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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Delta ZetaBeta Phi's join Delta Zeta's1:39/191941
[ ]Powder Bowl;Delta Zeta;Gamma PhiSorority Gridders Will Vie Nov. 214:211/171950
[ ]Delta ZetaDZ and DSE merger makes toatl of 118 chapters1:52/221957
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta names O'Keefe DZ man1:35/161957
[ ]Delta ZetaDZ's and Beta's win trophies for sings2:15/121961
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta becomes parents of Grecian girl3:15/181962
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta wins sing trophy for 2nd consecutive year2:45/181962
[ ]Delta ZetaFirst place in sorority sing5:55/171968
[ ]Delta ZetaBarb Cook wins Florence Hood Award (pic)4:210/251973
[ ]Delta ZetaCheryl Schneider was the winner of the 1976-77 DZ Baby Beauty Contest4:32/241977
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta receives the annual scholarship award at Delta Zeta State Day, April 12, 1980, Youngstown, OH. Five girls pledged Delta Zeta Sorority April 15, 19802:64/181980
[ ]Delta Zeta; VolleyballDelta Zetas win championship in intramurals5:611/141980
[ ]Delta ZetaDelta Zeta sorority to close in May1:2-511/141995
[ ]Delta ZetaFraternity to rent house from Delta Zetas1:1-34/21996
[ ]Greek Life;Sororities;Kappa Kappa Gamma;Delta Zeta;Alpha Xi Delta;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Brems, EmmaNew Sorority to Come to Campus 5:19/302015