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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]ComputersMicro-Computer Lab installed at Witt10:12/141986
[ ]Computers$639,000 computing system one of top in country4:110/241986
[ ]Television;Library;Vax ComputersThe weekend belongs to ... T.V.?6:39/301988
[ ]ComputersComputer C-word13:110/71988
[ ]ComputersComputer guide13:210/71988
[ ]Wittenberg Campus; Computers for StudentsLack of computer terminals poses problems for students2:110/91992
[ ]Campus; Computers for studentsclass information soon to be found on VAX machines1:62/121993
[ ]Vax ComputersWittenberg students disappearing left and right into a mysterious "vax zone"6:14/261994
[ ]ComputersWittenberg students disappearing left and right into a mysterious 'vax zone'6:14/291994
[ ]Vax ComputersFiber optic lines installed at Witt- will improve VAX1:31/171995
[ ]VAX ComputersInternet system radically changing employment hunt3:45/121995
[ ]ComputersInternet opens door for hackers, crackers1:1-410/101995
[ ]ComputersComputer facilities undergo modernization1:1-32/271996
[ ]ComputersComputers revolutionize learning experiences9:1-511/191996
[ ]ComputersDeck named Wittenberg director of computing1:32/181997
[ ]ComputersComputer labs dedicated to contributors2:12/251997
[ ]ComputersWittenberg working to convert campus networks to Windows NT3:19/161997
[ ]ComputersComputing Center understaffed while playing computer catch-up2:411/41997
[ ]ComputersComputing center makes advancements to systems3:12/171998
[ ]ComputersWebsite interactively connects students, faculty, and alumni2:13/311998
[ ]ComputersR-14 program to "provide more information"2:13/311999
[ ]ComputersComputer system compromised from Australia1:59/211999
[ ]ComputersCard access system to be in 24-hour computer lab1:111/142000
[ ]Solution Center; ComputersE-mail or campus boxes: is it time for a change?3:12/182003
[ ]Computers; Computing ServicesComputer viruses strike network on first days1:19/112003
[ ]ComputersSafe Computing on campus: How to protect yourself2:49/112003
[ ]National News; ComputersShots From The Cupola7:49/182003
[ ]Solutions Center; Computers'Hi' virus invades campus3:41/292004
[ ]Student Senate; ComputersSenate votes to block P2P programs3:53/252004
[ ]Campus; ComputersObserving Wittenberg virtually3:54/222004
[ ]ComputersControversy over wireless netowrks stirs debate3:19/302004
[ ]ComputersDing! Dong! Proper computer lab etiquette means respect4:112/32004
[ ]ComputersVirus attacks computers with brute force1:51/272005
[ ]ComputersWittenberg's printing paper crisis6:33/242005
[ ]ComputersEducation Dept. weighing national database3:14/212005
[ ]ComputersInternet rules campus life, but little use is for academics3:14/282005
[ ]Technology; Technology; Cellular Telephones; ComputersApple unveils new gadgets at Macworld7:41/242008
[ ]Computers; Technology; Environmental IssuesNew software tracks campus printing2:12/52009
[ ]Technology; Computers; InternetHalo Wars11:23/52009
[ ]Music; Concerts; Internet; Computers; your source for concert information6:13/52009
[ ]Music; Internet; Computers; TechnologyRuckus: Music service goes silent1:13/52009
[ ]Computers; Opinion; Internet; TechnologyThe Torch's take...too much Twitter leading to too much trouble?4:19/242009
[ ]Computers; Technology2010-11 ream rationing 3:14/152010
[ ]Residence Halls; Technology; ComputersStudents diss dorm computers2:0111/102010
[ ]Residence Halls; Technology; ComputersResidence hall computers to be replaced this week 1:012/232011