberg - 13th Homecoming visit7:110/251968
[ ]FootballTigers lose to B-W7:111/11968
[ ]FootballTigers play host to Valparasio Crusaders8:311/11968
[ ]FootballTigers to encounter Denison on Nov. 9th8:111/81968
[ ]FootballTigers win over Valparaiso6:111/81968
[ ]FootballTigers to challenge Wagner on Nov. 23rd6:211/151968
[ ]FootballWitt to Face high-flying Hurons7:111/151968
[ ]FootballWitt wins over Denison8:111/151968
[ ]FootballDisputed call downs Tigers5:111/221968
[ ]FootballTiger forces battle Hurons to 14-7 loss6:111/221968
[ ]FootballTigers face Wagner on Nov. 23rd5:311/221968
[ ]FootballFred Mitchell sets NCAA record in Tiger win (pic)9:312/61968
[ ]FootballMitchell sets NCAA record in Tiger win10:112/61968
[ ]FootballFive members included in 1968 All-Lutheran team7:11/171969
[ ]FootballThis year marks 100th anniversary of collegiate football6:110/31969
[ ]FootballTigers win 2-18 over Capitol5:110/31969
[ ]FootballTigers win over Lehigh 21-135:110/101969
[ ]FootballWin over Grove City 24-78:110/171969
[ ]FootballWin over Heidelberg, 41-9 on Oct. 19th9:110/251969
[ ]FootballWin over Baldwin-Wallace 16-125:110/311969
[ ]FootballWin over Bucknell, 45-67:111/71969
[ ]FootballWin over Wooster, 14-138:111/141969
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Ashland, 33-168:111/211969
[ ]Football; Amos Alonzo Stagg BowlFirst Bowl game held at Wittenberg on Nov 29th, Tigers against William Jewell. Tigers won, 27-211:112/51969
[ ]FootballTigers win over William Jewell, 27-21 at Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl at Wittenberg on Nov. 29th1:112/51969
[ ]FootballWittenberg's win-loss record of 78-9-1 recognized by President Nixon and U.S. House of Representatives6:14/171970
[ ]FootballWins over Central State 40-8 on Sept. 268:110/21970
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over California State (Pa.) 61-0 on Sept. 19th8:110/21970
[ ]FootballWin over Otterbein 76-7 on Oct. 3rd6:110/91970
[ ]FootballWin over Denison 30-09:110/171970
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Findley 48-06:110/221970
[ ]FootballWin over Baldwin-Wallace 21-148:110/301970
[ ]FootballWin over Ohio Wesleyan7:111/61970
[ ]FootballWin over Wooster7:111/121970
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Ashland 14-66:111/201970
[ ]FootballLoss to Western Kentucky 33-77:110/71971
[ ]FootballWin over California State 13-67:110/71971
[ ]FootballWin over Otterbein 21-77:110/71971
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Denison, 6-010:310/141971
[ ]FootballWin over Findly 56-710;110/231971
[ ]FootballLoss to Baldwin-Wallace 10-77:110/281971
[ ]FootballLoss to Ball State 28-2110:111/111971
[ ]FootballWin over Ashland 21-1410:111/181971
[ ]FootballLoss to Western Kentucky; win over Valparaiso 23-14 on September 23; lose to Ashland 33-3 on September 3011:110/61972
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Ohio Wesleyan, 17-010:310/121972
[ ]FootballWin over Baldwin-Wallace5:110/211972
[ ]FootballWin over Wooster, 24-0 in Homecoming gave7:110/281972
[ ]FootballWin over Mount Union,27-75:111/31972
[ ]FootballLoss to Heidelberg, 7-05:111/101972
[ ]FootballLoss to Capitol, 14-75:511/161972
[ ]FootballWittenberg Tigers crush Crusaders 42-136:19/191973
[ ]FootballAshland gets a helluva shock 24-75:310/41973
[ ]FootballTigers chew Valparaiso5:510/41973
[ ]FootballInjuries mar Tiger rout over Wesleyan5:410/111973
[ ]FootballWittenberg out to swat the S.O. Bees of Baldwin-Wallace5:610/111973
[ ]FootballWittenberg's win over Wesleyan by Gregg Leary5:410/111973
[ ]FootballTigers psyched to curb Scots5:410/181973
[ ]FootballTigers record first shutout5:410/181973
[ ]FootballPurple Raiders to test Tigers5:710/251973
[ ]FootballTigers blank Scots for the 6th win 38-05:410/251973
[ ]FootballTigers sloppy but win big over Mount Union's Purple Raiders 35-175:111/11973
[ ]FootballTigers remain undefeated, win 31-14 over Heidelberg5:411/81973
[ ]Powder Puff FootballWomen on Ferncliff victorious1:611/81973
[ ]FootballOhio Conference7:611/151973
[ ]FootballUndefeated season ends with victory of Capital 35-77:111/151973
[ ]FootballTigers star in Stagg Show5:11/171974
[ ]FootballWin, loss open tiger season5:19/261974
[ ]FootballWitt plays help west5:69/261974
[ ]FootballSize doesn't hinder Hendrix5:510/101974
[ ]FootballTigers turn lead to victory5:310/101974
[ ]FootballTigers tie Hillsdale 24-245:110/171974
[ ]FootballWittenberg draws5:110/241974
[ ]FootballWitt crushes Mt. Union5:110/311974
[ ]FootballGame decides OAC championship7:611/71974
[ ]FootballQB Ashenbrenner bounces back1:111/71974
[ ]FootballWittenberg wins over Bishops6:111/71974
[ ]FootballAccident benefits Strothers5:111/141974
[ ]FootballWittenberg meets Capital5:111/141974
[ ]FootballArthur Thomas limelights defense in football5:111/211974
[ ]FootballWittenberg takes OCA title1:111/211974
[ ]FootballTigers upset Delaware 14-85:39/251975
[ ]FootballFreshman heand Witt ground game6:110/91975
[ ]FootballWitt squeaks past Mushkingum7:310/91975
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Hillsdale5:110/161975
[ ]FootballTigers overcome big Red5:110/231975
[ ]FootballInjuries plague Tigers5:310/301975
[ ]FootballTigers beat Mt. Union5:110/301975
[ ]FootballTigers head for OAC conference championship5:311/61975
[ ]FootballTigers get play-off bid1:511/131975
[ ]FootballTigers head for Berea5:311/131975
[ ]FootballWalther plugs gap5:311/131975
[ ]FootballTigers lose OAC crown5:311/201975
[ ]Football'76 grid captains named6:11/151976
[ ]FootballWitt national champs6:11/151976
[ ]FootballBanquet honors Tigers5:31/291976
[ ]FootballSeason to open Sept. 18 at Eastern Kentucky5:19/91976
[ ]FootballWitt loses to Eastern Kentucky 28-06:19/231976
[ ]FootballWin over Butler 21-185:19/301976
