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[ ]National Lutheran Sunday School Convention at BusyrusWittenberg was well represented at this first national Lutheran Sunday school convention22:112/11873
[ ]Literary SocietiesFrequent recurrence of elections detract from society28:21/11874
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between societies to be March 6, after 6 years of peace36:12/11874
[ ]Temperance CampaignPlans are made for aggressive campaign36:22/11874
[ ]Temperance Campaign"This War"54:14/11874
[ ]Temperance CampaignStudents resolution show sympathy toward campaign33:14/11874
[ ]Literary SocietiesInforming judges of what a meagre time was available for preparation takes 1/3 of speaker's alotted time109:21/11876
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyCondition of the fund and the manner in which it is used117:22/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesCentennial Literary Society organized by ladies133:24/11876
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1334/11876
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyLibrary fund181:24/11876
[ ]Literary SocietiesOur soires53:24/11877
[ ]LiteratureThe 'sad' in literature50:24/11877
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society5812/11877
[ ]Literary ContestAnnual contest resumed after a discontinuance of several years145:24/11878
[ ]Literary ContestThere seems to be some indifference among the members of the literary societies with reference to holding their next annual contest130:24/11879
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyCriticism55:112/11879
[ ]Literature-History and CriticismConscience in literature64:1-21/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyGranted two pages in the Wittenberger78:11/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society741/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyShows signs of being active again74:21/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyContributions by the Hesperian Literary Society98:1-22/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyAsks for two lady professors139:24/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHesperian Literary Society1394/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesKeen rivalry shown in methods to secure members35:24/11880
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies should make it optional for the senior attendance134:24/11880
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyDisbanded104:12/11881
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyDisbanded107:22/11881
[ ]Mower, Mable; Hesperian Literary SocietyMable Mower, editor, announces its discontinuence109:22/11881
[ ]Literary SocietiesSince ladies have no society of their own, they have made application to Philosophian Society104:12/11881
[ ]Literary SocietiesJunior literary society disbanded before holidays127:24/11882
[ ]Literary SocietiesCustom of contest between rivals revived42:112/11882
[ ]Wildes, General Thomas F.Death of134:1-24/11883
[ ]Literary SocietiesSociety work51:21/11886
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyA plea for a hall for the society67:1-212/11886
[ ]Hesperian Literary SocietyHistory of the Society92;11/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents who have not joined the societies are compelled to appear before the faculty for rhetorical practice91:21/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesSocieties untied in holding memorial services113:22/11887
[ ]Wallace, General LawGeneral Law Wallace lectures on "Turkey and the Turks" in the Black's Opera House159:1024/11887
[ ]Literary SocietiesFaculty are taking action regarding literary work in Preparatory Dept.93:12/11889
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior, Philosophian and Euterpean societies entertain Mar 8128:24/11889
[ ]Central Lutheran UnionA union comprising all the Lutheran churches in Wittenber's territory has been formed under the name of the Central Lutheran Union30:110/151895
[ ]Literary SocietiesInterest in societies has been waning113:11/211896
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Excelsior and Philosophian literary societies open their doors to permit the senior "cads" to enjoy mature society life185:23/241896
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyEntertainment given in hall197:13/311896
[ ]Lutheran Church, Findlay, OhioThe list of Wittenbergers who have been pastors at Findlay, Ohio30:210/61896
[ ]Literary SocietiesA plea for literary culture71:111/101896
[ ]Young Men's Literary ClubWittenbergers figure quite prominently in a Young Men's Literary Club139:21/121897
[ ]Literary CreditStudents are requred to do work in the literary society or its equivalent in other college work181:12/161897
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest248:13/201897
[ ]Opera"Chimes of Normandy" presented by Witt. Athletic Assoc.322:15/251897
