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[ ]CoeducationFaculty's report to Board of Directors: recommended that ladies be admitted to full privileges of Witt79:16/11874
[ ]CoeducationFirst woman entered Witt as student Sept. 4, 1874510/11874
[ ]CoeducationGirls in college: a new thing5:210/11874
[ ]CoeducationAdmission of ladies to literary societies66:36/11877
[ ]CoeducationWitt grows in her appreciation of the lady students50:1-212/11878
[ ]CoeducationCo-education at Witt125:1-23/11881
[ ]Higher education; White, Andrew DicksonThe part universities are to play in the development of our country's future.113:12/11887
[ ]CoeducationLeading co-ed institutions are Cornell, Oberlin, Swarthmore, U. of Wisconsin and U. of Minnesota130:14/11889
[ ]CoeducationCo-education at Witt29:1-210/11889
[ ]Crabill, T.V.; Higher education"Higher education in America" - Essay delivered by T. V. Crabill at contest between Excelsior and Philosophian Societies147:25/11890
[ ]Physical Educationtime given to the mental and the physical side of the students' education38:212/11891
[ ]Physical EducationSensible advice in physical culture from "Men of Dayton"237:1-23/231897
[ ]Physical EducationWill girls be interested in physical ed. course?22:110/21897
[ ]Physical EducationThere is talk of organizing a gymnasium class for girls131:21/151898
[ ]Physical EducationGymnasium class to be organized for women155:21/301898
[ ]Adams, Dr. Charles Kendall; Higher educationAdvice to undergrads. How to make the most of a college course. President of University of Wisconsin speaks to the American student1:111/41899
[ ]Physical EducationPhysical culture among the colleges2:2-311/111899
[ ]Higher education; Religious educationThe college man, the typical man5010/201900
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute to be held in the Y.M.C.A. room1491/91901
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute1611/231901
[ ]Religious Education; Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)Bible Institute: Many inspiring addresses and much wholesome instruction1571/231901
[ ]Coeducation; Athletics for womenFifty athletic coeds training at YWCA gym1:111/151911
[ ]CoeducationCo-eds superior to sterner sex in scholarship1:1-24/31912
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceThird Lutheran educational conference to be held at Wittenberg12911/201912
[ ]Lutheran Educational Conference; Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceMeeting held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Education; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. T. B. Birch decries elements arrayted against schools. Says that liquor league and Jesuitic forces oppose schools401:34/61913
[ ]Association of College Teachers of EducationDr. Birch a member of new association. Was elected secretary of Society for school improvement1:41/281915
[ ]Association of Ohio College Teachers of EducationThis organization was formed at at meeting of the heads of the educational departments of the various Ohio colleges1:41/281915
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:1-43/111915
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceDr. Heckert and Dr. Tressler to attend 4th annual convention at Chicago3:31/131916
[ ]Education DepartmentProfessional training classes are organized. State requirements in observation & practice teaching are met2:43/111916
[ ]Educational ConferenceEducation Conference - Under Direction of CollegeProves Sucess (First Annual Conducted Under Auspices of Wittenberg)1:52/81923
[ ]Physical EducationNew Department is Authorized; Directors Establish Pshysical Education Department2:412/131923
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceOfficials Speak at Conference; Dr. Tuloss and Dr. Martin Attend Lutheran Educational Conference [New York City]1:51/101924
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceSecond Educational Conference Planned [Conducted for Benefit of Teachers Within Radius of 75 miles of Springfield]1:31/101924
[ ]Physical EducationPhysical Education is Made Compulsory: Old Field House at Zimmerman Field to Be Used as Gymnasium for Girls1:510/21924
[ ]McNutt, Franklin Holbrook; Faculty and Staff; Education DepartmentProf. F. H. McNutt of the Education Department is a Son of Wittenberg (pic)4:210/151925
[ ]Student Activism;College EducationStudent Awakening2:12/181926
[ ]CoeducationFirst co-ed at Witt in 18741:3-53/81928
[ ]Teacher EducationTeacher's courses offered to teachers to complete degree4:110/251928
[ ]Arnold, H. J.;Adult EducationArnold Announces Institute Heads - Instructors And Speakers For Sessions Of Parent Education Movement Named4:412/131928
[ ]Education;Fuller, Alvin T.Think2:212/131928
[ ]Health Education buildingBuilding brings changes in the physical education program1:71/231930
[ ]Education Department;Kantzer, MargaretStudent Teachers Must Register3:71/131933
[ ]Physical EducationFree Swimming Periods for Women Announced3:29/291933
[ ]Physical EducationMen's Swimming Periods Announced By Board3:79/291933
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceLocal educators to aid in conference1:51/121934
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceStudent achievement in Lutheran Colleges higher1, 3, 51/191934
[ ]CoeducationFirst co-ed received cool welcome in18741:41/141938