[ ]FootballWin over Wesleyan 55-215:110/71976
[ ]FootballLose to Baldwin-Wallace. Sceduled to play Ohio Northern5:310/141976
[ ]FootballWin over Ohio Northern 30-245:210/211976
[ ]FootballHomecoming game won by Witt over Wooster 33-05:110/281976
[ ]FootballWin over Capital 14-06:111/41976
[ ]FootballTigers to defend OAC crown5:19/91977
[ ]FootballTigers stun Eastern Kentucky5:49/231977
[ ]FootballDefense helps Tigers trip Butler5:19/301977
[ ]FootballTigers romp over OWU, 35-75:110/71977
[ ]Football6800 watch Tigers whip B-W5:410/141977
[ ]FootballTigers seen on regional TV1:110/141977
[ ]FootballFoster, Sitler reflect on careers, seek OAC title7:110/211977
[ ]FootballTigers run, pass to route ONU6:110/211977
[ ]FootballTigers come from behind to top Wooster5:210/281977
[ ]FootballTigers crush cap for 13th straight win5:111/41977
[ ]FootballPenalties, injuries mar Tigers' win5:111/111977
[ ]FootballGridders smash 11 marks, land 2 All Americans5:11/131978
[ ]FootballComments on upcoming games. General team information5:19/91978
[ ]FootballComments on upcoming games. General team information5:19/91978
[ ]FootballTigers win season opener 41-7 against Valparaiso5:39/221978
[ ]FootballTigers win over Marietta 21-2 (pic)5:19/291978
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Wesleyan 24-7 (pic)5:410/61978
[ ]FootballTigers beat Heidelberg 49-17, game information5:110/131978
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Capital 49-0, Witt wins Homecoming (pic)5:110/201978
[ ]FootballFirst OAC blue division following 28-14 victory over Wooster (pic)7:510/271978
[ ]FootballWitt to face Baldwin-Wallace for conference crown (pic)5:111/31978
[ ]FootballTen players selected as All Ohio Conference All Stars6:71/191979
[ ]FootballTigers lose Stagg Bowl to Baldwin-Wallace (pic)6:51/191979
[ ]FootballAwards and honors announced5:72/91979
[ ]FootballPlan to try to keep up winning tradition3:39/81979
[ ]FootballTigers preparing for the season opener (pic)3:39/81979
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Valparaiso 34-12 (pic)5:19/221979
[ ]FootballTigers beat Marietta 53-145:49/291979
[ ]Football -- InterfraternityPhi Psis and ATO's only undefeated teams4:410/51979
[ ]FootballWittenberg stops Ohio Wesleyan 24-0 (pic)5:110/51979
[ ]FootballShuts out Heidelberg 54-05:410/121979
[ ]Football -- InterfraternityPhi Psi's and ATO's are defeated5:510/191979
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Capital 30-215:110/191979
[ ]Football -- InterfraternityATO's and Phi Psi's back on top5:110/261979
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Wooster 35-65:410/261979
[ ]Football -- InterfraternityPhi Psi's edge Fiji's for the Red Division crown, to face ATO's in the championship6:311/21979
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Muskingum 41-0 in their seventh win without a loss (pic)7:111/21979
[ ]FootballDefeated Otterbein 30-3, will face Denison for the OAC championship (pic)7:111/91979
[ ]Football -- InterfraternityPhi Psi's capture championships, defeat ATO's 7-67:111/91979
[ ]FootballPlayers receiving many awards5:31/111980
[ ]FootballWitt begins season with inexperienced team (pic)4:19/131980
[ ]FootballWitt will play Heidelberg; team described9/131980
[ ]Football - WomenPowder-puff teams organized3:49/261980
[ ]FootballWitt beats Heidelberg; loses to Baldwin-Wallace (pic)5:19/261980
[ ]FootballWitt downs Ohio Northern; Dana Williams breaks rushing record; coach has 100th victory (pic)5:110/31980
[ ]Footballwitt beats Muskingum; Todd Schaffe rushes 203 yards (pic)5:110/101980
[ ]Football - WomenDirector of powder-puff team fired for negligence (pic)1:310/171980
[ ]FootballWitt shuts out Ohio Wesleyan in second half; will face a tough Wooster team (pic)5:110/171980
[ ]Football - WomenFiring of powder-puff director explained in more detail8:510/241980
[ ]FootballSenior team members (pic)1:510/241980
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Wooster at OH Athletic Conference game (pic)7:110/241980
[ ]FootballKirby Thompson, a senior, played outstanding game5:310/311980
[ ]FootballWittenberg beats Denison at Homecoming game with impressive success (pic)5:110/311980
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Butler; will go on to play Capital for Division III crown (pic)5:111/71980
[ ]FootballMike Dowds, senior, is an important player for the Witt Tigers5:311/141980
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Capital; will play OAC championship game against B-W (pic)5:111/141980
[ ]FootballWitt has unusual statistical crew in press box: four professors volunteer their time at football games (pic)6:111/141980
[ ]FootballWitt-Capital game (pic)1:411/141980
[ ]FootballPhil Penwell will serve a coaching assitant for University of Dayton's football program5:35/291981
[ ]FootballTelevision contracts for college game coverage debated5:29/251981
[ ]FootballWitt defeated by B-W5:19/251981
[ ]FootballTiger victory over Ohio Northern, 15-7, at Ada5:110/21981
[ ]FootballInterview with trainer David Crawford about injuries5:410/161981
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Wesleyan, 41-0, at Delaware5:110/161981
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Scots, 23-0, in Homecoming game (pic)5:110/231981
[ ]FootballWitt defeats Denison 23-05:110/301981
[ ]FootballTigers undefeated (pic)6:19/241982
[ ]FootballCBS Airs B-W game; 60% of nation watching6:110/11982
[ ]FootballNCAA says Witt ineligible6:310/11982
[ ]FootballTigers cage butler 17-76:310/11982
[ ]FootballB-W stings Tigers on TV; Tobias injured (pic)6:110/81982
[ ]FootballFootball wins easy (pic)6:110/151982
[ ]FootballSingle-wing cooked5:310/221982
[ ]FootballONU game decides blue division (pic)6:210/291982