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Wittenberger opens its pages to the literary societies to publish any of their productions of merit55:1-210/301897
[ ]Young Men's Literary ClubA large number of members of the club are Alumni of Wittenberg130:212/181897
[ ]Literary SocietiesContest between Excelsiors and Philosophians258:24/91898
[ ]Literary AwardsWe should have a literary club, distinguished from the literary societies4:1-211/181899
[ ]Literary AwardsNew feature at Wittenberg1:311/251899
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary societies--their value2910/91901
[ ]Literary SocietiesNew organization: Wittenberg cooperative literary assoc.152:11/221902
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe value of a society training279:14/161902
[ ]Literary LeagueSponsors four contests annually1:1-29/291910
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyPresentation of a loving cup to Dr. B. F. prince110/201910
[ ]Literary SocietiesThings are no longer as they once were2:310/271910
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudents advised to affiliate with literary society4:110/111911
[ ]First Lutheran ChurchImpressive services mark rededication of First Lutheran. Remodeling of First Church edifice makes it one of the most beautiful in the city2:31/101912
[ ]Literary ContestCompetition keen in this year's contest1:32/71912
[ ]Literary CreditCredit should be given recognition4:12/111912
[ ]Literary LeagueConstitution72/131912
[ ]Literary CreditBruce Young, Philo orator, feels that credit should be given in literary work412/141912
[ ]Literary CreditAgitation is rife among Excelsiors for literary credit. Committee from the three societies will present this matter to the faculty9:1-22/211912
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyCo-ed's literary society considers college's history. Papers are read upon "Founding of Wittenberg" and "Life of Ezra Keller"10:13/201912
[ ]Fitzgerald, Mrs. SusanFair suffragettes plead for ballot before male voters. Appel is made to men of Wittenberg to extend privilege of vote to women2:35/81912
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary trophies awarded winners in society contests8:1-25/81912
[ ]Literary LeagueTreasury is empty15:25/151912
[ ]Literary ShieldPhilo leads in field of seven, Excelsior 2nd1:35/291912
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceThird Lutheran educational conference to be held at Wittenberg12911/201912
[ ]Lutheran Historical AcademyLutheran Historical Academy held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Lutheran Educational Conference; Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceMeeting held on campus16112/111912
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague takes steps to boost debating. Rally will be given to arouse enthusiasm. Report of treasurer is read334:13/121913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsior "Tragedy" Brief synopsis of 22nd burial of the society in debate.358:1-33/261913
[ ]Lutheran ChurchThere is a need for Lutheran ministers452:15/71913
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyELS becomes an assembly61:1-211/201913
[ ]Lutheran BrotherhoodThe Lutheran Brotherhood is an organization of Lutheram men as an Organization of Service1342/191914
[ ]Fourth Lutheran ChurchDr. Ness' Latin room in provided with new chairs. The chairs are a gift of the second band of the Fourth Lutheran Church to the college1:211/51914
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shield goes to Euterpea. Trophy to winning society2:311/191914
[ ]Literary SocietiesStudent opinion as to what is the matter with the literary spirit3:12/111915
[ ]General Cut DayCut day declared Tues because of neglect to celebrate George Washington's birthday the day before1:22/151915
[ ]General Cut DayStudents get holiday by skipping classes1:22/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesTrophies and shields presented.1:12/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesA true story. The loving cup was not presented to the winning team by the defeated one3:23/41915
[ ]Literary ContestPhilo declaimers take first place. Usual small attendance greets speakers1:13/41915
[ ]Literary SocietiesShe turns and smiles. A reply to the above accusation3:23/111915
[ ]Literary SocietiesInter-society debate, annual clash1:33/181915
[ ]Literary SocietiesPresident Heckert receives volume containing data, history of societies1:23/181915
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyBrief history169:2-33/241915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsior again wins decision over Philos1:1-23/251915
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians hold joint banquet; first event of its kind3:13/251915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyThe co-ed literary society2205/131915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society entertains for men's societies. Philo and excelsior are guests of co-eds at last meeting3:15/271915
