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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Cross CountryCross country team to organize6:59/281962
[ ]Cross CountryWitt adds new varsity sport4:19/181964
[ ]Cross CountryTurner stars in WU cross country opener6:110/21964
[ ]Cross CountryTigers fourth at Valparaiso6:310/161964
[ ]Cross CountryRunners rout Muskie team6:310/301964
[ ]Cross CountryCap runners defeat WU8:111/61964
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers end first season7:411/201964
[ ]Cross CountryTurner starts, harriers post win7:410/11965
[ ]Cross CountryTiger runners snare second6:310/81965
[ ]Cross CountryTurner takes two seconds; Harriers are beaten twice5:110/161965
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers prep for O.C. match edge Central State by point8:310/291965
[ ]Cross CountryTurner stars in Conference, sets new record of 20:518:211/121965
[ ]Cross CountryCross-country team predicts good season8:39/301966
[ ]Cross CountrySnyder Park is home ground to busy cross country team8:310/141966
[ ]Cross CountryMufaro Hove paces victory, Tigers meet with Capital7:310/211966
[ ]Cross CountryWU beats Otters; lose to Ashland10:410/291966
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place seventh in conference finals5:211/111966
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers win initial meet6:110/111968
[ ]Cross CountryHollow to be thinclad goal when Witt meets Slippery Rock and Denison9:110/191968
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers five show depth--1 victory and 1 defeat6:410/251968
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers complete O.C. season at B-W8:111/81968
[ ]Cross CountryInjury and inexperience hamper '68 harrier season6:112/61968
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country defeated Ohio Northern by winning five of the first six places5:510/101969
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country team lose to Otterbein 23-33 and to Capital 20-378:110/91970
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country team lost to Denison 40-209:110/171970
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country loses to Muskingum 27-287:411/61970
[ ]Cross CountryCross country tried hard but lost to Otterbein and Denison (pic)5:110/181973
[ ]Cross CountryCC sprints out of slump5:711/11973
[ ]Cross CountryHopes run high despite inexperience5:710/101974
[ ]Cross CountryMarkley asks 'Why me?'5:610/241974
[ ]Cross CountryDistance men prepare5:39/251975
[ ]Cross CountryTigers outleg Otterbein7:310/91975
[ ]Cross CountryCC stand at 2 and 15:310/161975
[ ]Cross CountryRunners place 18th5:710/231975
[ ]Cross CountryRunners beat five teams5:510/301975
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers end season5:711/61975
[ ]Cross CountryMarkley goes to nationals5:611/131975
[ ]Cross CountryLarry Hunter to coach cross country for first time5:59/91976
[ ]Cross CountryCC to open season Saturday at Wooster7:19/231976
[ ]Cross CountryTeam place 8th out of 13 in OAC relays at Wooster5:59/301976
[ ]Cross CountryTeam placed 4th in 6-team meet at Delaware, O.5:610/71976
[ ]Cross CountryCC defeated Denison & Heidelberg; lost to Ohio Northern5:310/141976
[ ]Cross CountryCC placed 22 among 27 in All-Ohio meet at Ohio Wesleyan Oct. 165:310/211976
[ ]Cross CountryCC finished 3rd out of 5 in final home meet5:610/281976
[ ]Cross CountryRun to potential, finish 10th in Ohio conference6:611/41976
[ ]Cross CountryRunners seek improvement5:59/91977
[ ]Cross CountryHunter high on runners5:69/231977
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place sixth in Ohio Athletic Conference5:49/301977
[ ]Cross CountryCC scored a loss to Ohio Northern and were 3rd in Witt invitational5:610/71977
[ ]Cross CountryRunners place 4th out of ten5:410/141977