[ ]FootballWitt eligibility restored possible raking next week7:110/291982
[ ]FootballGame and controversies6:111/121982
[ ]FootballMuskingum suffers upheaval, Tigers romp 44-04:19/231983
[ ]FootballTigers fall to Division II Butler6:19/301983
[ ]FootballRevenge, 12-106:110/71983
[ ]FootballEasy Win for the Tigers9:110/161983
[ ]FootballIs Otterbein next?6:110/211983
[ ]FootballTiger sink cards with 14-3 win6:110/281983
[ ]FootballInexperienced defense doesn't hold Tigers (pic)4:111/31983
[ ]FootballTo beat B-W6:311/111983
[ ]FootballWitt beats Bishops6:111/111983
[ ]FootballMurphy takes over5:33/21984
[ ]FootballTigers open OAC tomorrow10:49/211984
[ ]FootballTigers pounce on Princes13:19/281984
[ ]Footballtigers looking strong in conference ations (pic)9:110/51984
[ ]FootballTough defense, new faces, lift Witt over Ohio Northern8:210/191984
[ ]FootballTigers win homecoming, extend Marietta losing streak (pic)9:110/261984
[ ]FootballTigers trounce Capital, looking forward to B-W (pic)8:111/21984
[ ]FootballWatters joins Dawgs8:15/151987
[ ]FootballTigers win thriller and hit the big 5006:110/91987
[ ]FootballFootball rebounds against Muskingum9/231988
[ ]FootballFootball Rebounds Against Muskingum9:19/231988
[ ]FootballPolar Bears Drifted By Tigers8:29/301988
[ ]FootballTigers win10/71988
[ ]FootballTigers Win8:410/71988
[ ]FootballTigers drown Otters10/141988
[ ]FootballTigers Drowned Otters9:210/141988
[ ]FootballThe Battle of the "bergs"10/211988
[ ]FootballThe Battle Of The `Bergs'8:310/211988
[ ]FootballTigers Capitalize on turnovers10/281988
[ ]FootballTigers Capitalize On Turnovers8:110/281988
[ ]FootballTigers outdistance DePauw11/41988
[ ]FootballTigers Outdistance DePauw8:111/41988
[ ]FootballFootball State released1/131989
[ ]FootballFootball Stats Released8:31/131989
[ ]FootballKungl voted 1988 Football MVP1/131989
[ ]FootballKungl Voted 1988 Football MVP9:11/131989
[ ]FootballKungl, Terebuh GTE All-American1/131989
[ ]FootballKungl, Terrebuh GTE All-Americans8:31/131989
[ ]Murphy, Ron; FootballMurphy receives coaching award1/131989
[ ]FootballMurphy Recieves Coaching Award8:31/131989
[ ]Murphy, Ron; FootballMurphy resigns1/131989
[ ]FootballNiebuhr Named Grid Coach12:14/71989
[ ]FootballWittenberg defeats case12:19/221989
[ ]FootballWittenberg Defeats Case12:19/221989
[ ]FootballFootball nears homecoming10/61989
[ ]FootballFootball Nears Homecoming13:110/61989
[ ]FootballCoach Neibuhr is optimistic about Tigers10:310/131989
[ ]FootballCoach Neibuhr Is Optimistic About Tigers10:310/131989
[ ]FootballFootball Hold Even Record As Season End Nears12:510/271989
[ ]FootballFootball holds even record as season end nears10/271989
[ ]FootballSports Spotlight: Jason Brodahl10/271989
[ ]FootballTiger Grid team drops heartbreaker to Depauw11/31989
[ ]FootballTiger Grid Team Drops Heeartbreaker To DePauw12:111/31989
[ ]FootballMullen Named NCAC Defensive Player Of Week12:411/101989
[ ]FootballTigers pound Earlham: even record at 4-4; Mullen named NCAC defensive player of week; Sports spotlight: Randy Hitter11/101989
[ ]FootballTigers Pound Earlham; Even Record At 4-412:111/101989
[ ]FootballFootball Geared Up for Seasonp. 12, col9/211990
[ ]FootballFootball's Road To Recoverypg. 10, co9/281990
[ ]FootballWittenberg Tailback Warga Displays Football 1, col10/51990
[ ]Football'White Line' Does Dirty Workpg. 10, co10/121990
[ ]FootballDavid Radcliffe Is The Key To 'No Name' Defensepg. 13, co10/261990
[ ]FootballStockdale And Warga Lead Tigers To Winpg. 10, co11/21990
[ ]FootballWarga & others honored for athleticspg. 12, co1/111991
[ ]FootballFootball team honors Maurer with victory10:19/271991
[ ]FootballWittenberg Football wins big over Oberlin10:110/41991
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Kenyon and anticipate Case Western14:110/111991
[ ]FootballFootball team falls to Case Western Reserve on Parent's Weekend10:110/181991
[ ]FootballFootball team upset by Division III national champions15:110/251991
[ ]FootballTiger football team rebounds to crush Earlham College8:111/11991
[ ]FootballTiger football team falls to Emory & Henry10:111/81991
[ ]FootballTigers trounce Earlham Quakers5:49/251992
[ ]Football2,000 support Tigers in Hall of Honor game4:310/21992
[ ]FootballSpectating offers new perspective on sports4:310/21992
[ ]FootballTigers bring home trophy, 42-10 win over Case Western8:410/91992
[ ]FootballWittenberg Tigers take on Allegheny Gators1:410/91992
[ ]FootballWitt football teams gobbles up Gators in 17-12 victory over Allegheny6:110/161992
[ ]FootballTigers remain first in NCAC6:110/231992
[ ]FootballLords succumb to Tigers in 51-7 upset6:210/301992
[ ]FootballFootball Tigers prepare for future success6:15/141993
[ ]FootballCarter qualifies for NCAA finals2:65/281993
[ ]FootballTigers falter at Allegheny6:110/121993
[ ]FootballTigers squeak by Lakers, 7-68:110/191993
[ ]FootballTigers maul visiting Kenyon Lords, 32-06:110/261993
[ ]FootballTigers beat hapless Oberlin, 55-68:111/21993
[ ]FootballTiger seniors shine in 42-0 win over Denison's Big Red8:411/91993
[ ]FootballTigers sqeak by Bishops, 28-218:311/161993
[ ]FootballSenior named best defender in Division 310:12/81994
[ ]National Football League (NFL)Packer's simplify draft by signing free agent10:34/261994
[ ]FootballTigers lose to nationally-ranked Gators10:19/271994
[ ]FootballWitt trounces Kenyon on gridiron8:110/41994
[ ]FootballTigers win in last minute effort8:310/181994
[ ]Football[Eric] Kovatch grazes campus10:411/81994
[ ]FootballWin gives Tigers 8-2 record8:411/151994
[ ]FootballTiger football players receive NCAC honors11:51/171995
[ ]FootballFootball recruits see tradition, excellence8:31/241995
[ ]FootballWittenberg football defeats DePauw University in first home game10:1-39/121995
