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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club eyed for Wittenberg13:12/101989
[ ]Conservation ClubEarth Week to raise consciousness1:24/211989
[ ]Conservation ClubWU Conservation Club maps awareness-raising program7:39/221989
[ ]Conservation ClubLife in the '90s: trash dump living10:19/291989
[ ]Conservation ClubToters installed for recycling2:110/61989
[ ]Conservation ClubRecycling effort to be expanded2:111/101989
[ ]Conservation ClubRecycling program canned for wither: University studying costs1/121990
[ ]Conservation ClubRecycling program passes impetus to campus community1:42/21990
[ ]Conservation ClubEarth Day crosses campus with recycling and sermons1:44/201990
[ ]Conservation ClubWitt Conservation Club Resumes Recycling Projectpg. 2, col9/281990
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club Dedicated To Promoting Awarenesspg. 13, co10/121990
[ ]Conservation ClubLearning about nature rewarding, Conservation Clubpg. 6, col4/121991
[ ]Conservation Club1,460 conservation cups are sold; project ispg. 2, col5/241991
[ ]Conservation ClubCampus recycling activity turned over to 2, col5/241991
[ ]Conservation ClubGroup promotes recycling7:410/111991
[ ]Conservation clubConservation club strives for campus awareness1:25/291992
[ ]Conservation ClubRecycling issues proposed2:110/91992
[ ]Conservation ClubCurb on trash being planned for Witt7:110/301992
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club and Student Senate discuss some solutions to alleviate recycling problems2:11/291993
[ ]Conservation ClubEnergy audit to encourage students to save electricity1:31/291993
[ ]Conservation Club'Cool It' program puts freeze on Witt waste1:210/261993
[ ]Conservation ClubNew events slated for Conservation Club7:510/111994
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club10:3-510/151996
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club encourages off-campus recycling effort3:42/91999
[ ]Conservation Club; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldLocal citizens actions group asks for Wittenberg support3:33/231999
[ ]Conservation ClubClub improves environment4:14/161999
[ ]Conservation ClubThink Globally, Act Locally10:19/172002
[ ]Conservation ClubConservation Club to Sponsor Two Events15:111/122002
[ ]Conservation ClubMother earth draws student conerns and attention2:12/102005
[ ]Recycling; POWER; Conservation Club; STAND; Hentges, Megan; Weeks, JoeEnvironmentally-conscious Witt students push for a greener campus2:310/112007
[ ]Recycling; POWER; Conservation Club; Donofrio, DavidFeed the birds2:412/62007
[ ]Recycling; POWER; Conservation Club; Administration; Erickson, Mark; Faculty and Staff; Davis, Robert; Incorvati, Rick; Student Senate; Matesich, SarahWittenberg community: Ready, set recycle!2:11/242008
[ ]Spring Break; POWER; Conservation Club; Hentges, Megan; Kleiner, Jeremy;This spring break, devoted students trade in beaches for mountains6:32/282008