[ ]Cross CountryDann excels in cross country7:610/211977
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place 22nd7:310/211977
[ ]Cross CountryRunners look ahead to conference finals5:610/281977
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers place seventh in Ohio Conference5:411/41977
[ ]Cross CountryCC probes effectiveness1:41/131978
[ ]Cross CountryCC tables code again1:52/101978
[ ]Cross CountryCollege Council votes to retain current calendar1:15/121978
[ ]Cross CountryComments about team ability and general information5:69/91978
[ ]Cross CountryCC take sixth in OAC relays. Meet information cited5:69/291978
[ ]Cross CountryWittenberg places second in meet against four other colleges5:310/61978
[ ]Cross CountryCC places second in home meet, information cited5:410/131978
[ ]Cross CountryWitt places seventh out of 25 Ohio colleges5:110/201978
[ ]Cross CountryTigers place second in five team meet7:510/271978
[ ]Cross CountryWitt placed sixth in OAC5:511/31978
[ ]Cross CountryPreparing for the season (pic)3:59/81979
[ ]Cross CountryTigers place tenth at OAC meet in Wooster5:19/291979
[ ]Cross CountryCC finished fourth in home meet (pic)5:510/51979
[ ]Cross CountryCC lose a 22-39 decision to Ohio Northern5:210/121979
[ ]Cross CountryCC placed third in a meet at Otterbein5:110/191979
[ ]Cross CountryCC place 17th and 27th over-all in an all-Ohio meet at Ohio Wesleyan5:310/261979
[ ]Cross CountryCC men took ninth in OAC championship meet7:111/21979
[ ]Cross CountryWitt team gears up with 9 new members (pic)4:39/131980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt team placed third in tournament; is gearing up for more meets5:59/261980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt places fourth in 7-team meet5:410/101980
[ ]Cross CountryJohn Kramer is Witt's most promising track member5:410/171980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt coach will try new strategy at meets5:510/171980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt continues to improve with new "Pack Attack" strategy5:110/311980
[ ]Cross CountryJohn Bacon has made great comeback despite injury5:511/71980
[ ]Cross CountryWitt eighth in OAC meet in 14-team competition (pic)5:311/71980
[ ]Cross CountryJohn Kramer elected a cross-country team's most valuable player5:611/141980
[ ]Cross Country(pic only)4:12/61981
[ ]Cross Country(pic only)4:13/61981
[ ]Cross CountryDarryl Gavin; Sheila Simon (pic only)4:14/201981
[ ]Cross CountryCoach Henter points out strengths of team and season outlook. Tri-meet victory over Kenyon and Oberlin5:410/21981
[ ]Cross CountryCC land second place at the Muskingam Invitational5:510/161981
[ ]Cross CountryTigers finish 19th out of 33 teams at the All Ohio5:410/231981
[ ]Cross CountryCC placed 2nd in triangular meet over Wooster, lost to Otterbein5:610/301981
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country Hunter 13-26:410/81982
[ ]Cross CountryCC qualifies for regionals6:111/121982
[ ]Cross CountryCC setting the pace7:19/301983
[ ]Cross CountryDisappointment for Cross Country5:111/31983
[ ]Cross CountryC-Country has high hopes10:39/211984
[ ]Cross CountryConfetti and cheers for Cross Country team (pic)1:19/281984
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country runners have high hopes for conference meet (pic)8:110/261984
[ ]Cross CountryTigers harriers finish fourth in conference race8:311/21984
[ ]Cross CountryWomen Harriers place 5th in OAC5:111/131987
[ ]Cross CountryX-Country debut9/231988
[ ]Cross CountryX-Country Debut9:19/231988
[ ]Cross CountryCross-Country Improves8:19/301988
[ ]Cross CountryLentz predicts strong finish10/71988
[ ]Cross CountryLentz Predicts Strong Finish8:110/71988
[ ]Cross CountryHunter Is Opptimistic9:410/141988
[ ]Cross CountryHunter is optimistic10/141988
[ ]Cross CountryLentz & Cleary shine11/41988