[ ]FootballWitt football team obliterates Wooster 56-0; critical NCAC showdown at OWU Saturday8:1-310/101995
[ ]FootballWitt football team defeats rival OWU 15-138:1-310/171995
[ ]FootballTigers set sights on playoffs with Wheaton8:1-311/141995
[ ]FootballWitt football loses to Wheaton, 63-418:1-311/211995
[ ]FootballGators defeat Tigers 26-148:3-59/241996
[ ]FootballTiger football earns impressive win against Kenyon,55-1412:510/11996
[ ]FootballWitt posts second conference win over Oberlin 63-69;110/81996
[ ]FootballTigers post lowest point total in three years by defeating league opponent Case Western Reserve 10-813:2-511/51996
[ ]Football18 Tiger seniors help Wittenberg football compile four-year record of 36-5-013:4-511/191996
[ ]FootballCommunity Night opener preps Tigers for annual Gator challenge12:19/161997
[ ]FootballTigers victorious over Gators12:19/231997
[ ]FootballFincham clears bench in 62-10 Kenyon romp13:49/301997
[ ]FootballMygrant makes history with new tradition10:110/141997
[ ]FootballFincham motivates team at halftime9:111/41997
[ ]FootballFincham says team staying strong after players suspended9:211/41997
[ ]FootballWittenberg falls to Wooster 21-1910:111/111997
[ ]FootballFarley takes off his helmet and reflects on past four years at Witt10:111/181997
[ ]FootballWitt football player Kent Rafey wins prestigious scholarship10:12/31998
[ ]FootballIsphording named Tiger football offensive coordinator10:14/281998
[ ]FootballTigers run over Division II Union12:19/221998
[ ]FootballTigers' find balance, improve record to 3-012:19/291998
[ ]FootballTigers dominate rival Allegheny11:110/61998
[ ]FootballRelentless defense "paves the way" for Tigers victory12:310/131998
[ ]FootballTigers remain unbeaten, prepare for rival Wooster12:110/271998
[ ]FootballRevenge "sweet" for Tigers in victory over Wooster12:111/31998
[ ]Football"Red Swarm" turns in shutout, one game away from perfect season12:311/101998
[ ]FootballTigers complete perfect season, prepare for playoff showdown against Millikin12:111/171998
[ ]FootballTigers swarm Millikin, prepare for Mount Union12:111/241998
[ ]FootballFootball super sophomore Donaldson recounts past, outlines hopes for future12:112/81998
[ ]FootballTiger football team finishes season in playoffs, sweep NCAC postseason awards11:412/81998
[ ]FootballFootball defeats rival, Baldwin Wallace12:19/211999
[ ]Athletic Department; FootballSports Spotlight: Joe Fincham11:49/281999
[ ]FootballFootball annihilates Saint Francis 56-712:410/51999
[ ]FootballFootball team continues Tigers' winning Homecoming tradition12:310/121999
[ ]FootballAllegheny falls to Witt Football11:110/261999
[ ]FootballFootball beats Case Western, keeps Bill Edwards Trophy11:110/261999
[ ]FootballWittenberg's football team triumphs in its 600th all-time win against Ohio Wesleyan on Saturday12:111/21999
[ ]FootballWittenberg's football team brings home another victory10:111/91999
[ ]FootballFootball facts12:411/301999
[ ]FootballWittenberg football defeats Alma in first round palyoff, loses to Ohio Northern in second round12:111/301999
[ ]FootballDonaldson breaks school rushing record : Wittenberg ff to 2-0 start behind defense15:19/122000
[ ]FootballFootball team 3-0 after dismantling Alma15:19/192000
[ ]FootballTigers 5-0 after pair of NCAC wins16:110/32000
[ ]FootballFootball team crushes Denison 62-715:110/102000
[ ]FootballHome Sweet Homecoming for Tigers16:110/312000
[ ]FootballTigers prowl into round two of tourney15:111/212000
[ ]Sports;Football;Donaldson, Casey;[Photo]And they're out! Mt. Union defeats Witt Tigers, 32-1516:112/52000
[ ]Opinion;Football;Lovegrove, PhilMt. Union, but our game plan16:512/52000
[ ]Football;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)Wolverines race against time to NCAA16:112/52000
[ ]FootballWittenberg Football program imposes and maintains silence2:12/132001
[ ]FootballTiger football loses former star15:12/272001
[ ]FootballTiger football team opens 2001 season with two consecutive victories and a rare loss14:19/182001
[ ]FootballTigers defeat Little Giants despite no running attack in life after Donaldson13:19/252001
[ ]Homecoming; FootballGridiron Glory; home sweet Homecoming, Allegheny 17, Wittenberg 21, Tigers win with 16.5 seconds left in the game1:110/22001
[ ]FootballFootball team wins big over Denison Big Red13:110/92001
[ ]FootballTiger Football team clinches at least a share of fifth consecutive NCAC Championship13:110/302001
[ ]FootballTiger Football team trounces Earlham for fifth straight NCAC championship in record fashion13:111/62001
[ ]FootballTiger football team advances to NCAA Division III National Championship playoffs13:111/132001
[ ]FootballFootball team wins shoot-out down in Texas, advances to the second round of playoffs13:111/202001
[ ]FootballTigers fall to Raiders once again1:112/42001
[ ]FootballFootball Dominates in Opener13:19/102002
[ ]FootballTigers Win 'Route 68 War'12:19/172002
[ ]Football; Goldsbury, DustinTigers Defense Shuts Down Thomas More In Mud, 31-612:110/12002
[ ]FootballWittenberg Embarrasses Dennison at Home in NCAC Opener, 53-712:110/82002
[ ]FootballWittenberg Edged By NCAC Rival Wasbash In Overtime Thrillre, 46-4312:110/152002
[ ]Homecoming; FootballWhat Do You Think?12:310/292002
[ ]FootballTigers Look Strong Again in 49-3 Win Over The Allegheny Gators13:311/52002
[ ]FootballEveryone Gets Into the Act as Wittenberg Demolishes Kenyon, 79-0 on Senior Recognition Day13:411/122002
[ ]FootballIt's Official: Football Team Headed to Playoffs After Beating Wooster, 14-913:111/192002
[ ]Sports; Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; VolleyballFall Sports All-NCAC Selections12:111/262002
[ ]FootballWittenberg Wins First Round Playoff Thriller, Deafeats Hanover, 34-3312:311/262002
