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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Field HockeyStickers led by four seniors5:39/231977
[ ]Field HockeyTeam triumphs over Kenyon5:39/301977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers 2-25:310/141977
[ ]Field HockeyDillahund lauds tiger Stickers7:810/211977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers up to 5-4-25:610/281977
[ ]Field HockeyStickers finish 3rd in state!5:611/41977
[ ]Field HockeyInformation and schedule announced5:39/221978
[ ]Field HockeyFirst game, scoreless tie with Kenyon. Reserve action with Kenyon, Witt lost 2-15:39/291978
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg ties game 2-2 with University of Dayton5:510/61978
[ ]Field HockeyTigerettes beat Miami, split doubleheader with Otterbein, will play in upcoming Ohio Valley League Tournament5:110/131978
[ ]Field HockeyRecord 4-3-2, announces upcoming schedule5:110/201978
[ ]Field HockeyRecord now 5-4-3, game information cited (pic)7:710/271978
[ ]Field HockeyLost to OSU5:711/31978
[ ]Field HockeyPrepaing for the season5:59/221979
[ ]Field HockeyDefeated Kenyon 2-1 (pic)5:59/291979
[ ]Field HockeyLost to Northwestern 5-1 and Univ. of Dayton 6-15:310/51979
[ ]Field HockeyLost to Ohio State 10-0 and beat Marietta 5-1 and Cedarville 7-15:510/191979
[ ]Field HockeyDefeat Muskingum 5-1 but lost of Bowling Green, Toledo and Wooster5:510/261979
[ ]Field HockeyAre seeded fourth in upcoming state tournament7:111/21979
[ ]Field HockeyFinish fourth in the state7:111/91979
[ ]Field Hockeywitt is regaining some valuable players4:69/131980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt loses to Kenyon5:69/261980
[ ]Field HockeyWill beats Ohio State; Lois Ramondo makes winning score5:410/31980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt loses to Dayton and Miami5:110/101980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt defeats Cedarville & Wooster, loses to Ohio University5:510/171980
[ ]Field HockeyVicki Tower leads Witt filed hockey to victory7:210/241980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt defeated by Toledo and Kent State; beats Ohio Wesleyan and Muskingum7:110/241980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt is defeated in muddy game with Denison5:310/311980
[ ]Field HockeyWitt places fourth in state tournament5:211/71980
[ ]Field HockeyTeam defeated by Kenyon by score of 3-1 (pic)5:39/251981
[ ]Field HockeyWomen lose to Dayton, Ohio State; win over Marietta5:610/21981
[ ]Field HockeyTeam evens record at 2-2 with defeats over Cedarville and Youngstown State5:610/161981
[ ]Field HockeyTeam records a loss to Toledo University, win over Muskingum and a tie with West Virginia Wesleyan5:310/231981
[ ]Field HockeyWitt beats Ohio Wesleyan, 2-0, but lost to Denison, 2-0. A seed in the state tourney was earned5:510/301981
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey goes 1-1 (pic)7:39/241982
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey6:110/81982
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey7:410/151982
[ ]Field HockeyArena Marks year successful6:111/121982
[ ]Field HockeyLady Tigers undefeated4:39/231983
[ ]Field HockeyLady Tigers victorious6:19/301983
[ ]Field HockeyArena's Attackers Know no loss (pic)8:210/161983
[ ]Field HockeyA mix of three makes win7:110/211983
[ ]Field HockeyShaffer takes lead6:310/211983
[ ]Field Hockey#1 in the State4:111/31983
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Finals (pic)6:311/111983
[ ]Field HockeyYoung team seeks challenge10:19/211984
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey undefeated (pic)12:49/281984
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey's Record spotless (pic)8:110/51984
[ ]Field HockeySkaff and Mitchell enjoying leadership8:410/51984
[ ]Field HockeyTigers hang tough agains division I St. Louis (pic)9:110/191984
[ ]Field HockeyBright future ahead for JV team9:110/261984
[ ]Field HockeyHockey suffers string of unexpected losses (pic)8:110/261984
[ ]Field HockeyStickers go to state6:410/281984
[ ]Field HockeyHockey concludes successful 9-5-3 season (pic)9:111/21984
[ ]Field HockeyHockey losing talent and leadership with graduating seniors9:111/21984
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team ranked third8:110/241986
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team hit by 'jar wars'1:110/311986
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team invited to Bermuda Tourney11:11/301987
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey finishes third in state tournament7:111/61987
[ ]Field HockeyGood start to hockey season9/231988
[ ]Field HockeyGood Start to Hockey Season8:19/231988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Improves Record To 7-19:19/301988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey team revived10/71988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Team Revived9:310/71988
