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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Literary CreditStudents are requred to do work in the literary society or its equivalent in other college work181:12/161897
[ ]Literary CreditCredit should be given recognition4:12/111912
[ ]Literary CreditBruce Young, Philo orator, feels that credit should be given in literary work412/141912
[ ]Literary CreditAgitation is rife among Excelsiors for literary credit. Committee from the three societies will present this matter to the faculty9:1-22/211912
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Course Credit;Musical EventsOrchestra Choir Plan Concerts - Participants In Musical Activities Now Get Credit Hours1:110/21936
[ ]AccreditationPresident clarifies standing of college1:112/81939
[ ]Accreditation; Hamma Divinity SchoolGroup places Hamma on list1:22/21940
[ ]AccreditationAssociation places Wittenberg back on accredited listing4:311/191941
[ ]CreditIs NC the lone culprit?1:52/251976
[ ]CreditA how-to-establish credit explanation for seniors3:65/221981
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); Course CreditEPC reviews current credit system1:34/151988
[ ]Course CreditEPC Reviws Current Credit System1:34/151988
[ ]Credit SystemCredit system offers flexibility4:15/201988
[ ]Credit SystemCredit System Offers Flexibility4:15/201988
[ ]AccreditationNCA conducts evaluation of University3:110/71997
[ ]Wittenberg Credit UnionNot for profit, not for charity, but for service: Witt's Credit Union 4:12/12007
[ ]Minimum Wage;Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC);Economy;National NewsKeep the Wage: Mo' Money Mo' Problems 6:32/192014
[ ]Wittenberg Credit UnionWittenberg Credit Union to Leave Campus 2:310/292014
[ ]Calendar;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE);Accreditation;Hiller, Darby;Faculty Executive Board;Hanson, Peter F.Re-Accreditation Means New Calendar 1:12/102016
[ ]Accreditation;Calendar;Class Schedule;Hanson, Peter F.;Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHC)Reaccreditation Leads to New Fall Schedule 4:42/172016
[ ]Accreditation;Class Schedule;Opinion;Campus ClimateTell it to Me Straight: Accreditation and Credibility 10:12/172016