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society foretastes Thanksgiving sweets; Winnie Knapp is chosen to lead literary1;411/241915
[ ]Literary LeagueFirst literary contest attraction of evening. Five contestants entered1:212/91915
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceDr. Heckert and Dr. Tressler to attend 4th annual convention at Chicago3:31/131916
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaConference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary, Feb. 15-18, 19173:11/181916
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceSixth conference held at Thiel College, Greenville, PA3:23/31916
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyFirst affair to be given in newly decorated chapel3:44/201916
[ ]Lutheran ChurchDr. J. L. Neve discussed "Future of Lutheranism in America"4:29/221916
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyReception given to new men by oldest literary organization. 71st annual opening1:110/51916
[ ]Literary DayPlanned for college by League in its first meeting. Shields and letters to be presented1:410/161916
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary shields and loving cups presented, honoring two societies.4:212/211916
[ ]Pan-Lutheran Student's Missionary ConventionConvention at Maywood, Ill attracts theologians. Dr. Bauslin of Seminary will give address at the closing session3:22/151917
[ ]Literary ShieldEdwin Kreppert wins 1st place with "The Old Guard"1:32/151917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary Conference; Cassel, Charles; Courter, EarlMeeting at Chicago attended by Mr. Cassel and Mr. Courter4:22/231917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceDetailed report of conference held at Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary2:33/81917
[ ]Lutheran Student Missionary ConferenceReports of Mr. Rupp's and Mr. Ramser's papers3:33/81917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLutherans stand for loyalty to president. Three branches of this denomination issue resolutions4:24/261917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchConvention is starter in church unification3:36/61917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchGeneral council and general synod are thought to merge at conference in Philadelphia4:310/251917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchCouncils vote to unite with General Synod and United Synod of the South3:211/11917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLoyalty of Lutherans proved by resolutions4:211/11917
[ ]Lutheran ChurchUnited Synod of South upholds merger plan3:211/151917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague resumes activities; merger may result4:112/131917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague to elect officers4:312/131917
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague cancels intercollegiate debate for at least 1 year3:31/171918
[ ]Literary LeagueWittenberg will not participate in State oratorical competition this year.1:41/171918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchLutheran merger commission to meet in Baltimore3:22/71918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchStatistics prove Lutherans give largest percent to War Service1:32/71918
[ ]Lutheran ChurchDelegates return from joint merger sessions1:22/141918
[ ]Clark County Dry Federation"Prexie" to head Clark County Dry Federation1:35/91918
[ ]Literary LeagueLeague formed2:31/161920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society revived, membership on scholarship basis1:32/191920
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary W's to be awarded. Shield and W won by contestants in last linter-society contest1:42/191920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society holds first meeting1:13/41920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirEnthusiastically received1:14/151920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirArticle2:24/221920
[ ]Lutheran BrotherhoodJohn L. Zimmerman, President of Council, to attend 6th convention in Washington, D.C.1:610/211920
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society intends to set up membership bars1:210/271921
[ ]Literary ShieldShield to be presented to Philosophian Society at chapel services by Pres. Tulloss1:411/281921
[ ]Literary ShieldAnother shield presented to Philos1:212/11921
[ ]Treasurers' HeraldName of College's recent publication1:11/121922
[ ]Buffalo Convention of the United Lutheran ChurchWittenberg Will Be Represented at the Buffalo Convention1:410/191922
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society Announces New Plans for Membership1:311/231922
[ ]Literary ShieldLiterary Shield Is Present to Philos (For Three Consecutive Years)2:42/151923
