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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop grows1:25/191989
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop Grows1:25/191989
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Service Meets Multiple Needs4:31/261990
[ ]Community WorkshopWainwright Says Awareness Key To Recycling Successpg. 4, col10/191990
[ ]Community WorkshopWittenberg students attend community conferencepg. 4, col4/51991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop looking for adult educationpg. 1, col4/191991
[ ]Community WorkshopVisitors observe Community Workshoppg. 3, col4/261991
[ ]Community WorkshopRegistration blocked if service incompletepg. 5, col5/31991
[ ]Community WorkshopSenior citizens will visit campus to raise thoughtpg. 4, col5/101991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop van drivers have diverse jobpg. 4, col5/241991
[ ]Community WorkshopSing for supper and dance for creditpg. 3, col5/241991
[ ]Community WorkshopWorkshop initiates new program3:310/251991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop initiates new Scouting service program3:111/11991
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop hopes to recieve funding for expansion2:12/71992
[ ]Community WorkshopFranklin Middle School students visit; bridging the gap between community and campus1:45/291992
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity service more than just 30 hours of work3:310/231992
[ ]Community WorkshopProject Ben brings service learning to Franklin Middle School3:411/131992
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity service joins the fitness craze with program expansion to include aerobic exercise5:41/151993
[ ]Community WorkshopBen Franklin gives 8th graders a lesson in community service2:11/221993
[ ]Community WorkshopChildren enjoy full tour of campus with Witt student help1:54/91993
[ ]Community WorkshopProject Ben increases students' values1:310/191993
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop: playing in the band5:11/241995
[ ]Community WorkshopCrime lab provides rewarding community service experience2:1-210/171995
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshop recognizes mentors`6:1-510/11996
[ ]Community WorkshopStudents tell a variety of reasons for not finishing the university's community service requirement3:39/301997
[ ]Community WorkshopCommunity Workshops says students miss fun of service3:311/41997