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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Pure English ClubThe Pure English club still alive269:1-24/131897
[ ]Pure English ClubClub4:21/141899
[ ]Pure English Club; Shakespeare ClubClub organized3:21/281899
[ ]English DepartmentOccasional hours led by student lecturers promote new interests3:13/301916
[ ]English Department; Trebein, Bertha E.Assistant English Professor Is Selected - Will Begin WOrk Next September - New Courses to Be Offered in English Department1:52/151923
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish wit to clash with American logic1:211/111926
[ ]English ClubCouncil approved new organization (por)1:13/201952
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish proficiency policy to begin new1:13/101961
[ ]English ClubClub to be revitalized3:310/111963
[ ]English DepartmentWinners of general literary awards, the Creativity Award, the Media Award named1:15/241973
[ ]English DepartmentAwards4:35/161974
[ ]English DepartmentSymposium studies on Byran1:611/141974
[ ]English DepartmentLiterary awards contest sponsored6:511/211974
[ ]English DepartmentDept sponsors renaissance night4:310/301975
[ ]English DepartmentSponsors literary awards contest4:45/51977
[ ]English MajorsPanel presentation by recent Witt graduates1:510/61978
[ ]English DepartmentAcademic meetings scheduled for guest speakers, open to faculty, students, and friends4:310/131978
[ ]English DepartmentDept offers literary interest programs4:71/261979
[ ]English; Writer's Workshop; Writer's WorkshopDescription of tutor-workshop and its benefits1:53/61981
[ ]English Department; Ostrom, Dr. John W.New writing award offered in honor of professor Ostrum2:310/21981
[ ]English Department; ColloquiaMcEvoy looks through the glass4:25/131983
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish Deptartment proposes senior thesis honors8:11/301987
[ ]English DepartmentMiller Resigns Due To Conflict1:110/71988
[ ]English Department; ColloquiaColloquia10/141988
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Cobau To Chair English Department4:31/201989
[ ]English DepartmentBolls Publishes Second Book; `Earthbound' Contest Result6:410/201989
[ ]English DepartmentDedication Results In Release Of Publications5:45/41990
[ ]English MajorsDedication results in release of publications5/41990
[ ]English DepartmentBolls and Dixon Receive Artistic Awards4:35/181990
[ ]English MajorsBolls and Dixon receive Artistic Awards5/181990
[ ]English MajorsDixon speaks to writer's guild5/181990
[ ]English DepartmentAwknowledged Poet Linda Bierds Will Read Works Inpg. 6, col9/281990
[ ]English DepartmentBalliet Gives Inspriration At Coloquiumpg. 2, col11/21990
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Inboden Enjoys Teaching, Literature, Andpg. 5, col11/21990
[ ]English DepartmentGrotjohn brings poetic insights to English classespg. 6, col2/151991
[ ]English DepartmentPoet and essayist Gerald Stern reads from works atpg. 2, col2/151991
[ ]English DepartmentFan talks to aspiring journalists, claimspg. 1, col4/51991
[ ]English DepartmentDr. Grosh takes the fear out of learningpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]English DepartmentAwards unearnedpg. 1, col4/261991
[ ]Biology Department;English Department;Bolls, Dr. Nathan;Bolls, Imogene;Bolls's see their different disciplines as an asset4:14/261991
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish writing awards given on basis of merit,pg. 5, col5/31991
[ ]English Department; Music DepartmentFabers learned together and now teach togetherpg. 7, col5/31991
[ ]English Department; Music DepartmentOttens have found love in friendshippg. 6, col5/101991
[ ]English DepartmentKoppenhaver improving, enjoying visits to campuspg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]Speech / English DepartmentWittenberg students involved in Springfield Headstart program7:110/251991
[ ]English Department; English ClubNew English club examines wide range of ideas2:110/21992
[ ]English DepartmentSpeech-English major will be revitalized2:510/21992
[ ]English DepartmentStudent interest sparks founding of a writing minor1:42/51993
[ ]English DepartmentPublication slated for [Robert] Squillace5:31/251994
[ ]English DepartmentKent Dixon gives inmates chance to express themselves through creative writing program1:13/11994