[ ]FootballAlabama football coach loses job, reputation, $10M14:15/62003
[ ]FootballFootball kicks off great season13:39/112003
[ ]FootballFootball continues impressive start to 2003 campaign12:19/182003
[ ]FootballWittenberg football: Why all the hype?7:19/182003
[ ]FootballFor the love of the football players7:110/92003
[ ]FootballWittenberg football remains undefeated in impressive style13:110/92003
[ ]Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - Women; VolleyballWittenberg Athletics: Week in Review13:311/62003
[ ]Football; Swimming and DivingWittenberg Athletics: Week in Review13:311/132003
[ ]FootballTiger football rallies for thrilling last-minute win10:19/232004
[ ]FootballWittenberg takes down Huntingdon in nonconference finale10:19/302004
[ ]FootballWittenberg rushes past Denison in NCAC opener10:310/72004
[ ]FootballSBC to sponsor Michigan-Ohio State footbal game3:111/12004
[ ]footballFootball closes out season with big win over Allegheny10:111/182004
[ ]FootballLoopholes have turned the BCS into bid j-o-k-e3:112/32004
[ ]FootballSuper choice: Dynasties or 'Dogs, Patriots or Eagles3:11/272005
[ ]FootballWhen fans become fanatics; Super Bowl XXXIX this Sunday3:12/32005
[ ]FootballQuarterbacks Marino, Young enter the Hall of Fame arm and arm3:12/102005
[ ]FootballHow do you measure a player's desire? You can't.3:14/212005
[ ]FootballNFL Draft emphasizes offensive playmakers; QB Smith #13:14/282005
[ ]FootballFootball team starts off season ranked in national top ten10:19/82005
[ ]FootballGiants-Saints game set for Monday night doubleheader3:19/82005
[ ]FootballYound leads another Texas rally in thriller over OSU3:19/152005
[ ]Football; RiotsCentral Florida wins, but campus police officer loses life3:19/292005
[ ]FootballFottball team looks forward to conference play10:19/292005
[ ]FootballTexas has Young, but UNC will Bush-whack you3:112/82005
[ ]Satire; FootballTressel to kick off next season with the Tigers [satire] 10:13/302006
[ ]FootballFootball team gears up for 2006; home opener Saturday 10:19/72006
[ ]FootballOhio State leaves no doubt about number one3:19/142006
[ ]FootballCompetition spurs 2006 homecoming weekend 10:110/122006
[ ]FootballFootball team faces big foe; the Wabash Little Giants 10:110/122006
[ ]FootballT.O. silenced as Eagles dominate Cowboys3:110/122006
[ ]Editorials; Fall Break; FootballThe biggest game nobody will see . . . 5:110/122006
[ ]FootballFootball team one game away from conference title 10:111/92006
[ ]Satire; FootballWitt's football stadium will get some revamping10:13/292007
[ ]Sports; Cross Country; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; VolleyballWeekend sports highlights 10:19/62007
[ ]Football; Soccer; Field HockeyWittenberg Whups Wooster 58-710:110/42007
[ ]Homecoming; Sports; Soccer - Women; Soccer - Men; Football; Field Hockey; VolleyballWhose house? Our house: Tiger teams unstoppable on Homecoming weekend10:310/252007
[ ]Football; Kralich, Anthony; Mckinley, BradFootball tops Allegheny 17-6 to clinch second place in NCAC11:411/82007
[ ]Football;Laboy, Miles;Landis, Luke;[Photo]Tiger Football Opens the Season With a Shutout 11:1September 7 20162007
[ ]Sports; Football; AdmissionsVisiting football players get red-carpet treatment8:11/312008
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Men; Borland, Matt; Soccer - Women; Bamberger, Jordan; Cross Country; Dubuc, Darcy; Football; Huffman, AaronStandout Performances11:19/112008
[ ]Sports; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Volleyball; Borland, Matt; Bamberger, Jordan; Dubuc, Darcy; Huffman, AaronTigers' winning weekend 11:29/112008
[ ]Sports; FootballOuch! Witt students react to OSU - USC bruising blowout 11:19/182008
[ ]Sports; Football; HomecomingFootball Faces Injury Setbacks 10:110/92008
[ ]Sports; Football; HomecomingTiger Football Looks to Extend Win Streak 10:110/92008
[ ]Sports; Football; Volleyball; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field HockeyTigers' Weekend Wrap Up 11:110/92008
[ ]Sports; Football; HomecomingTigers prey on Quakers with 45-13 homecoming win 10:110/162008
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball loses heartbreaker to NCAC rival Wabash10:110/302008
[ ]Sports; Football; Volleyball; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field HockeyTigers' Weekend Highlights10:110/302008
[ ]Cross Country; Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; VolleyballTigers' Weekend HighlightsNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 11:111/62008
[ ]Sports; Television; FootballWitt football vs. Carnegie-Mellon airs on ESPNUNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 10:111/62008
[ ]Sports; FootballTiger football suffers OT loss at Allegheny11:111/132008
[ ]Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Volleyball - WomenTigers' weekend highlights11:111/132008
[ ]Sports; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey;Fall sports cumulative season wrap-up 10:111/202008
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Lacrosse - Men; Koppenhafer, Steve; Wismer, Will; Sports; Seniors; Baseball; Thompson, J.T.; Sports; Seniors; Tennis - Men; Tennis - Women;Earhart, Allison; Sundstrom, Kat; Seymour, Brad; Sports; Seniors; Football; Williams, Patrick; HallWittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:35/72009
[ ]Football; Sports; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldFootball welcomes local youth11:19/172009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball pummels Wash. U. 46-010:19/242009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball undefeated after week 310:110/12009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball 2-0 in NCAC11:110/82009
[ ]Sports; Football; Pryor, TerrelleOvertime11:410/152009