[ ]Field HockeySchwartz leads attack10/141988
[ ]Field HockeySchwartz Leads Attack9:410/141988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey 11-5-110/211988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey 11-5-19:310/211988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey marks tenth shut-out10/281988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Marks Tenth Shut-Out9:110/281988
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey13:49/221989
[ ]Field HockeySports Spotlight: Theresa Brant13:49/221989
[ ]Field HockeyTheresa Brant13:49/221989
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey team shuts out Depauw University 2-09/291989
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's Field Hockey Team Shuts Out DePauw University, 2-013:59/291989
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team defeats hope, Depauw in MIchigan tournament10/271989
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Team Defeats Hope, DePauw in Michigan Tournament13:110/271989
[ ]Field HockeyWitt women fall to Wooster11/31989
[ ]Field HockeyStickers second at State Tourney11/101989
[ ]Field HockeyStickers Second At State Tourney12:211/101989
[ ]Field HockeyHockey Season Heats Uppg. 11, co9/281990
[ ]Field HockeyDouble-Header Split Keeps Field Hockey Team Evenpg. 13, co10/51990
[ ]Field HockeyStickers Tie In Tourneypg. 12, co10/261990
[ ]Field HockeyCoach Arena hoping to build up field hockey team's offense10:49/271991
[ ]Field hockeyField hockey improves record10:310/41991
[ ]Field HockeyHockey team falls to Wooster in overtime but remains optimistic13:410/111991
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey conquers Earlham11:110/181991
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey defeats Roanoke and anticipates state tournament8:111/11991
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey team finishes season11:411/81991
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey plays hard8:110/91992
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey falls to Astro Turf in non-conference play6:310/231992
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey finishes fourth in 'very competitive' NCAC7:511/131992
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey continues winning record11:19/271994
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey continues its winning ways10:310/111994
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg Field Hockey team defeats Dennison, falls to Lynchburg in 2 OT8:110/181994
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey moves to 14-411:410/251994
[ ]Field HockeyWomen's field hockey finishes season in elite national tournament10:111/81994
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey team off to best start in Wittenberg history10:4-59/261995
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey enjoys second 'dream season'11:510/311995
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey posts impressive 4-1 record12:1-29/171996
[ ]Field HockeyTigers post impressive 10-3 record after defeating OWU 3-212:1-410/151996
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg field hockey clinches first North Coast Athletic Conference championship13:1-511/51996
[ ]Field HockeyWitt field hockey dominates with defense13:19/231997
[ ]Field HockeyWitt prevails in OT win over Denison despite allowing first goal of season13:19/301997
[ ]Field HockeyWU falls in field hockey tourney10:411/111997
[ ]Field Hockey; VolleyballVolleyball looks to rally; field hockey dominates11:39/221998
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey wins two over weekend, posts 8-3 record11:110/61998
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg victory pushes Big Red out of top spot in region11:210/131998
[ ]Field HockeySports Shorts11:210/271998
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey breaks school scoring record; hopes for NCAA national tournament bid12:311/31998
[ ]Field HockeyTwo Wittenberg field hockey seniors named NFHCA All-America12:412/81998
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey learns from loss to Indiana12:19/281999
[ ]Field HockeyField hockey defeated by Wooster12:110/51999
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey makes the most of the fall break's opportunities12:110/261999
[ ]Field Hockey; Caravaggio, Grace; Athletic DepartmentCaravaggio brings new life to women's field hockey11:411/91999
[ ]Field Hockey; Beshara, Marianna; Athletic DepartmentBeshara hopes to continue winning tradition12:11/282000
[ ]Donaldson, Casey; Field Hockey; Volleyball; Alcohol PolicyFall Season off and rolling16:49/122000
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey on roll : Tigers are 6-0, 3-0 in NCAC play15:19/192000
[ ]Field HockeyMissed opportunity; Field Hockey loses to bad weather agains Wesleyan16:110/102000
