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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Community ServiceVolunteering run by students2:310/61989
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity service meets multiple needs4:31/261990
[ ]Community ServiceService requirement creates memories7:12/161990
[ ]Community ServiceStudents reflect on service2:14/201990
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service goes COOL4:510/41991
[ ]Community Service; Social ProblemsAwareness program attacks social problems in Springfield1:411/11991
[ ]Community ServiceStudents serve community throught COOL project1:111/81991
[ ]Community Service; Union BoardStudents join in holiday parade2:312/71999
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service may see tighter deadline : Faculty to vote on proposal today1:310/102000
[ ]Community ServiceFaculty approves Community Service 1001:310/242000
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service reflections in full swing2:12/272001
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service Director Named2:24/102001
[ ]Community ServiceWittenber answers call to hunger1:19/252001
[ ]Community Service; Fraternities and SororitiesBig red shoes and orange drink help to make Alpha Delta Pi 5K Walk fun and successful8:110/162001
[ ]Community Service; Editorials; Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield; World NewsCoping through community service7:111/202001
[ ]Community ServiceJoin in the Unity in the Spirit of America Initiative15:210/12002
[ ]Community ServiceCommunity Service: Unity in Spirit of America15:110/152002
[ ]College Life; Community Service; One Source; Residence HallsMaking the Punishment Fit the Crime7:110/292002
[ ]Community ServiceCelebrate Service Day3:43/252003
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference DayMake a difference2:210/92003
[ ]Community ServiceWitt Students Serve the Springfield Community5:42/52004
[ ]Community ServiceCelebrate Service event planned11:14/12004
[ ]Celebrate Service; Community ServiceCelebrate Service1:44/82004
[ ]Community ServiceLocal Girl Scouts experience Science Night at Wittenberg1:14/82004
[ ]Baker, J. Robert; Buck, Andrew; Community ServiceBaker, Buck: awarded for service1:44/162004
[ ]Community ServiceWitt celebrates positive image of student service2:44/82005
[ ]Community ServiceCelebrate Service combined service, fun2:44/212005
[ ]Community ServiceService Spotlight: Nearly New Shop 8:42/232006
[ ]Community ServiceFrustration in New Orleans 6:13/222007
[ ]Community ServiceReuse-A Shoe program to begin this week 2:33/222007
[ ]Community Service; Spring BreakService instead of sleep: Wittenberg spends break in New Orleans 1:13/222007
[ ]Community Service; Katrina Victims; Spring BreakFrustration6:14/52007
[ ]Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldStudent reflections on the value of volunteering 5:14/262007
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Community Service; Koch Hall; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt graduate takes community service to a new level3:111/12007
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt students host annual Trunk-or-Treat2:111/12007
[ ]Circle K; Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt club tries to lend a helping hand 7:44/32008
[ ]Askeland, Lori; Community Service; Faculty and Staff; McCullough, Debbie; Tofstad, Cathy; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldOn the Rise farm helps local troubled teens 2:14/172008
[ ]Community Service; Freshmen; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldClass of 2012 takes the plunge 3:19/182008
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMake a difference day: Halloween festival 2:110/162008
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldMake a Difference Day2:110/302008
[ ]Community Service; Fuhrman, Suzanne; Spring Break; TravelNot the usual Spring Break trip3:111/132008
[ ]Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldPoverty simulation2:211/132008
[ ]Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCommunity service office celebrates 20 years of service3:12/192009
[ ]Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldService celebration extends hand to local youth1:14/232009
[ ]Community Service; Freshmen2013 takes the plunge3:49/172009
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt makes a difference1:111/52009
[ ]Community Service; Make a Difference Day; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldWitt makes a difference3:111/52009
[ ]Celebrate Service; Community Service; PhilanthropyCelebrate Service [photographs] 6:014/192011
[ ]Africa; Community Service; Lesotho; Study AbroadLesotho 2011: Students recall their 2011 trip to Lesotho, Africa6:19/72011
[ ]4 Paws for Ability; Community Service4 Paws-Meet and Greet 7:19/202011
[ ]4 Paws for Ability; Community ServicePause for 4 Paws 6:19/202011
[ ]Africa; Community Service; Duncan, Christopher; Lesotho; Rosenberg, Scott; Study Abroad2012 Lesotho Summer Program Cancelled 1:111/22011
[ ]Community Service; HalloweenMake A Difference Day 6:111/22011
[ ]Africa; Amstutz, Evan; Baker, Madison; Community Service; Keeton, Amber; LaCagnin, Michael; Lesotho; Murphy, Devoni; Reynolds, John;Schueler, AdamStudent Reactions to the Lesotho Program Cancellation 5:111/22011
[ ]Africa; Community Service; Lesotho; Mauch, Katie; Rosenberg, ScottWhy We Go: Lesotho 2012 9:111/22011
[ ]Community Service; Spring BreakService Trips for Spring 2012 5:12/152012
[ ]Bickel, Ali; Community Service; Recalt, Sofia; Study AbroadStudents Making a Difference On Their Own 3:13/282012
[ ]Celebrate Service; Community Service; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldCelebrate Service 20129:14/252012
[ ]Community Service; Egollf, Kate; Hall, Tyler Clifford Scott; Hastings, Leigh; Hopkins, Mckenzie; Jackson, Anna; Mbeseha, Moses; McLaughlin, Katie; Milligan, Michele; Pettit, Michelle; [Photo]; Royal, Sarah; Waggoner, Catherine; Wendroth, HeepkeStudents Travel to Mississippi Delta4:43/202013
[ ]Blain, Victoria; Community Service; Davis, Stephanie; Hughes, Alyssa; [Photos]; Royal, Sarah; Springfield; Super Service Day: Students volunteer for Springfield Spring Cleaning3:33/202013
[ ]Community Service; Dooley, Scott; Empty Bowls; Food; [Photo]; Second Harvest Food Bank; SpringfieldWittenberg Hosts 19th Empty Bowls Event3:13/272013
[ ]Community Service; Morgan, Conner; Prison; Rudd, Zach; Sports; Volleyball - Men; VolleyballAll Service is Good Service: Men's Volleyball2:44/172013
[ ]Community Service; Perkins, Gregory; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldSpringfield Outspoken: A Vision in the Making 3:19/252013
[ ]Community Service; Residence Hall Association (RHA)Passing it on: Pups and Pops 4:14/22014
[ ]Community Service; Gaterman, Lindsey; SpringfieldHayward Middle School Has My Heart 4:24/162014
[ ]Hagen Center for Civic and Urban Engagement;Community Service;Habitat for Humanity;Wittenberg - Relationship with Springfield;DeVantier, Katherine;Copeland, Warren;Brown, Benjamin;Gilbert, Tiana;[Photo]Hagen Center Provides Community Service and Personal Growth, Students Say 1:12/182015
[ ]Alpha Pi Omega; Community ServiceA Different Kind of Fraternity 4:111/42015
[ ]Common Ground;Christmas;Community ServiceNight of Giving Back to the Community 5:112/92015
[ ]Lincoln Elementary School;Education Department;McGuffey, Amy;Community Garden;Community ServiceBringing New Life to Lincoln Elementary Through Collaborative Garden Effort 4:111/162016
[ ]4 Paws for Ability;Lane, Alyssa;Pence, Jamison;Dogs;Community Service;[Photo]4 Paws Restructuring Offers a Chance to Foster Dogs 1:112/72016