[ ]Sports; FootballNext on the football "hit list": Denison10:110/292009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball still undefeated11:111/52009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball clinches NCAC, heads to playoff game Saturday10:111/192009
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball ends 2009 season at 12-110:112/102009
[ ]Fincham, Joe; FootballFincham coach of the year 10:13/42010
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball dominates in conference opener10:019/152010
[ ]Sports; FootballThe formula for college football [photos]6:019/152010
[ ]"Sports; Football; McKee, Josh; Osterbrock, Craig"NCAC atheletes of the week11:029/222010
[ ]Sports; Football"Tigers tested by Allegheny, but fortunately come out on top"11:019/292010
[ ]"Wittenberg Pride; Sports; Football; Toewe, Hannes"School Spirit5:0110/132010
[ ]Sports; FootballWittenberg regains focus in Homecoming rut11:0110/132010
[ ]"Torch; History of Wittenberg; Football; Edwards, Bill; Kennedy, John F.; Dating; World News"What we wrote4:0111/32010
[ ]Sports; FootballSteelers packing in Super Bowl XLV 11:012/92011
[ ]Television; Sports; Football; EntertainmentSuper Bowl commercials not to miss 1:012/92011
[ ]"Vallery, Eddie; Football; Careers"Vallery working to take talents to next level 11:013/222011
[ ]Sports;FootballWeather Delay Not Enough to Stop the Tigers from Winning 700 10:29/72011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers defeat Battling Bishops 34-13 11:19/132011
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed; Williams, SeanTigers Defeat Washington and Move to 3-0 11:19/202011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers Win Second Conference Game Against Allegheny 10:19/282011
[ ]Sports; FootballFootball Stays Undefeated With Win Over Oberlin 10:110/52011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers Record First Loss of the Season to Huntingdon 11:110/122011
[ ]Sports; Football; Weber, Cory; Zoeller, Ben; Warye, ConnorFootball Profiles 6:111/162011
[ ]Sports; FootballTigers Defeat the Scots: Game Summary 11:311/162011
[ ]Sports;Football;Paterno, Joe;National NewsSay It Ain’t So Joe: Did Joe Pa Do the Right Thing? 3:111/222011
[ ]Meyer, Urban;Football;SportsUrban Meyer Comes Home To Coach the Ohio State Buckeyes 10:412/72011
[ ]Sports; Manning, Eli; FootballViewpoint: Can't Spell Elite Without Eli12:22/152012
[ ]Editorials; Football; Religion; Tebow, TimOn Trend: “Tebowing”¯ 10:12/222012
[ ]Football; Meyer, Urban; The Ohio State University; SportsBuckeyes Begin Meyer Era in a Big Way 8:19/52012
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, ReedTigers Look to Climb Back on Top of NCAC, Annihilating Crusaders a Good Start 7:49/52012
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Team Looks to Defend Home Turf 7:19/122012
[ ]Cleveland Browns; National Football League (NFL); SportsNFL Viewpoint: Cleveland Browns Look to Rebuild 8:49/122012
[ ]Cincinnati Bengals; National Football League (NFL); Online Exclusive; SportsOptimism Abounds for Cincinnati Bengals 9/122012
[ ]Sports;Football;Marcinek, Aloysius R.;Tiger Football Shines Under the Lights8:19/192012
[ ]Sports;FootballOhio State Travels to Spartan Country 8:19/262012
[ ]Sports;FootballTigers Overcome Rival Wooster 7:19/262012
[ ]Sports;FootballFootball Team Remains Undefeated in 2012 Season 8:110/32012
[ ]Sports;FootballHeisman Race Heats Up 7:410/102012
[ ]Homecoming;Sports;FootballTiger Up: A view from the Students' Section 5:110/102012
[ ]Homecoming;Sports;Football;Tatum, GavenViewpoint: Tigers Fall in De-facto Championship Game 8:110/102012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Sports;FootballTigers Rout Terriers 71-7 to Remain in NCAC Title Hunt Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/08/2012, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/07/2012. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 11/82012
[ ]Football; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA); Sports; Tigers Earn NCAC Playoff Berth Against Heidelberg: Wittenberg Football Enters NCAA Division III Tournament7:311/142012
[ ]Sports;Football;Ohio;Buckeyes Defeat Michigan to Finish 12-07:411/282012
[ ]Football; National Football League (NFL); Sports; NFL Season Update8:412/52012
[ ]Te'o, Manti;Tuiasosopo, Ronaiah;Social Media;Internet;FootballTe’o Saga Takes Bizarre Turn 7:11/232013
[ ]National Football League (NFL);Super BowlSuper Bowl Sunday Preview 8:11/302013
[ ]Sports;Football;Super Bowl;National Football League (NFL);Ravens Win Super Bowl XLVII in Harbaugh Bowl8:12/62013
[ ]Football;National Football League (NFL);Super Bowl;Super Bowl Ads Fail to Disappoint8:12/62013
[ ]Sports;Football;Baseball;Wilson, Zac;[Photo]Zac Wilson: Excelling as a Two-Way Athlete8:13/202013
[ ]Sports;National Football League (NFL)Old Faces in New Places: NFL Free Agency7:13/272013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed;Bulldogs Bite Tigers7:19/112013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, ReedFootball Team Looks to Bounce Back Against Depauw 7:39/182013
[ ]McCarter, Kellyn;Football;OpinionLetter to the Editor: Butler Game 6:19/182013
[ ]Sports;Football;Fincham, Joe;Bowman, Jake;Cooper, Michael;Zoeller, BenNew Football Coaches 8:39/182013
[ ]Sports;Football;Dehnke, Jimmy;Florence, Reed;Gary, SeanFootball Pummels DePauw 7:59/252013
[ ]Football; National Basketball Association (NBA); SportsWhat’s in a Name? Why Being a Buckeye is a Part of Who I am 8:39/252013
[ ]Football; Guiton, Kenny; Miller, Braxton; The Ohio State UniversityMiller or Guiton? That is the Question Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 7:410/22013