[ ]Literary SocietiesDeclamation Contest Will be Held Friday Evening in Chapel 13 Contestants Philos Will Make Desperate Effort to Regain the Ground Lost in Oratorical Meet (Intersociety Contest)1:12/211923
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterp Wins First Place in Contest1:53/11923
[ ]Literary SocietiesPhilo and Excel to Clash in Third Inter-Society Contest1:53/221923
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational Conference of Lutheran Students Will Convene Friday (Second Annual Meeting Held at Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill.)1:54/121923
[ ]Literary SocietiesIntersociety Essay Contest Date Is May 41:54/191923
[ ]Philosophian Literary SocietyPhilosophian Opens 77th College Year Mock Trial Presented by Old Philos-Literary Society Has Entrance Requirement1:110/41923
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpean Literary Society Begins 37th Year; Entrance Requirements Announced By Girls' Literary Society at Opening Meeting2:110/181923
[ ]Opera; Sword, Charles H.Former Wittenberger has Opera Accepted (By University of Michigan Union Opera Production Club)2:210/181923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutheran Student Conference to Be Held In December; Wittenberg Honored in Being Selected for First Convention1:611/11923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents To Meet Here Next Month; Plans for Conference of Lutherans Completed1:211/151923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaFinal program For Student Convention; Sessions to be Held in College Chapel. Prominent Men are Speakers1:111/221923
[ ]Ohio Valley Region Conference of LutheranStudent Conference Program Augumented2:311/281923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaLutherans To Assemble Here For Conference; Sessions Will Be Held in College Chapel Dec. 7, 8, 9; Music is Featured1:612/61923
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaStudents Attend Convention Held at Springfield; Surrounding States and Southern Canada Represented [Delegates from 13 Colleges]; Over 100 Attend1:112/131923
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceOfficials Speak at Conference; Dr. Tuloss and Dr. Martin Attend Lutheran Educational Conference [New York City]1:51/101924
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceSecond Educational Conference Planned [Conducted for Benefit of Teachers Within Radius of 75 miles of Springfield]1:31/101924
[ ]Lutheran Laymen's MovementPro-Sem Men to be Aided; Lutheran Laymen's Movement Gives Promise of Help to Students2:42/71924
[ ]Excelsior Literary Society Hall; Recitation HallExcell Hall to Be Classroom; Literary Society Loses Meeting Placve of 37 Years [History of society given]1:52/141924
[ ]Literary League;Philosophian Literary Society;Excelsior Literary SocietyInter-Society Debate Scheduled For April 41:33/201924
[ ]Literary Societies; Excelsior Literary Society; Philosophian Literary SocietyThe Literary Societies [First time in history of Witt that this literary society did not function]2:110/231924
[ ]Liberal ClubInitial Meeting of Club is Scheduled: Liberalists to Resume [open] Discussion of Problems Vital to Lives of Students1:510/151925
[ ]Euterpean Literary Society; Kalbfus, FrancesEuterpea Members Form Reading Club: Former Literary Society Is Reorganized; Frances Kalbfus Is Head of New Organization4:310/221925
[ ]Armstrong, Gerald; Sports; BasketballArmstrong To Captain Team [of 1926 Basketball Team] (pic)4:212/31925
[ ]OperaMme. Bonde-Ladd To Direct Grand Opera - Seventy Singers Will Take Part In Presentation of "Cavalleria Rusticanna"1:52/181926
[ ]Holl, A. J.;Lutheran Church in America;Columbus Pastor Delivers Address - Seminary Students Sponsor Visit of Rev. A. J. Holl4:32/251926
[ ]Armstrong, Gerald "Red";Sports;BasketballRed-Head Leads Buck-I Scorers - Capt. Armstrong Is Showing Pace in New League With Total of 98 Points3:42/251926
[ ]Armstrong, GeraldSports career reads like Merriwell book5:33/111926
[ ]Opera"Cavalleria Rusticana" under direction of Mme. Gunhild Bonde-Ladd1:63/251926
[ ]Opera"Cavalleria Rusticana" under direction of Mme. Gunhild Bonde-Ladd4:34/151926
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyOnly remaining literary society on campus holds its initial meeting1:69/231926
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchInternational session in Richmond, VA1:310/211926
[ ]Lutheran Church, UnitedStudents want a United Lutheran church3:2-41/131927
[ ]Lutheran Student Council;Mahr, Arthur;Council To Elect4:210/271927
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilLutheran students will ballot. Two members elected from each of the four college classes as well as from the seminary student body1:411/31927
[ ]Lutheran Seminary at LeningradLutheran Seminary at Leningrad will be aided in an expansion program by the Lutheran Student Council1:312/81927
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNominate for the new council1:19/301928
