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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Endowment FundWittenberger hopes that friends will donate liberally toward support of Witt similar to what other colleges have received during the past year21:212/11873
[ ]Endowment Fund$18,000 secured toward an Alumni Professorship at witt132:24/11876
[ ]Endowment FundDr. Ort delivers address to raise funds74:21/11883
[ ]Endowment Fund$6,000 voted for replenishing Chem & Physics Dept126:1-24/11884
[ ]Endowment FundEast Ohio synod appoints committee to cooperate with Dr. Ort in raising $25,000 from this area4:211/111899
[ ]Endowment FundTidy sum left to Witt by quaint Kentucky gentleman49:210/161912
[ ]Endowment Fund$60,000 estate bequeathed to Board of Directors. Alexander Moore leaves legacy to aid poor students201:1-24/301914
[ ]Endowment FundCampaign exceeds expectations. Nearly 1/5 of total pledged in first 2 weeks1:2-310/221914
[ ]Endowment FundA campaign of progress; $250,000 must be raised110/281914
[ ]Endowment FundPres. reports subscriptions exceeding $70,0001:22/41915
[ ]Endowment FundDr Heckert returns for commencement1:45/241917
[ ]Endowment FundObservatory and ten-inch telescope have been received, astronomical bldg. to be erected. Progress in drive1:16/61917
[ ]Endowment Fund$1,500,000 appeal underway; Pres. Tulloss directing4:29/161920
[ ]Endowment FundOrganization perfected for $1,500,000 appeal1:310/71920
[ ]Endowment FundExperience related by one member of the "Appeal Glee Club"2:210/141920
[ ]Endowment FundThirty members of committee left Springfield on their "swing around the circle"1:610/141920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal committee returns home. Were enthusiastically received.1:510/211920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal dinner success; Pres. Rees E. Tulloss announces gifts a,pimtomg tp $115,0003:411/111920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal widely advertised; extensive organizations in the Busnel Annex, Shawnee Hotel & city YMCA1:311/111920
[ ]Endowment FundAppeal going "over the top" reports claim success1:4-511/181920
[ ]Endowment Fund; Rockefeller FoundationCollege seeks aid of Rockefeller Foundation1:1-211/241920
[ ]Endowment FundStudents celebrate as appeal goes over; rush movies, parade streets, burn lights1:311/241920
[ ]Endowment FundStudents subscribe $27,912 to appeal1:111/241920
[ ]Endowment FundStudents' view of Witt Appeal5:311/241920
[ ]Endowment FundWitt's appeal goes "over the top"1:511/241920
[ ]Endowment FundAbout one-half million reported from church and alumni2:212/91920
[ ]Endowment Fund$25,000 presented by prominent business man of Toledo, declines to make his name public.1:1-21/61921
[ ]Endowment FundCincinnati businessman enclosed $1,000 bond in Christmas letter to Witt1:11/61921
[ ]Endowment FundFund totals $1,665,000. First general summary report1:32/101921
[ ]Endowment FundWhat the greater Witt Appeal has accomplished; large gifts listed1:32/101921
[ ]Endowment Fund$345,000 of appeal pledges have been collected1:52/231922
[ ]Endowment Fund$325,000 Must Be Raised By First of May: Sum is Necessary to Meet Rockefeller Gift Conditions [$467,000 must be raised to receive $233,000 from Rockefeller foundation]1:610/301924
[ ]Rockefeller Foundation; Endowment FundRockefeller Gift to Arrive Within Week: Wittenberg to receive $233,333 as a result of successful drive1:410/81925
[ ]Rockefeller Foundation; Endowment FundRockefeller Foundation Presents Gift of $233,333 to Wittenberg: Promised Amount is Received as Result of Drive for Larger Endowment Fund Opened by College Five Years Ago1:510/151925
[ ]Endowment Fund$42,000 given by anonymous donors4:24/181969