[ ]Cross CountryGreg Reck12:19/221989
[ ]Cross CountrySports Spotlight: Greg Reck12:19/221989
[ ]Cross CountryWomen's Cross Country fairs well10/61989
[ ]Cross CountryWomen's Cross Country Fairs Well13:410/61989
[ ]Cross CountryLaura Lentz10:110/131989
[ ]Cross CountryThree from Witt NCAC qualifiers11/31989
[ ]Cross CountryThree From Witt NCAC Qualifiers12:111/31989
[ ]Cross CountryRunners' Training Pays Offpg. 12, co10/191990
[ ]Cross CountryX-country is running strong10:19/271991
[ ]Cross Country - WomenCross Country still going strong10:310/41991
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country defeats opponent in Quaker Invitational at Earlham12:110/111991
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country to compete in Championship12:111/11991
[ ]Cross CountryThree x-country members qualify for regionals11:311/81991
[ ]Cross CountryMen's assistant basketball coach shared with Witt cross country team4:610/21992
[ ]Cross CountryHarriers 'loosen up' to prepare for meets8:111/91993
[ ]Cross CountryTigers cross country on rise8:410/41994
[ ]Cross CountryRunner [Jeremy] Kauffman places in all Ohio event11:110/251994
[ ]Cross countryTiger's look to hard work and dedication for successful future13:19/171996
[ ]Cross Country - MenMen's cross country team on the right track9:2-510/81996
[ ]Cross CountryAll Ohio cross country meet draws runners from Division I,II and III13;3-510/151996
[ ]Cross Country - MenMen's cross country team captures first NCAC title10-11:1-1010/291996
[ ]Cross CountryLorek ready for challenge13:49/161997
[ ]Cross CountryWomen's cross-country team surpasses early expectations12:110/281997
[ ]Cross CountryMen's Cross Country finishes first at meet12:49/221998
[ ]Cross CountrySports Shorts11:59/291998
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country takes ninth at Gettysburg Invitational12:310/271998
[ ]Cross CountryMen's and women's cross country set personal records12:110/51999
[ ]Bradshaw, Justin; Weide, Sarah; Cross CountryTwo Tiger runners named All-Region11:111/301999
[ ]Cross CountryCross Country season off to an impressive start15:19/122000
[ ]Gerstle, Abi; Cross Country - WomenGerstle qualifies for national competition14:111/142000
[ ]Cross CountryCross country finishes strong at NCAC Championships14:110/302001
[ ]Cross Country - Men; Cross Country - WomenCross Country Teams Hosts the Wittenberg Invitational13:39/102002
[ ]Cross Country - Men; Cross Country - WomenMen's and Women's Cross Country run to start of 2003 season12:19/112003
[ ]Cross CountryRunning for excellence: cross country excels as Roanoke10:110/62005
[ ]Cross CountryWith new coach, cross country team runs toward success 10:19/72006
[ ]Sports; Cross Country; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; VolleyballWeekend sports highlights 10:19/62007
[ ]Cross Country; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Field Hockey; VolleyballWittenberg teams have hard road to travel as they extend their season toward NCAA Championships10:111/12007
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Penney, Craig; Cross CountryNot just your ordinary Penney 11:14/102008
[ ]Sports; Soccer - Men; Borland, Matt; Soccer - Women; Bamberger, Jordan; Cross Country; Dubuc, Darcy; Football; Huffman, AaronStandout Performances11:19/112008
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCross Country Suceeds at a Higher Level 10:19/182008
[ ]Reiber, Kraig; Study Abroad; Cross CountryI run Witt cross country, therefore I am...crazy? 8:19/252008
[ ]Cross Country; Field Hockey; Football; Soccer - Men; Soccer - Women; Sports; Swimming and Diving; VolleyballTigers' Weekend HighlightsNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 11/06/2008, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/14/2008. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 11:111/62008