[ ]Timmerman, Martha;Euterpean Literary SocietyEuterpea Meets1:510/111928
[ ]Lutheran Student CouncilAnnual sectional conference meets at Wittenberg1:62/71929
[ ]Euterpean Literary SocietyPrograms will be book reviews and addresses by faculty1:29/261929
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceLutheran youths of three states visit campus1:71/91930
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirTo be heard by large group1:41/231930
[ ]Literary AwardsClub for prospective writers proposed2:13/131930
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceRegistrar receives 350 conference entries1:23/201930
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceBanquet1:74/31930
[ ]German Grand Opera CompanyWittenberg School announces concert1:72/261931
[ ]National Student Federation of AmericaNSFA extends invitation to join1:212/111931
[ ]Tulloss, Rees Edgar;[Photo];Liberal ArtsHeads Liberal Arts Movement1:51/131933
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceLocal educators to aid in conference1:51/121934
[ ]Lutheran Educational ConferenceStudent achievement in Lutheran Colleges higher1, 3, 51/191934
[ ]Federal Emergency Relief FundFERF to combine government funds, college aid1:72/161934
[ ]Federal Emergency Relief FundAid brings enrollment upward 271:33/21934
[ ]Federal Emergency Relief FundAid brings enrollment upward 271:13/161934
[ ]Heisey, Paul H.;[Photo];Lutheran Youth Conference;Finefrock, John C.Missionary Will Speak - Plans Near Completion For Lutheran Youth Conference1:54/121935
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceOver 600 attend meet4:65/31935
[ ]Gillette, Vera; Micar, VincentNoted artists to entertain1:411/131936
[ ]Lambda Mu; Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaTwo groups plan college songbook3:112/111936
[ ]National Lutheran Education ConferenceMarks twenty-fifth year of activity1:21/211938
[ ]Second Generation ClubOffspring of alumni (por)1:210/141938
[ ]Jeddy, VeraPlayers conclude run of "The Fool"1:23/171939
[ ]Jeddy, VeraFrom the campus sketchbook4:11/191940
[ ]Jeddy, VeraChanges from actress to director in play production4:52/21940
[ ]Jeddy, VeraTakes lead role1:512/201940
[ ]Jeddy, VeraClass orator1:33/71941
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaRegional conferences begin today1;65/21941
[ ]Second Generation ClubStudents organize4:410/171941
[ ]General MacArthur DayWittenberg prepares to observe1:53/201942
[ ]General MacArthur DayIntramural leaders postpone4:34/101942
[ ]Lutheran Students Conference of AmericaCampus LSA to host conference1:112/11944
[ ]VeteransVeteran enrollment 34; Matthies expects more4:510/51945
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn1:31/181946
[ ]VeteransMarried vets will inhabit Woodlawn5:22/151946
[ ]VeteransG.I. trailer homes quickly filled1:13/221946
[ ]VeteransCollege assigned added housing1:55/171946
[ ]VeteransTemporary dorms occupied1:49/201946
[ ]VeteransMatthies states FPHA situation1:112/201946
[ ]VeteransFigures show that vets are sticking1:111/61947
[ ]VeteransSubsistence raise anticipated1:11/141948
[ ]VeteransMost vetshere will gain from new law1:32/251948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years1:23/41948
[ ]VeteransAfter two years: trailer life still cramped and crazy4:33/41948
[ ]VeteransCllege takes over titles of housing units3:59/221948
[ ]Bender, Marty; Beymer, Johnny; Janicky, Vera; Lindow, JuneSenior class officers110/271948
[ ]Janicky, VeraPersonality parade2:311/101948
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaLutheran Student Association3:212/151948
[ ]Tulloss, President Rees Edgar; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)To head ULCA drive for $6,000,0002:15/251949
[ ]Saddlemire, Dr. Gerald L.Service extended by counselors1:59/211949
[ ]Thompson, Carroll; Wrolstad, Merald E.Two appointed to staff2:19/211949
[ ]Lutheran League of Ohio ConventionAt Akron Convention F.M.F. Presents Program3:210/261949
[ ]Films;Les Miserables;Hugo, VictorHugo Film Shown1:110/261949
[ ]Wrolstad, Meral;Publications OfficeDirectory Distributed After Vacation1:412/201949
[ ]Visual Aids Workshop; Lutheran ChurchPastors meet for workshop1:23/151950
[ ]Winston, Miss Mildred E.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)ULCA education secretary here for student workshop1:22/151951
[ ]Wrolstad, Merald E.Wrols signs last "thirty" to follow Mac and fade (por)2:45/241951
[ ]Lundin, Jack;Phi Psi-Gamma Phi chorus;Phi Kappa;Saddlemire, Dr. Gerald;Christmas;[Photos]"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing"1:112/211951
[ ]Lutheran Brotherhood ScholarshipScholarship to Linda Neal2:49/171954
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchSix to attend convention3:210/11954
[ ]Janosek, GeraldAppointed to fill new post1:410/151954
[ ]Janosek, GeraldIs new assistant director of Admissions2:110/301954
[ ]Adler, John; Gillikin, Gerald; Pierce, GeneFootball fathers highlight Dad's Day (por)1:111/121954