[ ]National Lutheran Education ConferenceMarks twenty-fifth year of activity1:21/211938
[ ]CoeducationIt's all right to laugh now but it was no joking matter in 18742:51/231942
[ ]Long, Dr. Dean;EducationGeneral Education A Must,' Professor States At Special Faculty Meeting, Monday1:112/151948
[ ]Fund Raising;Foreign Students;EducationChest Drive Opens2:110/261949
[ ]Christian Higher Education Year (CHEY)cHEY nets over $750,000 for Wittenberg, Hamma2:410/261950
[ ]Ohio Division of the National Association of Educational Buyers;Stoughton, Dr. Clarence C.Buyers, Busines Managers Convene1:311/171950
[ ]Student National Education Association (Student N.E.A.); Kappa Phi KappaN.E.A. replaces Kappa Phi Kappa5:110/101958
[ ]CoeducationWomen entered in Sept. 18745:59/171959
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School claims largest enrollment4:112/41959
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School to work Air Force projects4:41/151960
[ ]Higher educationMagazine charges colleges, teachers not good enough5:34/81960
[ ]Field Enterprises Educational CorporationThomas Library receives Braille encyclopedia volumes2:45/41962
[ ]Esso Education FoundationStoughton announces gift of $2,000 from foundation1:11/41963
[ ]Education DepartmentCurriculum accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education1:310/41963
[ ]CoeducationWomen create uproar in 18641:510/161964
[ ]Esso Education FoundationFoundation donates $3,0003:12/51965
[ ]Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE)Unit ot organize Monday3:53/191965
[ ]Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE)Students to take active part in Civil Rights this summer3:15/211965
[ ]National Defense Education ActLoan aids students2:59/171965
[ ]Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE)SCOPE unit returns with protest1:29/171965
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent Teaching--program and experience2:1-54/21966
[ ]National Defense Education Act; National Defense Education Act; Pohowsky, RobertR. Pohowsky awarded fellowship7:55/61966
[ ]Regional Council for International Education3 faculty study under RCIE in Latin American program6:112/91966
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationSchedules "appraisal" theme conference here3:14/71967
[ ]Regional Council for International Education4 faculty members attend institute at Ohio Northern, Theme: Eastern Europe & the Soviet Union2:210/131967
[ ]Regional Council for International Education2 faculty members represent WU at Latin American Conference at Hiram College9:510/211967
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationWittenberg site of seminar. Dr. Morroe Berger of Princeton Univ. 1st lecturer4:410/111968
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Calendar changes proposed2:411/151968
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofFindings set 8 guidelines1:13/71969
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofHEW suggests a human relations council1:43/71969
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofWittenberg's response1:14/251969
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC examines institutional requirements5:11/301970
[ ]College Council (CC); Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Pass-fail option reviewed3:11/281971
[ ]Committee on International EducationInvestigating study abroad programs8:12/261971
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationSummer seminar to be held in Japan6:63/11973
[ ]Physical EducationPhys ed majors enjoy new activities (pic)6:111/81973
[ ]Education Department; Ray, Lloyd B.Student teachers travel6:511/81973
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching in Australia6:311/81973
[ ]Education DepartmentPat Blauvelt in Brussels6:41/311974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council passes buck, issues to EPC1:32/71974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC establishes a curriculum review committee1:52/141974
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation Dept. Praised6:311/141974
[ ]Regional Council for International EducationEducation program bankrupt1:11/161975
[ ]Special EducationBlock program rewarding8:63/61975
[ ]International EducationOffers information on studies abroad5:710/91975
[ ]International EducationStudy in Greece challenging6:110/231975
[ ]International EducationPaula (Epstein) talks about Taiwan8:11/151976
[ ]International EducationPaula (Radice) enjoys Tasmania6:111/221976
[ ]International EducationSummer in India6:61/291976
[ ]International EducationNancy (Beitman) enjoys England6:12/51976
[ ]International EducationScholarships open for study in Japan4:22/191976
[ ]Educational Support Staff Development ProgramESSDP to help administration1:54/81976
[ ]International EducationJapan seminar open5:14/81976
[ ]International EducationThree return from Japan5:14/81976
[ ]International EducationStudents return from Mexico6:34/151976
[ ]International EducationStudents study a term in Liverpool, England4:74/291976
[ ]International EducationFrance represents opening experience6:65/61976
[ ]International EducationWitt student to revisit England4:65/201976
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teachers fight bad weather as their assigned schools are closed1:12/171977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Open forum to focus on Witt curriculum1:13/31977
