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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Firestine HallFirestine to be converted8:24/101974
[ ]Firestine HallFirestine plans casino night4:11/201977
[ ]Firestine HallParticipates in basketball marathon. Pledges collected for needy children in Springfield area5:74/281978
[ ]Residence Halls; Keller Hall; Firestine HallKeller and Firestine to close1:34/171992
[ ]Residence Halls; Keller Hall; Firestine HallFate of Keller and Firestine undetermined by Physical Plant1:510/91992
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallFormer Firestine Hall residents remember old abode as a place of enjoyment and good times2:22/121993
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallFirestine Hall demolition planned1:311/161993
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallSummer renovations modernize Firestine2:49/271994
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallNot all Firestine residents satisfied after renovations5:410/111994
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallSearch fails to recover stolen property in Firestine2:12/241998
[ ]WUSO; Buildings; Firestine HallWUSO move to Firestine in progress1:24/71998
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallCard system woes plague Firestine2:12/231999
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine HallFirestine girls learn importance of respect1:29/232004
[ ]Residence Halls; Firestine Hall; BasketballFirestine Hall kicks off March Madness11:33/242005
[ ]Firestine HallToo many propped doors6:44/82005
[ ]Firestine HallElevator shutdown 6:19/282006
[ ]Firestine HallThe Hottest _____ on Campus: "D" for Dorm 12:12/152007
[ ]Buildings; Residence Halls; Firestine Hall; Shoemaker, Katie; McGee, Mike; Preston, Mark; Lewis, EmilyRAs push for easier entry into Firestine3:112/62007
[ ]Residence Halls; Tower Hall; Ferncliff Hall; New Residence Hall (2006); Woodlawn Hall; Polis House; Firestine HallResidence halls in for big changes for 08-09 school year 6:14/32008
[ ]Buildings; Firestine Hall; Pranks; Security OfficeSmall explosive detonates in Firestine Hall1:42/52009
[ ]Buildings; Carnes, Dana; DeVilbiss, Mark; Firestine Hall; Kelly, Sarah; Physical PlantFlood in Firestine Causes Headaches for Students and Administration Alike 1L14/182012
[ ]Firestine Hall; Isaacson, Sven; Paulsen, John; [Photo]; Physical Plant; WUSOWUSO's Plan for Rebirth 1:11/302013
[ ]WUSO;Jajack, Andrew;Firestine HallWUSO Returns To “89.1 FM The Berg”¯ 3:19/182013