[ ]Gillikin, GeraldLutheran 11 ready for battle (por)5:211/121954
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Wittenberg shared1:31/211955
[ ]Lutheran Students' Association of AmericaNational convention. Fabian tells of experiences1:34/291955
[ ]Bartels, Gerald L.Twelve professors join Witt faculty (por)3:19/161955
[ ]Bartels, Gerald L.Wittenberg's new publicity director (In "I love it" says Bartels)3:39/301955
[ ]Opera"Amahl and the Night Visitors" given by students1:212/21955
[ ]Opera"Amahl and the Night Visitors" given by students1:512/161955
[ ]American LutheransDr. Willard D. Allbeck writes for American Lutherans1:51/131956
[ ]Janosek, GeraldAccepts new GM position1:33/91956
[ ]Gillikin, GeraldMost valuable football player4:35/41956
[ ]Liberal Arts Study CommitteeCommittee submits report2:310/261956
[ ]Rilling, Rev. Dr. John W.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Alumnus named ULCA chaplainNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.3:22/121958
[ ]Miller, L. David; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)On permanent commission of Liturgy & Hymnal-ULCA5:54/181958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) "Antigone" will host delegates6:39/191958
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchConvention convenes Oct 8; campus to host delegates1:19/261958
[ ]United Lutheran ChurchConvention convenes Oct 8; campus to host delegates1:110/101958
[ ]Plays; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA) Tragedy Staged for ULCA: Campus will view "Antigone" Tuesday3:310/101958
[ ]Matthies, Dr. Roland C.; United Lutheran Church in America (ULCA)Stoughton, Matthies get ULCA honors4:310/241958
[ ]Literary SocietiesExcelsiors and Philosophians are gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]Excelsior Literary SocietyExcelsiors and Philosophians gone but not forgotten5:410/311958
[ ]OperaDouble bill opera featured in Music School presentation1:44/31959
[ ]OperaDouble bill opera featured in Music School presentation3:54/101959
[ ]Auten, Miss Vera; Beuschlein, Harold; Toy, Mrs. Janet P.Three instructors appointed to faculty5:45/151959
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Gives aid6:42/261960
[ ]The Rising Generation (television program)TV to feature 11 WU students1:54/11960
[ ]After-Dinner Opera CompanyAfter-Dinner Opera Company to perform in senate series1:111/111960
[ ]After-Dinner Opera CompanyAfter-Dinner Opera Company to perform on campus tonight1:311/181960
[ ]After-Dinner Opera CompanyAfter-Dinner Opera Company proves enjoyable2:512/21960
[ ]Second Generation ClubClub propsed1:19/291961
[ ]Second Generation ClubClub proposed1:310/201961
[ ]Opera"Benjamin" to be presented1:32/161962
[ ]Opera"Mr. Godfrey" to be presented1:22/161962
[ ]Opera"Mr. Godfrey" and "Benjamin" to be presented by Robert Haskins1:32/231962
[ ]Washington Seminar for Lutheran Students15 Wittenberg students attend2:44/271962
[ ]Second Generation ClubTo have picnic2:29/211962
[ ]OperaOperas to be presented in English1:210/51962
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaWU receives LCA grant1:311/131964
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)WU selected to participate in GM scholarships1:33/51965
[ ]Gerard, BrotherProtestant monk (Taize Community) visits campus6:112/101965
[ ]Springfield Civic Opera CompanyCivic Opera slates final6:33/251966
[ ]Hamilton, GeraldOrganist here April 125:34/11966
[ ]Lutheran Youth Leadership GrantsSix WU freshmen get $300 grants4:19/241966
[ ]Liberal Arts SymposiumFuture of liberal arts college is theme of two-day symposium1:310/71966
[ ]Liberal Arts Symposium"Generally optimistic" future seen for liberal arts colleges6:1-210/211966
[ ]Liberal Arts SymposiumSymposium receives criticism6:1-410/211966
[ ]Lutheran World FederationLWF committee here April 9-158:14/71967
[ ]Lutheran World FederationLWF committee here April 9-15 (por)1:14/141967
[ ]Brauer, Rev. Jerald C.Theological education expert to preach in Weaver Chapel (por)7:34/281967
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaLCA sponsors study of possible East Asia Study program5:411/101967
[ ]General Motors Corporation (GMC)Recipient of scholarship is Gary H. Lea7:110/41968
[ ]Second Generation Clubto meet Sunday3:31/241969
[ ]Lutheran Brotherhood of Minneapolis$5,000 to Wittenberg to expand Martin Luther collection3:32/141969
[ ]Zion Lutheran ChurchDonates $3,000 to Wittenberg University and Hamma School of Theology2:510/171969
[ ]Alma Mater;Opinion;Women's Liberation"Why not an alma pater?" position defended2:55/151970
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaBoard to examine relationship between Wittenberg and Lutheran Church12:12/31972
[ ]Women's LiberationUnion board presents "Focus on Women" week5:15/111972
[ ]Women's LiberationDianna Liff and Jane Picker, Ohio lawyers, spoke during Focus on Women week8:15/181972
[ ]Women's LiberationMs. Wilma S. Heidi, president of NOW speaks on women's rights during "Focus on Women" week1:15/181972
