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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]DebateOur society debates25:111/11879
[ ]DebateExtemporary debate70:1-21/11880
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate contest of Ohio criticism of hospitality adn decision of judges71:1-22/11892
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateReply to criticism appearing in Wittenberger of Feb. 1892 by editor of Buchtelite104:24/11892
[ ]DebateExcelsior-Philo debate will take place May 8213:24/141896
[ ]DebateProposed revival of inter-society if considered210:24/141896
[ ]DebatePhilos win in contest with Execelsiors243:1-25/121896
[ ]DebatePlea for debate at Witt2:311/261898
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate debate needed at Wittenberg4:11/281899
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateFor the first time we are to have an inter-collegiate debate162:21/281903
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateTo engage in first inter-collegiate debate197:12/181903
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateVictory for Wittenberg Cardinal & Cream over Otterbein2413/251903
[ ]DebateIntercollegiate teams debate important question; permanent league formed with Otterbein & Ohio U.1:21/171912
[ ]DebateWitt no longer isolated; League gives permanency4:21/241912
[ ]DebateIndiana vs. OSU; nine from Witt listen to controversy over merits of initiative and referendum13:13/131912
[ ]DebatePhilo wins Inter-society debate for 21st year13/201912
[ ]DebateNegative team debates at Athens; positive here against Otterbein2:1-24/21912
[ ]DebateForensic frays4:1-24/31912
[ ]DebateWitt's affirmative team (por)64/31912
[ ]DebateWitt's negative team (por)84/31912
[ ]DebateFirst inter-collegiate contest held at Witt1:24/171912
[ ]DebateMethods of perparation differ at Otterbein404:1-34/161913
[ ]DebateIntercollegiat debate is quintagonal affair1:3-411/121914
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateBest debaters from two societies to defend college at Pentagonal Contest3:211/251914
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateInter-collegiate debates cancelled. Wittenberg was too small a school to attempt to participate in so many contests1:32/41915
[ ]DebateWitt will meet five schools1:3-410/281915
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateTriangle debate March 24th1:53/91916
[ ]Inter-Collegiate debateMount Union sends wrong team and forfeits debate1:14/61916
[ ]DebateTeams in search of opponents; 4 Ohio schools sought1:311/31916
[ ]DebateStudents opinions; a debate coach needed2:3-412/141916
[ ]DebateCo-eds reject offer to participate; lack of experience is excuse1:32/81917
[ ]DebateNegative debaters defeat Muskingum1:32/151917
[ ]DebateNegative team wins 2nd victory of year against Ohio Northern1:23/151917
[ ]DebateAffirmative team loses to opponents1:3-43/191917
[ ]DebateTwo defeats simultaneously388:1-24/91919
[ ]DebateWittenberg and Capital University Are To Clash In Dual Debate Friday Night (First Debate of Year)1:412/71922
[ ]DebateDebators Win and Lose in Dual Meet1:112/141922
[ ]DebateInter-Society Teams Begin Preparing For Their Annual Clash1:61/181923
[ ]DebateDebaters Will Clash In Triangular Meet Contests Tonight Will Be First Three-College Affair Wittenberg Has Entered-Affirmative Squad Will Meet Baldwin-Wallace Here1:13/81923
[ ]DebateCo-eds to Participate in a Dual Contest4:43/221923
[ ]DebateDebate For Alternatives To Be Held Friday Night - Lutherans to Meet Heidelberg In Unique Contest1:13/201924
[ ]DebateDebate Schedule1:23/201924
[ ]Debate;Matthews, James;Van Dervoort, John;Brees, Paul R.Good Record Established By Debaters - Six Victories and Two Defeats for 0.818 of Judges' Votes Season's Result1:13/201924
[ ]DebateTour of British Isles Being Planned For Wittenberg's 1926 Debate Team: Itinerary of Trip Would Bring College Debators Against Representatives of English, Irish, and Scotch Schools [Teams may tour British Isles]1:510/11925
