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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]National Entertainment ConferenceTo meet at Wittenberg on October 24 and 2512:110/231971
[ ]EntertainmentShakespeare company here (pic)6:74/181974
[ ]EntertainmentSpring climax pleases crowd (pic)6:55/301974
[ ]Arts and EntertainmentBehind the brush; A glipse into an artist's life12:1-510/291996
[ ]EntertainmentEmmy awards show a hoot 4:19/72006
[ ]EntertainmentWittenberg to feature blues and jazz musicians 11:19/72006
[ ]EntertainmentCartoons of yester year: old favorites released on DVD 8:49/142006
[ ]EntertainmentCelebrity death match: Trump vs. O'Donnell 6:42/12007
[ ]EntertainmentSmith dies...Now what?6:42/12007
[ ]EntertainmentThe "Grey's Anatomy" epidemic6:12/12007
[ ]Deaths; Ledger, Heath; EntertainmentHeather Ledger: Only the good die young6:11/312008
[ ]Opinion; EntertainmentThe Torch's take: The not so fabulous life of Hollywood's most talented young stars9:12/142008
[ ]Fashion; Entertainment; TelevisionDesigners flock to NY Fashion Week '087:12/212008
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews; Television; Entertainment80th Oscars celebrate return of Hollywood glamour; "No Country" wins four including best picture5:12/282008
[ ]Motion Pictures; EntertainmentSpring Movie Preview '08 7:33/132008
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews; Entertainment; Music; TelevisionThe it list 2008: The hottest things in entertinament this spring and summer6-74/102008
[ ]Choiniere, Drew; Motion pictures; Entertainment; Music; Television; OlympicsWhat I learned on my summer vacation: 5:19/112008
[ ]Motion Pictures; EntertainmentOpening in theaters this weekend7:49/182008
[ ]Awards; Music; Television; Entertainment; ReviewsSpears wins 3 as VMAs turn 25 5:19/182008
[ ]Motion Pictures; Entertainment; Politics"Swing State"1:410/302008
[ ]Motion Pictures; EntertainmentOpening this weekend6:210/302008
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews; Television; Entertainment; Choiniere, DrewDrew's Oscar Predix '097:42/192009
[ ]Television; Entertainment; ReviewsFifteen years later, still hanging our with six high schoolers13:13/52009
[ ]Campus Life; Opinion; EntertainmentThe Torch's take...Is art controversial only when it's bad?4:19/172009
[ ]Entertainment; EthicsKI: Authentic or offensive?3:110/152009
[ ]Television; Technology; EntertainmentBad parenting: Good TV?4:111/52009
[ ]Pocket Lint; EntertainmentPocket Lint brings laughs8:019/82010
[ ]Entertainment; HumorSix word memoirs10:029/82010
[ ]Reviews; Entertainment; Television"Join the Club! ""Glee"" returns"8:019/292010
[ ]"Editorials; Entertainment; Panstingel, Joe""Oh no Don Ho' *, there is a palindrome in my swimming hole"9:019/292010
[ ]Internet; EntertainmentBustin' manly moves6:019/292010
[ ]Reviews; Entertainment"""Halo: Reach,"" a promising fourth installment"4:0110/62010
[ ]Editorials; EntertainmentCake: no longer a delicious desert9:0110/132010
[ ]Editorials; Entertainment; Faculty and Staff; MusicFaculty band rocks Founders8:0210/132010
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Entertainment; HomecomingWittenberg celebrates Homecoming with alumni1:0210/132010
[ ]Entertainment; HalloweenGhost Stories5:0110/272010
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station; Music; EntertainmentWUSO takes on New York City1:0110/272010
[ ]Political Science Department; Politics; Entertainment"Rally to restore sanity and fear attracts Wittenberg- and 215,000 others"3:0211/32010
[ ]"Communication Department; Entertainment; Faculty and Staff; Smith, Matthew"Students invited to study popular culture at San Diego's Comic-Con International5:0211/32010