[ ]Newman Club; Niklas, Rev. GeraldDeath seminar1:55/161974
[ ]Inter-Lutheran FestivalPlanned for February 13-153:51/291976
[ ]Literary AwardsFour writers honored May 24th. Bill Langmanand Karen Flynn-Poetry; Keith Wegner-Fiction; Jennifer Knerr-Creativity6:15/261977
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaWitt hosts conference on church and future1:19/91977
[ ]Lutheran Church in AmericaLCA holds education conference6:59/301977
[ ]Lutheran Student MovementLSM holds assembly1:44/141978
[ ]Hooper, Alvera; Lundquist, Ingrid1978 graduate of Wittenberg hired as an admissions counselor for the University6:79/91978
[ ]Federal Communications Commission (FCC)Rules to effect WUSO's return6:52/21979
[ ]Federal LawsLaws sometimes cause funding problems, college budgets discussed6:53/21979
[ ]General Honors ProgramThoughts about program expressed6:510/51979
[ ]Lutheran Youth ConferenceLutheran Youth Conference is coming to Wittenberg Oct. 176:510/121979
[ ]Lutheran Student MovementGeoff Thurman elected as national secretary (pic)3:310/191979
[ ]OperationsDiscusses limited driving due to recent gas price hikes6:11/111980
[ ]Liberal Arts Study CommitteeLiberal arts education is discussed5:42/291980
[ ]OperaReligious opera "Esther", composed by Dr. Donald Busarow, to be presented at Weaver Chapel6:64/41980
[ ]OperaNew religious opera "Esther," composed by Dr. Busarow, assistant professor of music, and Dr. Koppenhaver, professor of English (libretto), premiered in Weaver Chapel6:14/181980
[ ]LutheransAttend worship and music festival; also workshops6:54/251980
[ ]Lutheran CollegesLeading theologian and congressman, Dr. Joseph A. Sittler, a Witt alumnus, will speak of faculty of Lutheran Colleges6:210/31980
[ ]OperationsReparations and renovations made to university buildings; new facilities being completed6:110/31980
[ ]OperationsWitt's new power sub-station is nearly complete6:110/101980
[ ]LutheransLocal churches will hold a reformation celebration8:310/241980
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteraturePresents crayola's coffee house3:611/71980
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteratureNearly ready for publication. Collection of art and literature pleases editor1:55/81981
[ ]Grade Pont Average (GPA) 71% of students polled are against assigning letter grade (+)s and (-)s points in the averaging; results presented to Board of Academic Standards1:65/221981
[ ]General Honors ProgramFaculty advisor, Dr. Parker, explains how the honors program operates and how interested students can become involved6:310/161981
[ ]Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)Activists to speak (pic)1:61/291982
[ ]LutheransChurch history recalled of time span over Hitler's reign6:51/291982
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art;Hilbrink, John E.;Galluci, Randy C.'Witt Review' seeks writers6:32/51982
[ ]Equal Rights Amendment (ERA);Johnson, Sonia;Johnson argues for ERA1:12/51982
[ ]Beals, Dr. Jacqueline; Bennett, Dr. Timothy; Driscore, Christopher; Evans, Pam; Fenno, Dr. Shelly; Huffman, Dr. Robert; Kazez, Daniel; Chang, Shih-Ming Li;; Muthard, Beverly; Rivera, Mr. Isdro; Wendel, Joyce; Faculty; ProfessorsEleven new professors join faculty15:110/31986
[ ]Lutheran ChurchesLutheran Churches merge14:110/31986
[ ]Rivera, JoseSenior spotlight10:33/61987
[ ]Computer-assisted instruction; Phillips, Gerald M.Computer Professor [at Penn State University]2:39/301988
[ ]Click CameraClick Camera services Witt3:32/31989
[ ]Art TherapyArt therapy valuable in dealing with tension10/271989
[ ]National Press CoverageProfs Discuss Impact Of The Earthquake1:310/271989
[ ]National Press CoverageSupreme Court Decision Affects Tenure Records1:11/191990
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Art & LiteratureArt/Literature review accepting submissions5:12/91990
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and ArtWittenberg Review of Literature and Art enjoys weekend success2:55/141993
[ ]National Press CoverageWitt moves up in national ranking1:19/271994
[ ]Lutheran College Washington consortiumWashington Internship offers hands-on learning experience4:310/111994
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and ArtNew WRLA edition in works13:12/71995
[ ]Pieratt, Carey'Demon spawn' returns to teach sociology19:3-410/291996
[ ]Duerr, Beth; Pera, Jodi; Baily, Sarah; Hill, VickieSenior Spotlight7:111/111997
[ ]Kyushu Lutheran College; International StudentsStudents from Japan to visit2:42/152000
[ ]School of the Americas; Western Hemisphere Institute for Security CooperationNew Name, Same Shame5:11/232001
[ ]Literary SocietiesLove of literature draws students, faculty together5:14/112003
[ ]Literary SocietiesLiterary Society meets to talk poetry, watch movies5:112/112003
[ ]Literary SocietiesThe Literary Society learns to use chopsticks as twelve Wittenberg students experience Japan4:19/82005
