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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesEligibility rules for students are adopted. Scholarship to determine right of students to engage in any college activities1;35/271915
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesFaculty Defines Major Activities1:25/11924
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesActivities will balance activities with student grades. A report by Prof. O. Myking Mehus2:51/121928
[ ]Extra-Curricular ActivitiesDean hopes to limit activities. Concentration of offices in the hands of a few lowers the efficiency of the office and of the group as a whole4:15/101928
[ ]POWER;The Green Club;Collins, Jason;Extra-Curricular ActivitiesGreen Club Revamps its Look With New Executive Board 6:310/42017