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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentDept offering summer trip to Japan and China; Information available1:111/31978
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWitt students Christine Dalgetty, Jeffrey Filcik, Linda Might, and Philips Winter to go to China1:11/261979
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentDr. Jim Huffna, Witt faculty member, offers expertise (pic)1:22/231979
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentHuffman lectures on his research concerning the Japanese Press in the Meiji Era (pic)3:12/201981
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; FilmsJapanese films to be shown4:11/151982
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWomen face changing domestic roles3/31989
[ ]East Asian Studies Department$125,000 granted to East Asian Dept.1/191990
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentAsian Studies Program Set in Budapest2/91990
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentWitt to host Asian seminar4/201990
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentFar East sees Wittenberg video5:41/151993
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentTiannaman Square uprising subject of colloquium1:23/81994
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentGreater funds allow East Asina Studies Club to expand cultural awareness6:110/71997
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentStudents and faculty don Korean Fashions8:110/141997
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEAS colloquium offers a glimpse of exhibit8:33/171998
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentCultural Japan boasts fashion, form and festival dance5:13/42003
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast meets West: cultural program brings a piece of Japan and offers insight to Wittenberg students9:13/42003
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentFreeman Grant makes East Asian travel possible2:21/292004
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEAS students and faculty celebrate the Chinese New Year8:12/52004
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast Asian studies do what you love4:111/12004
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentEast Asain studies department shares its talents2:12/102005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentJapanese caligraphy exhibit comes to Witt2:210/272005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentThe cultural shift of women in China1:111/32005
[ ]East Asian Studies DepartmentStudents help educate elementary schools about East Asian cultures2:311/172005
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; East Asian Studies Club; Shih-Ming; Dragon Dance TeamWittenberg rings in the new year of the rat with the Chinese new year celebration6:12/72008
[ ]Theatre and Dance Department; East Asian Studies Department; Hu, XiaoqingTheater dept. brings a taste of China to Witt ["Wild Wind"]5:42/142008
[ ]Reviews; Theatre and Dance Department; East Asian Studies Department; Hu, Xiaoqing"Wild Wind": A bit lost in translation6:12/282008
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Japanese; Opinion; Pastor, Theodore; Letter to the Editor: From An EAS Alum 6:411/142012
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Foreign Languages Department; International StudiesLanguage Forums: French, Japanese Contribute to Globalized Wittenberg 1:112/52012
[ ]Atsuko Utamaru; East Asian Studies Club; East Asian Studies Department; Qiu, Iris; Long, Aaron; [Photo]; Pierce, Ashleigh; Smith, AutumnChinese New Year Celebration Embraces East Asian Cultures 2:12/202013
[ ]Carey, Sas; East Asian Studies Department; Health; Online ExclusiveDepartments Sponsor Presentation on Integrated Medicine in Mongolia 11/132013
[ ]East Asian Studies Department; [Photos]East Asian Studies Festival3:22/52014
[ ]Budget;East Asian Studies Department;Theatre and Dance Department;Educational Policies Committee (EPC);[Photos]Students Concerned About Potential Cuts 5:42/32016