[ ]Cambridge Trio; Inter-Collegiate debate; DebateDebaters Meet Cambridge Trio: Prohibition is Subject of Opening Contest of Year [Cambridge Trio to debate the Wittenberg Team]1:110/151925
[ ]Debate; Brees, Paul R.Wittenberg To Sponsor Leauge for Debate Teams in Ohio High Schools: Plans for Organization To Be Made By Educators at Luncheon To Be Held at Bancroft Hotel Saturday Noon1:110/221925
[ ]DebateDebaters will meet team from University as Sydney, Australia: Contest with representatives of largest school in Anzac Countries to be held in April, Prof. Thompson Says1:312/171925
[ ]DebateThree Debates Are Scheduled - Both Men and Women To See Action Next Week4:12/181926
[ ]DebateMen Debaters To Open Conference Season With Triangular Contest - Ohio Northern and Marietta To Form Opposition In Harangue Wednesday Night; Affirmative Team Defeats Earlham1:52/251926
[ ]Australian Debate TeamAustralian Debate Team to meet Wittenberg Trio1:69/231926
[ ]Debate;Crowl, Lester;Gray, Theodore;Sittler, JosephVarsity Debaters Going Into Action - Trio Announced To Oppose Foreign Team; Women Tryouts To Be Held Thursday1:49/301926
[ ]DebateDebate will meet University of Sydney, Australia team4:1-311/111926
[ ]DebateDebate meet California team1:11/201927
[ ]DebateMeet 12 colleges in five western states; Witt travels to Pacific coast (por)1:3-61/201927
[ ]DebateTranscontinental trip is first in Witt's history1:13/171927
[ ]DebateDebate trio having successful trip1:4-54/71927
[ ]DebateCo-ed trio to debate British Union men: that co-education is a failure1:19/221927
[ ]Slater, John R.;Debate;Debate TeamSlater Announces Yearling Debaters - Fifteen Are Picked For First Year Men's Debate Squad; One Debate Booked1:410/271927
[ ]DebateCo-ed trip to meet British Union Men's squad1:311/171927
[ ]DebateWitt claims championship of Ohio conference1:4-53/151928
[ ]DebateOpen forum style introduction by Oxford Univ. (London) team is gaining favor in the East2:33/221928
[ ]DebateChampionship to be celebrated in chapel under auspices of Boost "W"1:3-43/291928
[ ]Debate;Brees, Paul R.;Sittler, Joseph8 Champs Back For Forensic Activities - 1928 Debate Conference Champions Will Be Augmented By First Year Men1:110/111928
[ ]DebateCo-eds vie with men in heated argumentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.6:212/81928
[ ]Debate;Debate TeamTeam Victorious In Decision Debates - Toledo And Heidelberg Fall Before The Tongue Of Wittenberg Debaters1:112/131928
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;Kelly, Vernon G.;DebateThey're Busy1:612/131928
[ ]Debate;Debate TeamVictory In Debates Tonight Will Assure Third Championship - Hiram, Capital Are Foes1:312/131928
[ ]DebateChampion debaters honored at chapel1:11/311929
[ ]DebateInternational varsity debate of year; team goes to PurdueNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:52/91929
[ ]DebateDetermined to keep championship title1:59/261929
[ ]Debate17 women make team1:511/141929
[ ]Debatemeeting of Forensic National; decisions to be returned by 3 boards of three judges each1:512/51929
[ ]Debatethree-judges system worked; Wtt wins by large margin1:312/121929
[ ]DebateTie for state championship (pic)1/161930
[ ]DebateWomen open season1:72/271930
[ ]DebateTeam returns from Cuban trip1:3-53/201930
[ ]Debate Team;Debate;RosterDebaters Gain First Place Tie - Men Share Conference Title With Ohio University Team1:41/131933
[ ]Brees, P. R.;Debate;Debate TeamVarsity Debate Drill Starts - Van Riper, Kruger Lecture To Men's Squad On Topic1:59/291933
[ ]Debate;Brees, Paul R.Women Debaters To Meet Earlham Next Tuesday3:72/91934
[ ]DebateVarsity ties for 2nd place in Ohio conference1:3-51/181935
[ ]DebateDebaters hold first place in Ohio Conference1:13/11935
[ ]DebateWomen win Ohio Confernce with victory over Kent1:13/81935
[ ]Debate TeamFreshmen Present Exhibition Debates - Men's and Women's Teams Are in Toledo Today4:34/121935