[ ]Literary SocietiesWittenberg Litereary Society hosts 1st annual Pig Pickin'1:110/62005
[ ]Satire; National Issues; Health; Feral AnimalsHomeless cats carry bird flu [satire] 4:43/302006
[ ]Editorials; Feral AnimalsOverlooking the Little Guys online3/222007
[ ]Financial Aid; Scholarships; Lutheran Scholar Leader Award; Pam Evans Smith '82 Memorial Scholarship; Smith, Pam EvansNew Scholarship Helps Students8:19/62007
[ ]Veterans; Morse, EarlSpringfield resident honors WWII veternas with Honor Flight3:110/252007
[ ]Kimura, Hiroyuki; Motoba, mami; Iwamoto, Arisa; Ogata, Ayano; Kyushu Lutheran College; KumamotoJapanese exchange students try to adapt to strange new place 6:13/132008
[ ]Average Joe's Fitness ClubAverage Joes take to the gym10:32/52009
[ ]Barrera, Virgilio; Politics; Study AbroadWittenberg students experience inauguration firsthand12:12/52009
[ ]Irish Dance Club; Animal Liberation; Student OrganizationsFreshman introduce fresh clubs 9:14/12010
[ ]Study Abroad;Bays, Sam;Political Science Department; Lutheran College Washington SemesterNot Your Typical Study Abroad: A Student’s Experience in DC 9:31/252012
[ ]Buildings; Editorials; Food; Social InteractionThe Art of the Cafe 9:32/222012
[ ]Kelleher, Shannon;Biology;English;LiteratureThere’s Science in My English Homework 3:311/142012
[ ]Quigley, Maggie;Lesotho;[Photos];Vargo, Vitalia;Rosenberg, Scott;Batanin, Jess;Daniels, Kenzie;Conway, KieranA Letter From Lesotho: Lessons From the Mountain Kingdom 4:11/232013
[ ]Online Exclusive;Radio station;Federal Communications Commission (FCC)In the Life of an Intern: Everything’s Not Always FCC Clean! 2/62013
[ ]Dance Companies;Wittenberg Series;Shih-Ming Li Chang;Varone, Doug;Conway, KieranWitt Series: Doug Varone and Dancers Bring Contemporary Dance to Springfield Community 2:42/132013
[ ]Darcy Dillahunt, Suzanne;Tune, Rachel;Ohio;Lutheran Church;Student's Mother to be Installed Bishop1:49/112013
[ ]Conway, Kieran;Ohio;International Cherry Blossom FestivalSophomore Named Ohio’s Cherry Blossom Princess 1:110/92013
[ ]Dance Concert;DelBello, Katie;Rice, Linzey;Lynch, Mary;Owens, Maggie;Jones, Dorri;Biglow, Amelia;Biglow, Meagan;Conway, Kieran;Fiete, Rebecca;Peterkoski, Ryan;[Photos]More Than Just a Dance Number 3:111/132013
[ ]Feral Animals;Wittenberg Campus;Moore, Anna;"Kittenberg": Are there Alternative Solutions?3:311/202013
[ ]Feral Animals;Wittenberg Campus;Nichols, Beatrice;Letter to the Editor: Kittenberg and Alternative Solutions6:412/112013
[ ]Goins, DaVante;Veterans;Homeless in AmericaWitt Student Helps Give Homes for Homeless Veterans 4:12/52014
[ ]Bringing Residential Individuals to Discover General Equality (BRIDGE); Gradwohl, Wendy; McMillan, Bethany; [Photo]BRIDGE Panel Focuses on Women's History Month 2:13/262014
[ ]Liberal Arts;Carron, Claire;[Photo];Butler, Christopher;[Photo];Mattingly, Andrea;Moskowitz, Nona;Livingstone, AmyWittenberg Celebrates Students [A Celebration of Liberal Arts] 1:14/162014
[ ]Opera Studio;Wilver, Victoria;Torsten, Deanna;Brown, Katherine;Boone, Brynna;Nutting, Alec;Butler, Christopher;MusicBroadway Bound; Wittenberg’s Opera Studio 3:14/302014
[ ]Liberal Arts;Finances;Budget;Joyner, Laurie M.Let’s Make Wittenberg Everyone Person’s Top College 6:49/172014
[ ]Joyner, Laurie M.;Awards;Opinion;Liberal ArtsWhy President Joyner’s Influence Shouldn’t be Honored 6:110/152014
[ ]English Department;Founders Pub;Literary Awards;Simon, Alina;Brown, Trevor;Hunt, Hannah;Cascino, Julie;[Photos]Pub Fest — Michaela Freeman 3:14/12015
[ ]Peralta, Andres;Spanish DepartmentSpanish Professor Absent from Class for Almost Two Months 1:14/222015
[ ]Sports;Opinion;Wittenberg - History;LutheransLet’s Go Back to the Past 11:19/302015
[ ]FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid);Obama, Barack;Green, Randy;Financial Aid;National NewsNew FAFSA Underway 1:19/302015
[ ]FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid);Green, Randy;Financial Aid;Tuition;Obama, BarackThe Impact: New FAFSA May Affect Middle Class Families 1:110/142015
[ ]Social Interaction;OpinionWhy the “Wittenberg Walk” is a Hoax 10:112/92015
[ ]Operation K Club;Fort, Annie;Martin, Caitlin;Morehouse, Mackenzie;Student Activities;[Photo]The Kindest Club On Campus 6:110/122016
[ ]English Department;Colloquia;LiteratureEnglish Department Delights With Dystopian Literature 3:12/82017
[ ]Student Organizations;Operation K Club;Martin, CaitlinOperation K Spreads Kindness 3:12/222017
[ ]Wagner, Brooke;Womyn's Center;Feminism;Sechrist, Joseph;Torres, Irene;Literatureeminist Book Club: A Safe Space for Open Discussion 5:39/132017
[ ]Wittenberg Review of Literature and Art;Harper, Theresa;SpectrumWittenberg Review Apologizes and Promises a Publication 4:29/132017
[ ]Founders Pub;Trivia;Dudek, Ray;Mouritsen, KieranFounders Trivia Keeps Students Coming Back 4:19/202017
[ ]Opinion;Operation K Club;Beta Theta Pi;LitterPick-Up Your Trash, ‘Cause a Leprechaun Won’t 11:13/282018