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey team continues its winning ways into new season13:110/162001
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey ends regular season on a roll15:110/302001
[ ]Field HockeyWitt Field Hockey Now 4-012:19/102002
[ ]Duh, Emily; Field HockeyTiger of the Week: Duh's Scoring Improves Tigers to 6-013:39/172002
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Team is Still Undefeated, 11-012:310/82002
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Wins Inagural NCAC Tournament Championship, 6-2 Over Wooster12:111/122002
[ ]Field HockeyField Hockey Season Ends, Loses to Williams College 3-0 In First Round of NCAA Tournament13:411/192002
[ ]Sports; Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; VolleyballFall Sports All-NCAC Selections12:111/262002
[ ]Volleyball; Field HockeyWitt teams to host conference championships12:111/62003
[ ]Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Swimming and Diving - Men; Swimming and Diving - Women; VolleyballWittenberg Athletics: Week in Review13:311/62003
[ ]Field HockeyWittenberg field hockey wins conference tournament12:111/132003
[ ]Field hockeyField hockey coach Kiki Chesterton resigns. Second coach in last year to resign; search for replacement underway10:11/272005
[ ]Field HockeyKuser named new field hockey coach10:53/32005
[ ]Field HockeyNew coach means new outlook for field hockey10:19/152005
[ ]Field HockeyLong weekend pays off for field hockey team 10:19/282006
[ ]Football; Soccer; Field HockeyWittenberg Whups Wooster 58-710:110/42007
[ ]Homecoming; Sports; Soccer - Women; Soccer - Men; Football; Field Hockey; VolleyballWhose house? Our house: Tiger teams unstoppable on Homecoming weekend10:310/252007
[ ]Cross Country; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey; VolleyballWittenberg teams have hard road to travel as they extend their season toward NCAA Championships10:111/12007
[ ]Bell, Emily; Casanta, Tori; Faculty and Staff; Fender, Laura; Field Hockey; Kheres, Jan; Labrador, Paco; O'Rourke, Meghan; Penrod, Lindsay; Price, Meredith; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Vernon, Boo; Volleyball; Williams, JackieFall sports finish season at the top of NCAC: Women's soccer and volleyball win championships and continue to NCAA tournament10:111/82007
[ ]Field Hockey; Volleyball; Bell, Emily; Vernon, Boo; Casanta, Tori; Faculty and Staff; Labrador, Paco; Kuser, DianaWittenberg teams at the top of NCAC10:112/62007
[ ]Sports; Volleyball; Williams, Jackie; Bell, Emily; Soccer - Women; O'Rourke, Meghan; Medwid, Suzanne; Farrell, Amanda; Soccer - Men; Borland, Matt; Field Hockey; Vernon, BooFall Sports Make Wittenberg Proud10:11/312008
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey; Golf; Tennis - MenWeekend highlights 11:49/182008
[ ]Sports; Football; Volleyball; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field HockeyTigers' Weekend Wrap Up 11:110/92008
[ ]Sports; Football; Volleyball; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field HockeyTigers' Weekend Highlights10:110/302008
[ ]Cross Country; Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; VolleyballTigers' Weekend HighlightsNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 11:111/62008
[ ]Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Volleyball - WomenTigers' weekend highlights11:111/132008
[ ]Sports; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey;Fall sports cumulative season wrap-up 10:111/202008
[ ]Sports; Seniors; Field Hockey; Marshall, Whitney; Sports; Seniors; Soccer - Women; Medid, Suzanne; Banas, Chris; Bates, Andy; Eggers, Kelly; McNeese, Robby; Reed, Ally; Seniors; Sports; Swimming and Diving; Sports; Seniors; Golf; Buchan, Dan; Summe, Chad;Wittenberg's oustanding senior athletes14:45/72009
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyField Hockey: Looking to improve11:19/102009
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyFH team making strides10:410/152009
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyField hockey: Taking matters into their own hands 2:32/182010
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyNew field hockey coach leads team to victory10:0110/132010
[ ]Sports;Field HockeyField Hockey Defeats OWU 2-0 11:19/202011
[ ]Sports; Field HockeyField Hockey Takes Down Oberlin 10:110/122011
[ ]Sports;Field Hockey;Hubbell, Kelley;Warning, Beth;Morrissey, KellenField Hockey Looks to Get Back to Their Winning Ways 8:19/52012
[ ]Sports;Field Hockey;Morrissey, KellenField Hockey Falls to Wooster7:19/122012
[ ]Sports;Field Hockey;Tough Loss for Field Hockey8:19/192012
[ ]Sports;Field HockeyField Hockey Splits Pair of Matches 7:49/262012
[ ]Sports;Field HockeyField Hockey Falls to Denison 7:410/32012
