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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaBegins college year in new home on Woodlawn Ave.12:310/41911
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaSixty active chapters in leading college and universities3213/121913
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaOhio chapters of Phi Gamma Delta met at Witt. Pig dinner, traditional banquet of organization closes the festivities426:1-34/231913
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaFalling plaster causes uproar in house3:412/211916
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWater tank in attic overflows at hour of public speaking3:412/211916
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaGives flagpole to college1:212/21920
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaAnnual convention to be held in Springfield3:24/281921
[ ]Coolidge, Calvin; Phi Gamma DeltaPicture of Coolidge [autographed] is Received by Phi Gams1:311/281923
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Phi Kappa Psi;Pi Theta Phi;CrimeThieves Enter Campus Houses - Phi Gams, Phi Psis, Pi Phis, All Donate To Entering Robbers4:212/131928
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Coolidge, CalvinCoolidge Story Is Remembered - Local Phi Gams Are Saved Cuts at Request of Ex-president1:61/131933
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWinners of homecoming display contest1:311/31933
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCampus dwellings undergo changes2:59/161938
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCampus dwellings undergo changes4:310/71938
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCampus dwellings undergo changes1:512/21938
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaStages conclave4:35/51939
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaPhi Gam toaster, Chi O cannibal first prize winners1:310/311941
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWins intramural debating cup from Alpha Taus1:411/281941
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaChi Os and Fijis awarded cups (homecoming displays)1:111/81946
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWin varsity nite with musical skit (por)1:111/221946
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaHouse decoration winners Kappa Delta, Phi Gamma Delta4,511/151947
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaVarsity nite program hailed as best ever; Phi Gams take cup home1:512/41947
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gams win trophy1:111/231948
[ ]Phi Gamma Deltawin Varsity night trophy1:111/231948
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Hamma;Hamma;Dorm League;VolleyballFijis, Hamma, Dorm In Tie3:412/201949
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaTake spring sings3:59/211950
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi;Del Medico, Vincent J.;Zimmer, Frederick P.;Phi Gamma DeltaPhi Psis Elect Officers; Phi Gamma Delta; Dorm League Parties Scheduled3:411/171950
[ ]Powder Bowl;Delta Zeta;Gamma PhiSorority Gridders Will Vie Nov. 214:211/171950
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaCaptures varsity night1:44/261951
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity Nightcapture varsity night1:45/11952
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaTake cups3:210/231953
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaThe winnahs! (por)3:210/231953
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gamma delta captures top trophy1:14/301954
[ ]Delta GammaTo be Wittenberg's seventh sorority1:43/111955
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta; Varsity NightPhi Gams win1:44/291955
[ ]Delta GammaDG's will activate March 103:43/21956
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma's make plans for house3:510/21959
[ ]Delta GammaDG's auction slaves; raise money to aid Swedish student1:14/281961
[ ]Delta GammaDG chapter breaks ground for house6:112/151961
[ ]Delta GammaHouse construction underway1:12/21962
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma's dedicate house7:310/271962
[ ]Delta Gamma'Blue' and 'Thirsty' Greeks win 1st place in sings1:15/131966
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma's have program on alcoholism3:110/51979
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma's go Halloween caroling, picture, no story4:211/21979
[ ]Delta Gamma; Planned ParenthoodMary Connelly spoke at the Delta Gamma house8:311/21979
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaVolunteers to rake leaves for the dignitaries to be here Nov. 35:411/21979
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaHelps clean campus (pic) only5:111/91979
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaParty waiver denied by Dean Scott and discussed by Fiji President1:39/261980
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaWitt Fijis win awards at national convention4:19/261980
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta GammaAnchor splash set1/271989
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta GammaDG housemother suffers stroke1/121990
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta GammaDG anchor splash will assist blind2/91990
[ ]Fraternities and Sororities; Delta GammaDG tee-off Saturday5/41990
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaFIJI sanctions source of concern among students1:1-211/141995
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaFraternity to select new house director1:2-31/231996
[ ]Phi Gamma DeltaNew Phi Gamma Delta officers take charge3:1-51/231996
[ ]Delta GammaDelta Gamma anchor splash benefits blind6:1-23/261996
[ ]Delta Sigma Phi; Gamma Phi Beta; Greek Week; Fraternities and Sororities[Greek Week Winners]12:310/112007
[ ]Awards;Concerned Black Students (CBS);Residence Halls;Center for Civic and Urban Engagement; Davidson, Lacey; Dooley, Scott; Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Delta Pi; Duraj, Jon; Brooks, Kent; Robinson, Dennis; Kinzler, Nicole; Moore, Aaron; Lambdi CStudents and Faculty Rewarded for Their Leadership On and Off Campus 3:14/252012
[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Promise Neighborhood;Welker, Robert;Promise Alliance Club (PAC)Fraternity Philanthropy Raises Over $2,000: Proceeds will benefit local Springfield Promise Neighborhood [Wittenberg Students Pledge to Help Students at Lincoln Elementary] 1:111/282012
[ ]Delta Gamma;Philanthropy;Hubbard, BethDelta Gamma's Anchor Slam 4:24/92014
[ ]Clark, Cindy;Delta GammaTales from a Delta Gamma House Mom 3:25/72014
[ ]Greek Life;Phi Gamma DeltaFIJI Wins National Recognition 2:39/102014
[ ]Greek Life;Kappa Delta;Delta Gamma;PhilanthropyGreek Corner 4:13/42015
[ ]Greek Life;Sororities;Kappa Kappa Gamma;Delta Zeta;Alpha Xi Delta;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Brems, EmmaNew Sorority to Come to Campus 5:19/302015
[ ]Student Senate;Office of Student Involvement;Student Activities;Ernat, Pearl;Delta Gamma;Ames, Elizabeth;Leadership Awards Ceremony;[Photo]Wittenberg Hosts Fifth Annual Leadership Awards 4:14/132016
[ ]Delta Tau Delta;Phi Gamma Delta;Osman, JonathanGreen Dot Initiative 4:44/272016
[ ][Photos];Delta Gamma;Karavakis, Nicole;Delta Tau Delta;Phi Gamma Delta;Kappa Delta;Swimming and Diving - Men;Pohlabel, MicaelaDelta Gamma Makes A Splash For the Visually Impaired 6:14/192017
[ ]Phi Kappa Psi;Ramanthan, Rahul;Herron, Andrew;Hobson, Zachary;Wells, Rebecca;Freeman, MacKenzie;McGuffey, Amy;Duraj, Jon;Gamma Phi Beta;Delta Tau Delta;Beta Theta Pi;Delta GammaRunning To Support The Boys and Girls Club 3:110/42017