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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyCondition of the fund and the manner in which it is used117:22/11876
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyPresentation of a loving cup to Dr. B. F. prince110/201910
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsior "Tragedy" Brief synopsis of 22nd burial of the society in debate.358:1-33/261913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyELS becomes an assembly61:1-211/201913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyBrief history169:2-33/241915
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyReception given to new men by oldest literary organization. 71st annual opening1:110/51916
[ ]Excelsior Literary Society Hall; Recitation HallExcell Hall to Be Classroom; Literary Society Loses Meeting Placve of 37 Years [History of society given]1:52/141924
[ ]Literary League;Philosophian Literary Society;Excelsior Literary SocietyInter-Society Debate Scheduled For April 41:33/201924
[ ]Literary Societies; Excelsior Literary Society; Philosophian Literary SocietyThe Literary Societies [First time in history of Witt that this literary society did not function]2:110/231924
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsiors and Philosophians gone but not forgotten5:410/311958