[ ]English DepartmentVeler leads a brand new Wittenberg Today into the 21st century4:11/311995
[ ]English DepartmentDr J. A. Faber's heritage rooted in diverse cultures4:14/111995
[ ]English DepartmentRichards joins English faculty4:1-21/231996
[ ]English DepartmentEnglish Department hires two professors1:3-53/261996
[ ]English DepartmentFirst year is a success for new English witing concentration major3:1-311/121996
[ ]English DepartmentDixon considers Shakespeare in film3:43/251997
[ ]English DepartmentCreative Writing class pens its poetic opinions8:19/231997
[ ]English DepartmentJakes visits English class6:210/281997
[ ]English DepartmentStudents tackle questions of canon8:110/281997
[ ]English DepartmentThe Writer's Reading attracts a crowd8:311/111997
[ ]English DepartmentNeeake Neeake speaks of Native American plight3:43/241998
[ ]English DepartmentFive alumni writers come to Wittenberg2:511/31998
[ ]English DepartmentWriter's Reading provides creative outlet for students9:411/31998
[ ]English DepartmentWittenberg alumni return to share poetry and experience8:411/101998
[ ]English Department; Faculty; Jones, Dr. MaryJones tells exciting stories of travel in Middle East5:14/231999
[ ]Faculty; English DepartmentWittenberg first full-time position for April Lindner7:19/281999
[ ]English Department; Education Department; Buckman, Ty; Lawson, Lora; Wilkerson-Foster, CarmieleEnglish, education departments welcome new faces and ideas2:110/51999
[ ]English Department; Student UnionEnglish Department puts artistic side under lights at Wally's8:111/301999
[ ]English Department; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Student UnionPoets entertain in the CDR8:31/282000
[ ]Askeland, Dr. Lori; English DepartmentAskeland encourages students to "go with the flow, resist the current"9:12/292000
[ ]Bell, Marvin; English Department; Wittenberg SeriesMarvin Bell caps residency with reading1:12/292000
[ ]Mitchell, Fred; English DepartmentMitchell named Wittenberg fellow at English colloquium2:12/62001
[ ]English Department; RacismWitt Students Travel to Indiana to Learn about Slavery5:111/122002
[ ]College Life; English DepartmentFaculty and Students spend summer enjoying classic novels and new favorites as books of choice5:19/112003
[ ]English Department; JournalismHyperbole: Effective journalism technique? 5:12/232006
[ ]English Department; JournalismWittenberg opens new window of opportunity with Journalism minor 2:19/72006
[ ]Maddox, Christine; Religion; Academics; English MajorsClues to self found in "final narrative" 6:310/122006
[ ]Colloquia; Books; Faculty and Staff; English Department; McClelland, MichaelMystery's enviornmental message: Michael "Mac" McClelland presents his newest novel "Arribada Blues" at recent English Department colloquium1:110/42007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Birt, PattiBirt brightens many a day with smiles and staples: An inside look at the life of the beloved secretary of the Wittenberg English Department2:14/242008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Academics; English Department; Richards, CynthiaProfessor strives to keep classroom experience fresh4:14/242008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Dixon, KentProf. Dixon stays busy while on sabbatical 6:110/162008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; McClelland, Michael; BooksThe man behind the mustache: Prof. McClelland on sabbatical 5:510/162008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; English Department; Jones, Mary EllenWitt: Farewell to Jones1:310/152009
[ ]English Department; Salinger, J.D.; DeathsRead-A-Thon gives deceased Salinger a new voice1:13/42010
[ ]Employment; Motion Pictures; English Department"Last Truck" tells poignant tale of Ohio GM plant closure 2:14/152010
[ ]Journalism; English Department"Witt Students ""Speakeasy"" from Chi-Town"1:019/222010
[ ]English Department; PoetryWitt students pass the light of poetry3:0110/62010
[ ]"Books; English Department; Faculty and Staff; McClelland, Michael; Dixon, Mimi; Askeland, Lori; Fitz Smith, James"The List'3:0211/172010
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Advice; Women's Studies; English Department; Richards, Cynthia"Is this what it's like to have the curse? 9:013/222011