[ ]Sports;Field HockeyStruggles Continue for Field Hockey 7:110/102012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Sports;Field HockeyField Hockey Back in Win Column 10/312012
[ ]Sports;Field Hockey;Skrobot, Mallory;[Photo]The Lone Ranger: Senior Mallory Skrobot Starts Strong8:19/112013
[ ]Sports;Field Hockey;Loofbourrow, MeganField Hockey Beats Their Rival Wooster 7:19/182013
[ ]Fry, Casey;Sports;Field Hockey;Loofbourrow, Megan;Loofbourrow, Kim;Vanerstrom, PaigeField Hockey Splits Conference Games to Start Season 7:19/252013
[ ]Sports;Field Hockey;Field Hockey Ends Successful Season7:111/62013
[ ]Field Hockey;Warning, BethOff the Field Feature–Beth Warning 8:110/82014
[ ]Football;Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Volleyball;Field Hockey;[Photos]Weekly Tiger Wrap Up – Tom Dwyer 7:110/152014
[ ]Field Hockey;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Awards;Academics;[Photo]Women’s Field Hockey Team Celebrates Academic Success 7:14/12015
[ ]International Students;Field Hockey - Women;Fulbright Scholars;[Photo]Dutch Students Join Women’s Field Hockey 11:19/162015
[ ]Field Hockey;Cooler, Audrey;Soccer - Men;Football;Jenkins, Zackary;Volleyball - Women;Farmer, Kendall;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Osman, Jonathan;Hord, ErinSports Wrap-Up 12:19/302015
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Field Hockey;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Golf - Women;[Photos]Sports Wrap 11:110/72015
[ ]Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;FootballTiger Sports Wrap 12:210/142015
[ ]Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Football;Field Hockey;[Photos]Tiger Playbacks 11/4 12:311/42015
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Field Hockey;Volleyball - WomenBox Scores 12:19/72016
[ ]Field Hockey;Hubbell, Kelley;Donnelly, Blaine;Trexler, Riley;[Photo]Field Hockey Takes Control 11:39/72016
[ ]Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/142016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/212016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/282016
[ ]Field Hockey;The Netherlands;International Students;[Photo];Van Den Berg, JosefienHere in The States 5:49/282016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:410/52016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:410/122016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:411/22016
[ ]Football;Soccer - Women;Volleyball - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:211/92016
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Men;Soccer - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/62017
[ ]Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/132017
[ ]Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:49/202017
[ ][Photo];Field Hockey;Coler, Audrey;Trexler, Riley;Visseren, Channa;Donnelly, Blaine;Carrow, Veronia;Niswonger, MeganField Hockey Shuts Out Wooster and Oberlin in One Sweep 11:19/202017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;Soccer - Men;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:49/272017
[ ][Photo];Field Hockey;Coler, AudreyDenison Bests Witt Field Hockey 3-2 11:19/272017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Women;Soccer - Men;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:410/42017
[ ]Field Hockey;Coler, Audrey;Donnelly, Blaine;Trexler, Riley;Niswonger, Megan;Visseren, Channa;Brown, KatherineField Hockey Cruise Past Sewanee Tigers 10:510/42017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;Soccer - Men;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:410/112017
[ ]Field Hockey;Visseren, Channa;Donnelly, Blaine;Goelz, Madeline;Coler, Audrey;Hubbell, Kelley;Niswonger, Megan;Purvis, Alyssa;Reed, AlexField Hockey Takes Eighth Win of the Season 10:110/112017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Field Hockey;Soccer - Men;Soccer - WomenBox Scores 12:411/12017
[ ][Photo];Field Hockey;Visseren, Channa;Wagner, Isabella;Coler, Audrey;Trexler, Riley;Van der Plas, Verlee;Donnelly, Blaine;Hubbell, Kelley;Niswonger, Megan;Purvis, AlyssaField Hockey Season Round-Up 11:211/12017
[ ]Coler, Audrey;[Photo];Field Hockey;Hubbell, Kelley;Trexler, RileySenior Spotlight: Field Hockey Star, Audrey Coler 11:111/12017
[ ]Football;Volleyball - Women;Soccer - Women;Field HockeyBox Scores 12:411/82017
[ ][Photos];Football;Fincham, Joe;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Johnston, Tyler;Tennis - Women;Gallup, Sarah;Ravidran, Harunya;Soccer - Men;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);Field Hockey;Tickner, Zara;Goelz, Madeline;Visseren, Channa;Coler, Audrey;Wagner, Isabella;Volleyball - Women;Fisher, Madeleine;Cox, Aubrey;Wildemann, Karen;Cross Country;Rodeheffer, Charles;Gray, Alexis;Penney, Craig;Soccer - Women;Davis, Megan;Wright, Jordyn;Thacker, Emma;Krieg, Kaitlyn;Mason, MacKenzie;Golf;Hartley, Isaac;Taylor, Cooper;Hopkinson-Wood, Jane;Leotta, Michael2017 Fall Sports Review 6:112/62017