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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Field House; Homecoming; FootballGrads stage annual invasion to witness traditional tilt: Faculty and students complete plans to entertain visitors Saturday; New field house will be featured in activities1:111/71929
[ ]Field House; Choir; BasketballGymansium Opens Feb. 14,15; Choir Sings; Team Plays1:71/161930
[ ]Field House; Choir; Basketball; Telephone ServicePlans completed for Gymnasium's Opening Program1:11/231930
[ ]Convocations; Field House; Brockman, Dr. Fletcher S.; Harmon, Francis S.Students gather in gymnasium for first convocation: Noted speakers address practically whole student body1:44/101930
[ ]Gifts; Field House; Hovdesven, E. ArneOrgan dedication will be next week: Prof. E. A. Hovdesven Initiates Gift to Wittenberg4:31/91942
[ ]Fieldhouse, Karl5 witt seniors appointed 67-68 Woodrow Wilson fellows (por)5:14/71967
[ ]Field HouseSeating limited due to construction5:31/221982
[ ]Field HouseWinter opening (pic)6:39/241982
[ ]Dietrich House; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg students help Peace Center6:111/21999
[ ]Un Mundo Cafe;Coffeehouses;Food;SpringfieldHidden Gem Un Mundo Cafe 5:19/212016