[ ]National Football League (NFL);Smith, Aldon;Harbaugh, JimNFL Policy Proves that Rules Don’t Apply to Everyone Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:110/22013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed;Zoeller, BenReed Florence Among the Best Witt QB’s of All-Time Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:110/22013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, ReedTiger Town Pound Down Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 10/02/2013, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 09/25/2013. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:110/22013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed;Kirkman, DesiFootball Blasts Hiram 49-9 7:110/92013
[ ]National Football League (NFL);Manning, PeytonNFL: The Best Drama on Cable 7:410/92013
[ ]Sports;Football;Homecoming;Florence, Reed;Cunningham, BrendonTigers Rally for Homecoming Win 7:110/162013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed;Cunningham, Brendon;Dehnke, Jimmy;Kirkman, Desi;[Photos];Ye Olde Skull To Remain at Wittenberg For Another Year8:111/62013
[ ]National Football League (NFL);Martin, Jonathon;Incognito, Richie;Miami Dolphins;[Photo]Dolphins Caught in Bizarre NFL Bullying Scandal [Incognito No More: the NFL Hazing Scandal] 6:111/132013
[ ]Football; Meyer, Urban; The Ohio State University; Online ExclusiveHow Many Bucks is Meyer Worth? 11/132013
[ ]Sports;Football;Gary, Sean;Florence, Reed;Cunningham, Brendon; Wittenberg Wallops Wabash for Conference Title, Playoff Spot 7:111/132013
[ ]Sports;Football;Social MediaHaving Rivalry, We Tweet Profanity To Others: The Implications of the “Fuck Wabash”¯ Twitter Trend 6:111/202013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, Reed;Zumdick, Stephen;Sanders, JaVanh;Knott, Aaron;[Photo]Tigers Send Football Seniors Out in Style 7:111/202013
[ ]Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC); Big Ten Conference; Football; The Ohio State University; Southeastern Conference (SEC); SportsBCS Comes Down to Conference Games 7:112/112013
[ ]Sports;Football;Florence, ReedFootball Falls to Top Ranked Mount Union 8:112/112013
[ ]Sports;Football;Cunningham, Brendon;Florence, Reed;Widemon, Matt;Kirkman, Desi;[Photos]Seniors Represent Wittenberg at USA Football Bowl [Football Seniors Still Bowling] 8:11/292014
[ ]Sports;Football;National Football League (NFL);Super BowlSuper Bowl Sunday Full of Intrigue 8:11/292014
[ ]Sherman, Richard;National Football League (NFL)Who's a Thug Now: A Defense of Richard Sherman7:11/292014
[ ]Super Bowl;National Football League (NFL);Manning, PeytonSuper (Boring) Bowl XLVIII8:42/52014
[ ]Sports;National Football League (NFL)Cold Day in Jersey, Cold Month in Denver 8:32/122014
[ ]Football;National Football League (NFL);Sam, Michael;Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT)Flagged for Intolerable Cruelty 8:12/192014
[ ]Hoyng, Kevin;Sports;Football;CoachingNew Spark in Wittenberg Football Offense Coming from the Sidelines 1:44/302014
[ ]Football;Athletics;Jenkins, Zackary;Culvahouse, ZacharyWittenberg falls to Butler 22-16 in Opener; Remains Poised for Season 7:19/102014
[ ]Football;Athletics;Jenkins, Zackary;Culvahouse,ZacharyWittenberg falls to Butler 22-16 in Opener; Remains Poised for Season 7:19/102014
[ ]National News;National Football League (NFL);Assault and BatteryDid the NFL Mishandle the Ray Rice Issue? — Erika Meyers 8:19/172014
[ ]Racism;National Football League (NFL)Racist Comments Cost Hawks' Owner Bruce Levenson8:19/172014
[ ]National Football League (NFL);CrimeNFL Scandals: Enough is Enough [online exclusive] — Erika Meyers 9/242014
[ ]FootballTigers even record with victory over DePauw8:19/242014
[ ]Football;Gibson, Nick;Killilea, Evan;Jenkins, Zackary;[Photo]Football – Tom Dwyer 7:310/82014
[ ]Football;Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Volleyball;Field Hockey;[Photos]Weekly Tiger Wrap Up – Tom Dwyer 7:110/152014
[ ]Football;Homecoming;Kenyon College;Jenkins, Zackary;[Photos]Homecoming Football — Tom Dwyer 8:110/292014
[ ]Football;Jenkins, Zackary;Strump,Corey;[Photos]Tiger’s Win 21-15: Grab Share of Conference Title and Playoff spot 7:111/122014
[ ]Fincham, Joe;Football;CoachesCoaches Corner 8:43/42015
[ ]Football;Jenkins, Zackary;Culvahouse, Zachary;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;[Photo]Tigers’ Week in Review 11:49/162015
[ ]Jenkins, Zackary;Culvahouse, Zachary;Football;[Photos]Zack Attack: Football Life On and Off the Field 11:19/232015
[ ]Field Hockey;Cooler, Audrey;Soccer - Men;Football;Jenkins, Zackary;Volleyball - Women;Farmer, Kendall;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Osman, Jonathan;Hord, ErinSports Wrap-Up 12:19/302015
[ ]Coaches;Dill, Rick;Fincham, Joe;FootballTiger Legacy Turns to Coaching 12:29/302015
[ ]Just Eve;Pocket Lint;Writing Center;Football;Homecoming Queen;Homecoming King;Kraft, Madeline;[Photos]Homecoming Weekend 6:110/72015
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Field Hockey;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Golf - Women;[Photos]Sports Wrap 11:110/72015
[ ]Football;Homecoming;Edwards, Bill;Fincham, Joe;[Photo]Wittenberg Continues Homecoming Winning Streak 12:110/72015
[ ]Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;FootballTiger Sports Wrap 12:210/142015
[ ]Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Football;Field Hockey;[Photos]Tiger Playbacks 11/4 12:311/42015
[ ]Soccer - Women;Football;[Photos]Playback News for Tiger Sports 11:411/112015
[ ]Football;[Photo];Basketball;Swimming and DivingTiger Playbacks 11:411/182015
[ ]Murray, Armon;FootballAthlete Spotlight: Armon Murray 11:12/102016
[ ]Football;Jenkins, Zackary;Gary, Sean;Dehnke, Jimmy;Stump, CoreyWittenberg Hosting Football Recruits 11:12/102016