[ ]Career Education ProposalWitt plans new career education program1:23/31977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Change of institutionals to be recommended1:15/51977
[ ]Council of International Educational ExchangeTravel catalog available free8:15/121977
[ ]Community Education; Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningJoseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong Learning to be completed by mid-19774:79/91977
[ ]H.E.W. (Health, Education, Welfare), U.S. Dept. ofAwards grant to Univ. of Dayton9/231977
[ ]Education DepartmentEd. Department to computerize records1:49/301977
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC probes half course idea1:12/31978
[ ]Community Education; Joseph C. Shouvlin Center for Lifelong LearningNew positions appointed, general information, goals1:59/221978
[ ]Education Testing Service (ETS)Test to help minority students to enter grad school.6:59/291978
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council approves addition and deletion of English courses recommended by EPC6:310/61978
[ ]Adult EducationAdult Education Program spelled out6:13/21979
[ ]Special EducationKathy Hannegin helping EMR students to realize their potential (pic)4:12/151980
[ ]Adult EducationAdult Education program here and nationally is growing (pic)Note: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:43/221980
[ ]EducationDr. Sheldon Rothblatt, of U. C. Berkeley, discusses the history of education at History Colloquium8:15/91980
[ ]EducationWUSEA to sponsor classroom management workshopNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:45/261980
[ ]Community Education SchoolRegistration open for evening classes1:19/131980
[ ]Physical EducationNew physical education facility will gain funds from "Tiger Fund" in the Campaign for Wittenberg6:39/261980
[ ]Physical EducationDr. Thomas P. Martin, now head of Health & P.E. has rich background. Biographical sketch (pic)6:310/311980
[ ]Physical EducationHouses on Woodlawn demolished to make room for new Physical education facility and parking lot (pic)1:52/131981
[ ]International EducationTayo Boye from Nigeria reflects on education and lifestyle differences6:15/291981
[ ]Education DepartmentAssertive discipline workshops announced2:69/251981
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Groundbreaking and work on new HPE facilities has begun, completion date set (pic)1:29/251981
[ ]International EducationBarbara Chen, student from China interviewed about educational system in China6:510/161981
[ ]International EducationOpportunity to study in Greece or Rome available; representation of programs on campus4:210/231981
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Curriculum changes tabled by administration1:39/231983
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Keeping in step at Witt14:110/161983
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Language changes6:411/31983
[ ]Education DepartmentLittle Jack Horner Visits Witt Corner (pic)8:12/101984
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC recommendations approved by faculty4:12/171984
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)HPERC Inducts members to hall of honor1:45/171985
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Raise Awareness on Issues fro Students and Education (R.A.I.S.E.)8:45/241985
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Campus organization RAISEs interest2:1410/251985
[ ]Education DepartmentEmphasis on Education8:91/311986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Information budget proposal affects education11:42/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) RAISE plans trip to Washington D.C.11:142/211986
[ ]Raise Awareness on Issues for Students and Education (RAISE) Members lobby on capitol hill14:14/251986
[ ]International Education OfficeIEO announces orientation meeting10:25/91986
[ ]EducationSenators accuse administration of "Prying into Texts"4:15/91986
[ ]International Education DeptInternational education department updates new policy policies16:11/301987
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation majors honored1:35/221987
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Course CreditEPC reviews current credit system1:34/151988
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational education10/211988
[ ]International Education OfficeApply now for study abroad programs1/201989
[ ]Education DepartmentNew Instructor Appreciates Campus Openness5:49/221989
[ ]Deaths; Health and Physical Education Department First woman HPE director dies1/121990
[ ]Educational TripsTrips offer education, culture, and fun1/261990
[ ]International Education DeptForeign Studies cater to student needs2/21990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Credit restricted for gym course2/91990
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational education broader than U.S.2/161990
[ ]International Education OfficePoland invites students to study abroad2/161990
[ ]Community Education ProgramCommunity education students can have a second chance4:32/231990
[ ]International Education OfficeInternational students adapt to changes2/231990
[ ]International EducationInt'l workcamps combine service, travel4/121990