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCross Country sees great success in 200810:112/112008
[ ]Basketball - Men; Basketball - Women; Cross Country; Dixon, Rachel; Gardner, Katie; Lamarre, Manny; Larkin, Erik; McIlvain, Katie; Murray, Kevin; Osborne, Tara; Savage, Gabe; Seniors; Seniors; Seniors; Shoemaker, Katie; Sports; Sports; Sports; Track and FWittenberg's outstanding senior athletes14:15/72009
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryC.C. off to a fast start10:19/242009
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCC teams have successful seasons11:111/192009
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCross country starting season on right foot11:029/82010
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryFreshmen stand out on XC team11:019/222010
[ ]Sports; Cross CountryCross country continues to make strides11:0210/132010
[ ]"Sports; Pfeifer, Mary; Cross Country"Mary Pfeifer returns to Division 3 Championships11:0112/82010
[ ]Sports;Cross CountryWittenberg Cross Country Hosts NCAC Meet 10:411/22011
[ ]Pfeifer, Mary;Cross CountryPfeifer Qualifies for Third National Championship Appearance 11:111/162011
[ ]Pfeifer, Mary;Cross Country; SportsPfeifer Places 68th in Third NCAA Championship Appearance 11:411/222011
[ ]Sports;Penney, Craig;Cross CountryA Rebuilding Year for the Cross Country Teams And; the Conference 7:49/52012
[ ]McIlvian, Maggie;Sports;Cross Country;Penny, CraigCross Country Enjoying a Solid Season 8:110/162013
[ ]Henry, Anna;Cross CountryReal World Wittenberg: Post-Graduation Plans take former Cross Country Runner Across the Country 4:511/62013
[ ]Volleyball;Cross CountryIn case you missed it7:19/172014
[ ]Cross Country - Men;Cross Country - Women;Hord, Erin;Osman, Jonathan;[Photo];FluNCAC Cross Country Championships Sam Klarer 7:111/52014
[ ]Cross Country;Penney, Craig;Snyder Park;[Photos]Witt Cross Country Racing at Home 12:19/92015
[ ]Field Hockey;Cooler, Audrey;Soccer - Men;Football;Jenkins, Zackary;Volleyball - Women;Farmer, Kendall;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Osman, Jonathan;Hord, ErinSports Wrap-Up 12:19/302015
[ ]Football;Soccer - Men;Field Hockey;Soccer - Women;Cross Country;Golf - Women;[Photos]Sports Wrap 11:110/72015
[ ]Cross Country;Osman, Jonathan;[Photo]Athlete of the Week 10:19/72016
[ ]Cross Country;Gage, Chase;Gray, Alexia;Conti, Lorin;Rodeheffer, Charles;Pachar, Jersson;Osman, Jonathan;[Photo]Cross Country 11:19/142016
[ ]Cross Country;Philanthropy;Second Harvest Food Bank;[Photos]Track and Field, Cross Country Help Feed the Hungry 11:110/52016
[ ]Barkaszi, Arek;Cross Country - Men;Stadler, Nicholas;[Photo]Tales From the Bench: XC Runner Arek Barkaszi 11:12/82017
[ ]Glass, Stephanie;Cross Country - WomenStephanie Glass: Runner, Writer, Benchwarmer 11:13/292017
[ ]Cross Country;Wittenberg Invitational;Gage, Chase;Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC);Gray, Alexis;Bournival, Erika;Freeman, MacKenzie;Narciso, Paige;Horton, Cymone;McGee, Kyla;Rodeheffer, Charles;Pachar, Jersson;Caine, Miles;Schreiber, Evan;Arledge, Brad;[Photo]Tiger Cross Country Teams Take Third At Wittenberg Invitational 11:19/62017
[ ][Photos];Football;Fincham, Joe;National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA);Johnston, Tyler;Tennis - Women;Gallup, Sarah;Ravidran, Harunya;Soccer - Men;North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC);Field Hockey;Tickner, Zara;Goelz, Madeline;Visseren, Channa;Coler, Audrey;Wagner, Isabella;Volleyball - Women;Fisher, Madeleine;Cox, Aubrey;Wildemann, Karen;Cross Country;Rodeheffer, Charles;Gray, Alexis;Penney, Craig;Soccer - Women;Davis, Megan;Wright, Jordyn;Thacker, Emma;Krieg, Kaitlyn;Mason, MacKenzie;Golf;Hartley, Isaac;Taylor, Cooper;Hopkinson-Wood, Jane;Leotta, Michael2017 Fall Sports Review 6:112/62017