[ ]"Wittenberg Series; Gruen, Sarah; English Department; Colloquia"Best-selling author talks writing and elephants 1:014/122011
[ ]Writing Center; English Department; Wittenberg Poetry SocietyMatchbook Project aims to celebrate the poet in everyone 4:014/122011
[ ]English Department; Incorvati, Rick; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWittenberg Professor Awarded First Ever Progressive Hero Activist Award 1:11/252012
[ ]Dixon, Kent;English Department;Dixon, MimiSaying Goodbye to our “Dix”¯: Kent Dixon holds Colloquium to Precede His Upcoming Retirement 2:11/312012
[ ]Kelleher, Shannon;Biology;English;LiteratureThere’s Science in My English Homework 3:311/142012
[ ]Dixon, Mimi;Dixon, Kent;English DepartmentMimi Dixon Says Goodbye 1:411/282012
[ ]Swindler, Kelsey;[Photo];English Majors;Alumnae/Alumni;Employable English Major 1:13/52014
[ ]English Department;Conkle, Megan;Stout, Adrienne;McClelland, Michael;[Photos]Let Us Read 2:14/22014
[ ]English Department;Dixon, Kent;Dixon, Mimi;Richards, Cynthia;Spargo, R. CliftonNew Creative Writing Rotating Position Announced 2:14/162014
[ ]MacDonald, Katharine Polack;English DepartmentThe Lovely Lady of Literature2:15/72014
[ ]Faculty;Biology Department;Ison, Jennifer;English Department;Spargo, R. CliftonFresh Faces on Campus this Fall that aren’t Freshman 1:49/102014
[ ]English Department;Wittenberg Series;Oates, Joyce CarolWittenberg Series Lands Acclaimed Author 1:19/242014
[ ]Spargo, R. Clifton;English Department;Colloquia;[Photo]Clifton Spargo Resurrects the Fitzgeralds BY MADDIE LAW 1:110/152014
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;[Photos]Author Mindy McGinnis Shares Her Story 4:12/252015
[ ]English Department;Founders Pub;Literary Awards;Simon, Alina;Brown, Trevor;Hunt, Hannah;Cascino, Julie;[Photos]Pub Fest — Michaela Freeman 3:14/12015
[ ]Shakespeare, William;Stratford Shakespeare Festival;English Department;Theatre Department;[Photo]Wittenberg Takes to Stratford Ontario, Canada 8:19/232015
[ ]DeVantier, Katherine;English Department;Seniors;[Photo]Passing on the Senior Light-with Kate DeVantier 4:311/42015
[ ]English Department;Kent and Mimi Dixon Professorship;Poetry;Colloquia;[Photos]Astronauts, Ants and Bears . . . Oh my! Heather Christle’s Poetry Reading 7:31/272016
[ ]English Department;Battle, Sha'Dawn;Racial Issues;West, Kanye;[Photo]Professor Battle Talks Empathy, Disembodiment and the Subversive Potential of Kanye West 5:12/242016
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa;English Department;MacDonald, Ian;Racial Issues;SpeakersPhi Beta Kappa Endowed Speaker: Hazel Carby 1:33/22016
[ ]Richards, Cynthia;Stratford Shakespeare Festival;English Department;Theatre Department;Canada;[Photos]Wittenberg Students Take on Stratford, Canada 6:19/142016
[ ]Ireland;English Department;Colloquia;Poetry;[Photo]Eavan Boland: Witty, Charming and Inspiring 5:411/92016
[ ]McClelland, Mac;English Department;ColloquiaMac McClelland Offers Insight into His Novel, “The Magnitude of Her Fury” 3:12/12017
[ ]Quinones, Camila;[Photo];Senior Spotlight;English Department;Cinema StudiesSenior Spotlight: Camila Quińones Reflects on Her Busy Time at Wittenberg 8:12/12017
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;LiteratureEnglish Department Delights With Dystopian Literature 3:12/82017
[ ]English Department;Hobarty, Trevor;Dann, Anissa;Symons, Maria;Burchett, Chloe;Quinones, Camila;Colloquia;Hinson, Scot;Hamm, Jessica;MacDonald, Ian;MacDonald, Katharine Polack;Mattison, MichaelBooks and Beer: The Best Fest of the Year 4:14/52017
[ ]English Department;Sigma Tau Delta;Writing Center;Summers, MeaghanStrike a Match with Poetry 3:34/192017
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;Reynolds, Samantha;Eckenrode, Ashley;Schneider, CarlyEnglish Department Educates Future Publishers 5:110/112017
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;Battle, Sha'Dawn;Mattison, Michael;Polak, Katherine;Ryan, Jennifer;Bailey, JuliusBattle, Polak and Mattison Defend Their Selections on The List 4:111/152017
[ ]Fallon, D'Arcy;English Department;Askeland, Lori;Oldstone-Moore, Jennifer;Incorvati, RickTake a Ride on “The Yum Yum Bus” 5:12/72018
[ ]English Department;Gallion, Alexis;Ryan, Jennifer;Hinson, Scot;Stone, Jayne;Harper, Theresa;Howard, Nikki;Beechey, Morgan;Sharp, Alexander;Dann, Anissa;Murray, Daniel;Founders PubEnglish Department Hosts LIT-erary Pub Fest 4:14/42018