[ ]International EducationEurope and credit: Do they mix?5/251990
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Campus Pool Gets New Water, Facelift After Fivep. 4, col.9/211990
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Shoshin Aikido Self-Defense Class Will Be Offeredpg. 5, col9/281990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPED Offers Two New Courses Dealing With STD's,pg. 3, col10/121990
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department 'Kegs, Kicks, And Kompetition': A Pep Talk For Witpg. 2, col10/261990
[ ]Education DepartmentWelker Up For Tenure, Students Invited To Speakpg. 2, col11/91990
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA) WUSEA offers CPR, first aid coursespg. 6, col2/151991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Dr. Martin scheduled to attend summitpg. 13, co4/121991
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Students can still sign up to windsurfpg. 13, co5/241991
[ ]International EducationFewer study abroad as a result of Middle East war10:49/201991
[ ]International EducationWitt students study abroad to view a different culture and new way of life3:11/241992
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Largest adult class in Witt's history will be graduating2:12/71992
[ ]International EducationStudents escape Wittenberg to get a taste of the real world3:45/221992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Female athletes expand number8:110/91992
[ ]Global Issues; International EducationGreer, Bennett deny Geneva program being discontinued1:410/91992
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty to take another look at plan to drop HPE1:210/301992
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Society's wisdom found via cartoons and fables7:41/221993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department HPE major under consideration by EPC Committee1:42/121993
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)EPC Committee at work on a new institutional model1:22/261993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Faculty meeting set to address HPE major/minor termination1:45/141993
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department Debates continue over HPED major/minorelimination; no decision reached as of yet1:25/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentMore effective teaching strategies introduced for helping children learn to read and write2:45/281993
[ ]Education DepartmentStudent teaching program helps prepare Witt education majors2:15/281993
[ ]International Education; Student AidFinancial aid available for students wishing to travel abroad says financial aid director2:11/251994
[ ]International EducationStudents offered chance to work in Germany2:42/11994
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department [Tom] Martin scales mountain on 50th birthday6:12/81994
[ ]International EducationWitt students spend six weeks abroad in Wittenberg, Germany over the summer5:310/181994
[ ]International EducationWitt students safe after quake [Japan]3:11/241995
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Sweat it out at the modern HPER center4:1-29/121995
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Tennis court addition to enhance stadium building renovation3:1-39/241996
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA) WUSEA, Peace Center sponsor resolution workshops15:1-310/291996
[ ]International EducationWitt's Fulbright scholars to spend year in Germany2:14/111997
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Commincation major ended by division1:14/281998
[ ]International EducationOffice of International Education provides a world of opportunites6:110/61998
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)The SCE Program allows Steiding to take on the role of Witt student, mother and business owner7:111/31998
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Curriculum changes are long, complicated process3:111/241998
[ ]International EducationWittenberg continues illustrious program of studying abroad for 20 percent of students3:311/241998
[ ]Wittenberg University Student Education Association (WUSEA) WUSEA offers students the opportunity to explore educational avenues6:112/81998
[ ]Education DepartmentState imposes changes for new education majors1:42/21999
[ ]International Education; Bennett, JoannJoann Bennett finds International Education "never dull"5:12/161999
[ ]Hamilton, Dr. Jerry R.; Education DepartmentHamilton spends time interacting with students6:12/231999
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; Martin, Dr. ThomasHighpointing is more than just a way of life for one Wittenberg professor11:33/21999
[ ]Education DepartmentMasters in education possibly reintroduced1:19/281999
[ ]English Department; Education Department; Buckman, Ty; Lawson, Lora; Wilkerson-Foster, CarmieleEnglish, education departments welcome new faces and ideas2:110/51999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Bachelor's of Science a possibility for next year; faculty discussion set1:410/121999
[ ]Education Department; Staff; Voytko, KathyVoyrtko has busy life6:110/121999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Faculty approves B.S. degree; Educational Policies Committee motion passes with 18 vote opposition1:311/301999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); FacultyFaculty to submit B.S. propositions1:412/71999
