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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]ExaminationsExaminations to be part oral, part written141:24/11878
[ ]ExaminationsThat exams are to be a teast of students' attainments is open to objections59:1-21/11893
[ ]ExaminationsHalf day for each branch is allowed for examinations231:24/231897
[ ]ExaminationsNew rules for exams passed by faculty1710/21901
[ ]ExaminationsOhio University drops finals2:42/81917
[ ]ExaminationsTwo rules made by faculty in regard to carrying textbooks, notebooks, etc. into final exams3:24/131922
[ ]ExaminationsNew Plan of Examinations Approved by Faculty; Instructors Must Now Give Grades Every Six Weeks. Special Test Fee Goes to Library Fund1:13/61924
[ ]ExaminationsSteps taken toward abolishing examinations4:2-34/101924
[ ]ExaminationsAbolition of final exams has been agitated2:12/21928
[ ]College Life;ExaminationsAre You Prepared?2:210/111928
[ ]ExaminationsExamination Schedule4:11/131933
[ ]Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)Add analytical skill area6:64/211977
[ ]Examinations; Academics; HealthThe college student's guide to surviving finals8:112/112008