[ ]Football;Fincham, JoeFootball Team to Get New Uniforms for Next Season 12:13/22016
[ ]Feminism;Women's Rights;Football;Sexual Harassment;Campus Speakers;[Photo]From Football to Feminism 5:13/22016
[ ]Fincham, Joe;Football;[Photo]Wittenberg Coach Inspires Love for the Game 12:14/62016
[ ]North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);Stump, Corey;Seidenstricker, Kara;Football;Volleyball - Women;AwardsTwo Wittenberg Student Athletes Win 2016 NCAC Awards 11:14/272016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Field Hockey;Volleyball - WomenBox Scores 12:19/72016
[ ]Deaths;LaBoy, Miles;Football;Accidents;Edwards, Rashon;Hunter, Dorian;Mosley, Aikili;Ferko, Chandler;Karn, Kevin;Soccer - Men;[Photos]Wittenberg Student Body Mourns Loss of Two Student-Athletes 1:39/72016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/212016
[ ]Million, Keonte;Football;[Photo]Tiger Spotlight: Freshman Wide Receiver Keonte Million 12:19/212016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/282016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:410/52016
[ ]Football;Tiffner, JeffAthlete Spotlight: Jeff Tiffner, Sophomore Football Player 11:110/122016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:410/122016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:411/22016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:211/92016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - WomenBox Scores 12:211/162016
[ ]Football;Hoffman, Zachary;Crowe, Terrance;Holmes, Dustin;Gingery, Will;Volleyball - Women;Labrador, Paco;Fischer, Maddie;Cox, Aubrey;Seidenstricker, Kara;Soccer - Women;Fannon, Matt;Brueck, Shannon;Brunswick, Michelle;Soutar, Leah;Davis, Megan;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);[Photo]Fall Sports Recap 11:112/72016
[ ]Super Bowl;National News;National Football League (NFL)Super Bowl Preview: Patriots Sporting the Upper Hand 12:12/12017
[ ]National Football League (NFL)Super Bowl 51 A Dramatic Finish While Silencing Doubters 11:32/82017
[ ]Wilson, Keenan;Football;[Photo]Athlete Spotlight: Keenan Wilson, Junior Football Player 12:12/152017
[ ]Super Bowl;National Football League (NFL)The Three Best and the Three Worst Super Bowl Ads of 2017 10:12/152017
[ ]Football;Skordilis, NicholasTales from the Bench: Football Player Nick Skordilis 11:44/122017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/62017
[ ]Acquista, Adam;Football;Killilea, EvanAthlete Spotlight: Football Kicker Adam Acquista 11:49/132017
[ ]Homecoming;Football;Kennedy, Jake;Crowe, Terrance;Sarley, Shawn;Kayser, Samuel;Fallon, Ryan;Clark, Taylor;Ford, Michael;Seay, Johnathon;[Photos]Tigers Blank Yeomen in Homecoming Football Game 1:19/202017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;Soccer - Men;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:49/272017
[ ]National Football League (NFL);Kolinic, JesseIt’s A Fantasy Football Frenzy 9:49/272017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:410/42017
[ ]National Football League (NFL);National News;OpinionNFL Players Utilize Fame to Make a Statement 9:110/42017
[ ]Football;[Photo];Wilson, Keenan;Daniels, Brandon;Sarley, DeShawn;Tiffner, Jeff;Kennedy, Jake;Duncan, Liam;Mastin, Jay;Paul, Joshua;Kendall, Nicholas;Ferko, Chandler;Ferko, ChandlerWittenberg Football Holds Off Denison 12:110/42017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;Soccer - Men;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:410/112017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;Soccer - Men;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:411/12017
[ ][Photos];Fincham, Joe;Football;Jenkins, ZackaryFootball Head Coach Joe Fincham Seeks 200th Career Win 1:111/12017
[ ]Football;Ferko, ChandlerWittenberg Football Extends Winning Streak After Defeating Rivals Wabash Online only11/12017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:411/82017
[ ]Football;Fincham, Joe;Sarley, DeShawn;Kennedy, Jake;Tiffner, Jeff;Bailey, Bryce;Duncan, Liam;Seay, Johnathon;Crowe, Terrance;Ferko, Chandle;Soccer - WomenOn Deck: Football, Women’s Volleyball, and Women’s Soccer Previews 11:411/82017
[ ]Football;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:411/152017
[ ]Opinion;National Football League (NFL);National Hockey League (NHL);Major League Baseball (MLB)Fighting in Major League Sports Okay If Rules Become More Concrete 10:111/152017
[ ]Opinion;National Football League (NFL)Fighting in the NFL Must be Stopped 10:211/152017
[ ]Football;Fincham, Joe;Clark, Taylor;Cook, Quinn;Tate, Andrew;Sarley, Deshawn;Kendall, Nicholas;Washington, Jaheem;Kennedy, Jake;Snodgrass, Thaddeus;Duncan, Liam;Ellis, Trey;Kayser, Jack;Seay, Jonathan;Asiffo, Jeremy;Tiffner, Jeff;[Photo]Football Claws Down Wooster on Senior Day 11:311/152017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;OpinionOn Deck: Football and Women’s Volleyball Preview (Sports Opinion) Online Only11/152017
[ ][Photos];Football;Fincham, Joe;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Johnston, Tyler;Tennis - Women;Gallup, Sarah;Ravidran, Harunya;Soccer - Men;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);Field Hockey;Tickner, Zara;Goelz, Madeline;Visseren, Channa;Coler, Audrey;Wagner, Isabella;Volleyball - Women;Fisher, Madeleine;Cox, Aubrey;Wildemann, Karen;Cross Country;Rodeheffer, Charles;Gray, Alexis;Penney, Craig;Soccer - Women;Davis, Megan;Wright, Jordyn;Thacker, Emma;Krieg, Kaitlyn;Mason, MacKenzie;Golf;Hartley, Isaac;Taylor, Cooper;Hopkinson-Wood, Jane;Leotta, Michael2017 Fall Sports Review 6:112/62017
[ ]National Football League (NFL);SportsCollege Rivalries: It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses 11:112/62017
[ ]National Football League (NFL);OpinionBrowns Need to Capitalize on NFL Draft Following Administration Changes 10:11/312018