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Communications major tabled; EPC to reevaluate1:12/222000
[ ]Faculty; Education DepartmentMaster's in education now one step closer1:13/212000
[ ]Biology Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Biology 100 revamped2:14/142000
[ ]Education Department; Welker, Dr. RobertWelker remembers odd jobs; prepares to chair Education Department7:14/142000
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Senior Citizens benefit from Lifelong Learning Program's continuous challenges2:110/102000
[ ]Education Department;Welker, Robert;Dexter, JimMA in education program nets Board of Regents' approval1:112/52000
[ ]International EducationPints, Pounds and Mad Cow Disease: a student's first thoughts on England9:12/62001
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department 2nd Annual Wittenberg Triathlon15:42/272001
[ ]International EducationInternational Education a part of Witt tradition4:14/32001
[ ]College Life; International EducationPlaying Fair in the American Wonderland7:19/252001
[ ]International EducationStudy Abraod: Explore the World, Cultivate the Mind3:13/262002
[ ]International Education; Reid, SaraBeyond the Dutch Bikes, Dikes, and Tulip Fields5:14/192002
[ ]Biology Department; International EducationWitt Biology Students' Summer in the Bahamas5:19/102002
[ ]International Education; Bradley, JonWitt Student Travels to Prague for an International Youth Leadership Conference and Learn about Global Politics5:19/102002
[ ]International Education; OpinionDon't Like the Alcohol Policy?6:19/242002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish . . .15:49/242002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish . . .15:510/12002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad: Remembering a Semester in Shanghai9:110/82002
[ ]International EducationSpanish Connection: A Way of Communicating on Campus3:410/152002
[ ]International EducationYES, NOT YEEEESSSS3:210/292002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish3:111/122002
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish: A Way to Communicate on Campus2:111/192002
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad this Summer in Cuernavaca, Mexico5:111/192002
[ ]International EducationHappy Thanksgiving to All of You . . . A Way of Communicating on Witt Campus3:111/262002
[ ]International EducationComing Home to Witt's Campus7:41/282003
[ ]International Education; Spanish DepartmentSpeaking Spanish at Witt: A new way o communicate on campus15:32/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/112003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/182003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:12/252003
[ ]International EducationA semester away from Witt2:13/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt2:13/42003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt3:13/252003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish15:14/12003
[ ]Education DepartmentEducation program to be inspected for national accreditation2:14/112003
[ ]International EducationSpeaking Spanish at Witt15:14/112003
[ ]International EducationInternational students give Witt a new perspective8:110/22003
[ ]International EducationStudy Abraod Fair to showcase program options in various countries5:110/92003
[ ]Hanke, Anna; International EducationLife amongst Kiwis: A reflection on a Witt student-s study abroad experience8:112/112003
[ ]Honors Program; International EducationHonors students travel to China2:21/292004
[ ]International EducationStudy Abroad: How to get involved3:42/192004
[ ]International EducationWittenberg to send students overseas for summer1:12/192004
[ ]National News; International EducationShots From The Cupola7:43/252004
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; SatireDog-walking and beer pong for P.E. credit [satire]1:14/12004
[ ]Campus; International Education; Student Unionletters to the editor6:14/222004
[ ]International educationLife in Denmark6:510/72004
[ ]International educationTales form an African experience4:310/72004
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)graduating after 34 years6:44/282005
[ ]College EducationRelevance of elite universities on the decline3:19/292005
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)HPERC addresses towel theft1:111/172005
[ ]Athletic Trainers; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Training room heroes 4:112/82005
[ ]Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Unspoken rules of the fitness center 6:32/22006
[ ]Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Training room staff rolls with the punches10:14/52007
[ ]Campus; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC); Roesch, EmilyThe Hottest ____ on Campus: "J" is for Job12:14/192007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; International Education Office; Study Abroad; Bennett, JoAnn; Butch, LaurenStudy Abroad Fair offers students chance to go global1:110/112007
[ ]International Education Office; Study Abroad; Faculty and Staff; Bennett, JoAnn;Wittenberg goes global: The studying abroad experience7:112/62007
[ ]Sports; EducationIs education overlooked in Division I athletics?9:11/242008
