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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Calendar changes proposed2:411/151968
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC examines institutional requirements5:11/301970
[ ]College Council (CC); Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Pass-fail option reviewed3:11/281971
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council passes buck, issues to EPC1:32/71974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC establishes a curriculum review committee1:52/141974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Open forum to focus on Witt curriculum1:13/31977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Change of institutionals to be recommended1:15/51977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC probes half course idea1:12/31978
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council approves addition and deletion of English courses recommended by EPC6:310/61978
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Curriculum changes tabled by administration1:39/231983
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Keeping in step at Witt14:110/161983
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Language changes6:411/31983
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC recommendations approved by faculty4:12/171984
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Course CreditEPC reviews current credit system1:34/151988
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC Committee at work on a new institutional model1:22/261993
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Commincation major ended by division1:14/281998
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Curriculum changes are long, complicated process3:111/241998
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Bachelor's of Science a possibility for next year; faculty discussion set1:410/121999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Faculty approves B.S. degree; Educational Policies Committee motion passes with 18 vote opposition1:311/301999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); FacultyFaculty to submit B.S. propositions1:412/71999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Communications major tabled; EPC to reevaluate1:12/222000
[ ]Biology Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Biology 100 revamped2:14/142000
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Faculty and Students: "It's So Much More Than Dance" 2:111/282012
[ ]Grandy, Trevor;Opinion;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Letter to the Editor: My Two Cents: One Goes to the Decision Makers6:111/282012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department ; Physical Education; PE Credit Contributes to Wholeness of Person 2:111/282012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Educational Policies Committee (EPC)In final forum, Computer Science Program called modern, necessary 12/72012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Isaacson, Sven;Hanson, Peter;Academics;Finances;EPC Releases Preliminary Recommendations for Academic Changes1:51/232013
[ ]Academics; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department; Hinson, ScotP Credit Eliminated from General Education Requirements 1:49/252013
[ ]Budget;East Asian Studies Department;Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);[Photos]Students Concerned About Potential Cuts 5:42/32016
[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Budget;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Theatre and Dance Department;Zembar, Mary Jo;Inboden, RobinEPC Program Reviews Stopped by Faculty Vote 1:42/102016
[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Budget;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Theatre and Dance Department;Zembar, Mary Jo;Inboden, RobinFaculty Votes to Stop Program Reviews 3:32/102016