[ ]Debate;Name Debate Topics1:24/121935
[ ]DebateAnnounce subjects1:110/111935
[ ]DebateDebate places 3rd in contest1:412/131935
[ ]DebateDebate to meet Xavier4:212/201935
[ ]Debate6 contests remain1:11/171936
[ ]DebateDebate prepare for conference1:52/211936
[ ]Brees, Paul R.;Speech Department;Drama;Debate;Browne, JeanneBrees Plans Forensic Year - Jeanne Brown, '34, Will Direct Wittenberg Players1:310/21936
[ ]DebateCo-eds take 2nd place in intercollegiate tournament1:53/241937
[ ]DebateDebate team places 2nd in Ohio Conference tournament1:212/171937
[ ]DebateDebate win state honors1:24/211939
[ ]DebateDebate travel to Indiana1:12/211941
[ ]DebateWomen place in state tournament3:512/141945
[ ]DebateGrowth of debater; woes, miseries and fun1:13/281947
[ ]DebateWomen take second place1:412/111947
[ ]DebateDebate win in Earlham contest1:32/251948
[ ]DebateDebate places fourth in state meet6:33/41948
[ ]DebateWomen place third1:412/81948
[ ]DebateFirst Year Debate Squad Announced1:112/151948
[ ]DebateDebate take third place in statewide tournamentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.1:23/11950
[ ]DebateFreshman debaters take championship1:44/261951
[ ]Debate;Tryouts Open For First Year Debate3:312/211951
[ ]DebateWittenberg places in all finals at speech tournay1:33/201952
[ ]DebateTies for first place in state contest1:23/121954
[ ]DebateIntercollegiate debate problem plagues colleges212/171954
[ ]DebateDebaters prepare for coming season1:110/141955
[ ]DebateMen debaters place second in tourney1:11/201956
[ ]DebateDebaters place fifth in state6:33/11957
[ ]DebateNovices capture state debate title2:14/231959
[ ]DebateFour will debate in novice tourney5:54/81960
[ ]DebateDebaters tie for first place1:22/241961
[ ]DebateWU students jam Hiller Chapel in 1912 for 1st college debate tournamentNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect.5:13/131962
[ ]DebateWomen's debate team to take extended tour of 5 states1:411/21962
[ ]DebateDebate teams preparing for busy season6:210/291966
[ ]DebateWU speakers on the road4:211/181966
[ ]DebateWU debaters win honors at Pittsburgh tournament (por)1:112/91966
[ ]DebateWU debaters sweep tournament (por)1:13/101967
[ ]Debate1967-68 topic: The Federal Government should guarantee a minimum annual income to all citizens. Manchester College Tournament5:210/271967
[ ]DebateWU takes first against University of Dayton3:32/231968
[ ]Debate TeamDebate Team won two 1st places and one 3rd place (pic)4:410/311969
[ ]Debate TeamGreg Weiss, Jon Koppenhoefer to be in Mardi Gras National Invitational Tournament in New Orleans1:11/301970
[ ]Debate TeamJon Koppenhoefer, David Berber, Reimund Manneck, and James Lagos take fourth place at Cuyahoga C. Coll.4:33/61970
[ ]DebateTeam, consisting of Jom Koppenhoefer and Dan Peoples, to compete in the 23rd annual William Pitt Cross-Examination Tournament (pic)3:111/61970
[ ]DebateDebaters take third1:81/311974
[ ]Anti-Paraquat DebateComments of U.S. aid to Mexico to spray marijuana fields4:710/201978
[ ]Debate TeamDebate team is organizing, plans to host their own tournament4:39/291979
[ ]Debate TeamDebaters Appreciate Attendance3:43/41983
[ ]DebateDemocrats debate "Star Wars" defensive system4:24/121985
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueDebate league travels to tournament3/21990
[ ]Wittenberg Forensics and Debate LeagueWDFL Snatches 13th Place At Otterbein Collegepg. 1, col10/191990
[ ]Wittenberg Forensics And Debate LeagueWFDL Back From Second Tournamentpg. 3, col11/21990
[ ]Wittenberg Forensics and Debate LeagueWFDL captures 11th place in Ohio championshipspg. 9, col3/11991
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueDebate League competes5:110/251991
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueWFDL competed at tournament5:411/11991
[ ]Forensics and Debate LeagueWittenberg's Speech and Debate team ranks high in state varsity competition1:23/61992