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC); Purnell, Garnett; H.P.E.R. hosts a range of sports and activities...but is it enough?11:12/142008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Bennett, JoAnn; International Education Office; Study AbroadStudy abroad fair 2:410/92008
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)A set of new rules: cracking down at the HPER center15:12/122009
[ ]Tough, Paul; EducationAuthor chronicles reform1:311/52009
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education; School of Community Education (SCE)My get up and go, got up and went 5:12/182010
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa; School of Community Education (SCE)Phi Beta Kappa sans School of Community Education2:14/222010
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Faculty and Staff; Frost, Marcia"Students have summer of timeless travels4:019/82010
[ ]International Education; Study Abroad; Spanish DepartmentMemorable Summer Excursion to South America5:019/222010
[ ]Education; National News; PoliticsThe school blues8:0110/62010
[ ]"Thorgeirsdottir, Hrund; International Education; Study Abroad"Icelandic student right here at Witt5:0111/102010
[ ]Educational Trips; Faculty and Staff; Jurewicz, Sarah; McCormack, Jessica; Reynolds, Steve; WittSemsWittsems step it up this year3:0112/82010
[ ]"Panstingel, Joe; Education"Get to know Joe 9:022/22011
[ ]"International Education; Study Abroad; Alcohol; Douglass, Brad; Larson, Hannah"Transition from being abroad to being back at Witt 4:012/22011
[ ]Athletics; Buildings; Facilities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC)Rumors surround new indoor fitness facility 2:033/222011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education"How Witt stays fit, p-credits or otherwise" 9:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical EducationBy the numbers [sidebar to How Witt stays fit]9:013/292011
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical EducationMore quotes from the survey [sidebar to How Witt stays fit]9:023/292011
[ ]Education;Finance;Financial Aid;Politics;Green, RandyHigher Education Cuts Not Such a Smart Idea 2:111/222011
[ ]Editorials; Education; Martin Luther King, Jr., DayWhy Classes Should be Canceled on a National Holiday 10:11/252012
[ ]Academics; Computer Science Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Geography Department; Graduation requirements; Hanson, Peter F.; Languages Department; Music Department; Theatre and Dance Department; WittSemsPotential Cuts [Possible discontinuance of departments explained] 1:111/142012
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Faculty and Students: "It's So Much More Than Dance"ť 2:111/282012
[ ]Grandy, Trevor;Opinion;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Letter to the Editor: My Two Cents: One Goes to the Decision Makers6:111/282012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department ; Physical Education; PE Credit Contributes to Wholeness of Person 2:111/282012
[ ]Health and Physical Education Department ; Martin, Helen; Martin, Thomas; Witnesses to History Abroad and on Campus: A Look into the Lives of Thomas and Helen Martin5:111/282012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE); Taylor, ThomasProfessor Taylor to Bring New Programs to Wittenberg SCE 3:412/52012
[ ]Online Exclusive;Educational Policies Committee (EPC)In final forum, Computer Science Program called modern, necessary 12/72012
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Isaacson, Sven;Hanson, Peter;Academics;Finances;EPC Releases Preliminary Recommendations for Academic Changes1:51/232013
[ ]Music; Parlato, Paul; School of Community Education (SCE)The Great American Songbook Non-Credit Music Course Returns to Wittenberg 4:12/202013
[ ]Battleships Competition; Campus Activities; Health, Physical Education and Recreation Center (HPERC); [Photos]Witt’s Watery Warzone 3:42/272013
[ ]Academics; [Photo]; School of Community Education (SCE); Taylor, Thomas; ; Wagner, BrookeWittenberg to Offer New Programs in Nursing and Criminology1:53/202013
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[ ]Academics; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Health and Physical Education Department; Hinson, Scot‘P’ Credit Eliminated from General Education Requirements 1:49/252013
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[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Budget;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Theatre and Dance Department;Zembar, Mary Jo;Inboden, RobinEPC Program Reviews Stopped by Faculty Vote 1:42/102016
[ ]Foreign Languages Department;Budget;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);Theatre and Dance Department;Zembar, Mary Jo;Inboden, RobinFaculty Votes to Stop Program Reviews 3:32/102016
[ ]Calendar;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE);Accreditation;Hiller, Darby;Faculty Executive Board;Hanson, Peter F.Re-Accreditation Means New Calendar 1:12/102016
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[ ]Sullivan, Frank;Rape;Sexual Assault;Famile Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA);Gill, Casey;Student Handbook;[Photo]Wittenberg Student Charged with Sexual Assault 1:35/32016
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