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[ ]Phi Gamma Delta;Phi Kappa Psi;Pi Theta Phi;CrimeThieves Enter Campus Houses - Phi Gams, Phi Psis, Pi Phis, All Donate To Entering Robbers4:212/131928
[ ]CrimeWitt student Brad C. Holtsberry charged with gross sexual imposition, information given1:15/41979
[ ]Assaults; Rape;Assault; Student CrimeSeveral women on campus have been approached by unknown males at night1:12/271981
[ ]CrimeMore crime cases detected, security report show1:210/11996
[ ]CrimeHouse yields stolen statue, marijuana1:311/41997
[ ]Letters; Rape; Sexual Assault; CrimeLetter to the editor: JosephWeeks [Response to anonymous letter "Wittenberg Receives the Highest Campus Crime Rate in All of Ohio"]9:11/242008
[ ]Alcohol; Crime; Rape; Security Office; Sexual AssaultIs Wittenberg dangerous?4:11/312008
[ ]Crime; Homecoming; Security OfficeCriminal charges being filed against Homecoming shooter1:0110/132010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested for indecent exposure in Thomas Library1:0111/32010
[ ]Crime; Police and Security; Thomas LibraryMan arrested in Thomas Library not connected to past incidences on Campus2:0311/102010
[ ]Torch; History of Wittenberg; Greek Life; Crime; Motion Pictures; Sports; Track and Field; Baseball; Student Senate; Phi Kappa PsiWhat we wrote4:0111/102010
[ ]Buildings; Koch Hall; Crime; Police and SecurityContinuing thefts in Koch Hall leave students and professors fearfull1:0112/82010
[ ]Police and Security; Crime; HumorPolice and Security log 3:012/92011
[ ]"Crime; Automobiles; Police and Security; Loney, Carl"Car thefts leave police asking students to hide their valuables 1:012/162011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice and Security Log highlights from the past two weeks 3:012/232011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice log 5:033/222011
[ ]Crime; Police and SecuritySuspects in spring break murder case indicted 2:013/222011
[ ]Police and Security; CrimePolice Log 3:024/122011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;AlcoholPolice Log 5:19/72011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;AlcoholPolice Log 3:19/202011
[ ]Crime;Police and Security;Alcohol;DrugsPolice Log 2:110/52011
[ ]Police and Security;Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;TheftPolice Log 2:410/122011
[ ]Crime;ScienceThat’s The Culprit… 9:110/122011
[ ]Alcohol;CrimePolice Log 3:111/22011
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Dean of StudentsPolice Log 2:111/162011
[ ]Alcohol;Alcohol Policy;CrimePolice Log 2:312/72011
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;Residence HallsCautionary Tales on Campus: Wittenberg Police Log 2:11/252012
[ ]Buildings;Blair Hall;Theft;CrimeCopper Downspouts in Blair Hall Stolen 2:11/252012
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;Residence HallsPolice Log 3:11/312012
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Drugs;Residence HallsPolice Log 3:12/82012
[ ]Automobiles;Crime;Police and SecurityCar Theft Bring Chaos to Campus 1:12/222012
[ ]Crime;Alcohol;Residence HallsPolice Log5:13/282012
[ ]Crime; McHugh, Nancy; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldNew Wittenberg Program Works to Reduce Springfield Juvenile Crime 1:14/42012
[ ]WittFest; Drugs; Alcohol; Crime; BuildingsWittFest Tales from Campus: Wittenberg Police Log4:15/22012
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Lopez, Mark;Uecker, John;Wissinger, Jarred;CrimeBold Robberies Shake Campus 1:12/52014
[ ]Campus Safety;Police and Security;Crime;Lopez, MarkStudent Concerns Voiced at Safety Forum 1:42/192014
[ ]Crime;Youth;National News;PoliticsReducing Youth Violence: A PROMISE to our Community 6:14/302014
[ ]Guns;Crime;Opinion;National NewsThe Gun Control Debate: I am against gun control. [Anti-Gun Control] 6:14/302014
[ ]Guns;Crime;Opinion;National NewsThe Gun Control Debate: I am for gun control. [Licenses, Legality, and Why Gun Control is Lacking] 6:24/302014
[ ]Celebrities;Sexism;CrimeStolen Nude Photos Expose Misogyny 6:19/172014
[ ]National Football League (NFL);CrimeNFL Scandals: Enough is Enough [online exclusive] — Erika Meyers 9/242014
[ ]Campus Safety;Springfield;Crime;Hutchins, Jim;Police and Security;GunsIs Your Campus Safety at Risk? 1:15/32016
[ ]Clowns;Crime;National NewsWord on the Street: What is your opinion of the recent clown epidemic? 2:110/52016