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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Escort ServiceJoanne Martin, head of the service, comments on1:311/91979
[ ]Escort Service; Student Government Association (SGA)Escort service more efficient now6:19/261980
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort Service is not as efficient as it should be due to dishonesty of escorts and disinterest of women1:15/81981
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort Service undergoes changes6:11/161987
[ ]Escort ServiceEscorts promoting safety11:34/291988
[ ]Escort ServiceEscorts Promoting Safety11:34/291988
[ ]Escort ServiceSome Students Say Escort Service Slow1:311/31989
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort ranks expanded to curb delays2/21990
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort Ranks Expanded To Curb Delays1:12/21990
[ ]Escort ServiceWitt's Escort Service Continues To Prosper With Improvements2:14/61990
[ ]Escort ServiceEscort Services provide rides for all after dark3:45/171994
[ ]Escort ServiceCampus escort offers safety for those in need of transportation5:49/271994
[ ]Escort Service; AccidentsCampus accident causes widespread power outage13:49/122000