[ ]"Vendeville, Cara; Motion Pictures; Entertainment"This I believe: the Oompa Loompas are the Most Fearsome Creatures in Fictional History8:0111/32010
[ ]Motion Pictures; Harry Potter; EntertainmentDeathly Hollows hits the hollow4:0211/172010
[ ]Music; Entertainment; HumorSex and Music are the same (to Your Brain) 5:011/262011
[ ]Entertainment; Television; ReviewsMTV's new show Skins showing a little too much skin 8:012/22011
[ ]Entertainment; Student Activities; Games RoomLet the games begin; Founder's kicks off Photohunt league 3:012/92011
[ ]Television; Sports; Football; EntertainmentSuper Bowl commercials not to miss 1:012/92011
[ ]Entertainment; Television; Music; ReviewsSuper Bowl entertainment disappointed 4:012/92011
[ ]Motion Pictures; Reviews; Television; EntertainmentAnd the Oscar goes to 8:012/232011
[ ]Music; Internet; Technology; Entertainment"""We so excited"" about Rebecca Black" Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 8:014/52011
[ ]Internet; Technology; EntertainmentWebsites that specialize in procrastination Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 9:014/52011
[ ]Editorials; Entertainment; Letters; Little Sibs Weekend; Nibert, David; Union BoardDear Editors 8:014/192011
[ ]Entertainment;ActivitiesAutumn Activities 6:19/132011
[ ]Entertainment;TelevisionGet With the Programs 5:19/132011
[ ]Theatre; EntertainmentAs They Like It: Seeing Shakespeare in Stratford 2:19/202011
[ ]Entertainment;ActivitiesCorrections: Autumn Activities9/202011
[ ]Music; Reviews; EntertainmentDas Racist – Relax 4:19/282011
[ ]Concerts; Entertainment; Sexual AssaultExiting X-Fest: Harassment at a Rock Show 9:19/282011
[ ]Union Board; Campus Life; EntertainmentUnion Board Preview Fall 2011 5:39/282011
[ ]Travel;Finance;EntertainmentFun on Fall Break 3:310/122011
[ ]Thanksgiving;Food;EntertainmentThe Night Before Thanksgiving: A Festive Tale 6:111/222011
[ ]Music;Entertainment;Christmas;Reviews5 Other Holiday Classics 5:412/72011
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;EntertainmentOne Act Play Festival Brings Student-Directed Talent to Witt 7:112/72011
[ ]Hertzog, Brian;Internet;Technology;EntertainmentBrian Hertzog’s website Wittlight 5:21/252012
[ ]Recreation; Entertainment; AdviceWitt Tips: 2012 Bucket List 8:11/312012
[ ]Entertainment; Recreation; AdviceIf the World Ends: 2012 Bucket List8:12/12012
[ ]Technology; Internet; Entertainment; Social MediaFoursquare: “It’s Better With Balls”ť 10:42/82012
[ ]Entertainment; AdviceWittiquette: A Guide to Witt Etiquette 10:12/82012
[ ]Basketball - Men; Editorials; EntertainmentSlam-dunk may be a bit Overrated 2/152012
[ ]Study Abroad;Werner, Eric;Celebrities;Entertainment;BuildingsAn Eric in Paris: (Insert famous person) slept here 4:12/222012
[ ]Technology;Entertainment;Cellular TelephonesBirds of a Feather Kill Time Together 5:12/222012
[ ]Poetry;Arts and EntertainmentSidebar: Slam Poetry 4:53/282012
[ ]Campus Life; Entertainment; RecreationWater Wars – Battleships Come To Witt! 6:13/282012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; Reviews; EntertainmentThe Pirates of Penzance: Not Your Typical Pirates 8:14/182012
[ ]W-Day; Traditions; Campus Life; EntertainmentW-Day Brings Wittenberg Spirit To Campus 6:14/252012
[ ]Summer Jobs; Employment; Travel; Entertainment; Academics6 Word Memoirs: Summer Plans8:15/22012
[ ]Hildebrandt, Jordan; Seniors; Study Abroad; Academics; EntertainmentThe Unclothed Kiwi: Jordan Hildebrandt Up Close9:15/22012
[ ]Entertainment;TelevisionComing Soon to Netflix 5:19/242014
[ ]EntertainmentMTV, There Needs to Be A Change 10:19/62017
[ ]Netflix;Television;Entertainment7 New TV Shows to Watch this Fall 7:110/42017