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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School claims largest enrollment4:112/41959
[ ]Community Education SchoolCommunity Education School to work Air Force projects4:41/151960
[ ]Community Education SchoolRegistration open for evening classes1:19/131980
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Shoshin Aikido Self-Defense Class Will Be Offeredpg. 5, col9/281990
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Largest adult class in Witt's history will be graduating2:12/71992
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Society's wisdom found via cartoons and fables7:41/221993
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)The SCE Program allows Steiding to take on the role of Witt student, mother and business owner7:111/31998
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)Senior Citizens benefit from Lifelong Learning Program's continuous challenges2:110/102000
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE)graduating after 34 years6:44/282005
[ ]Curriculum; Editorials; Physical Education; School of Community Education (SCE)My get up and go, got up and went 5:12/182010
[ ]Phi Beta Kappa; School of Community Education (SCE)Phi Beta Kappa sans School of Community Education2:14/222010
[ ]School of Community Education (SCE); Taylor, ThomasProfessor Taylor to Bring New Programs to Wittenberg SCE 3:412/52012
[ ]Music; Parlato, Paul; School of Community Education (SCE)The Great American Songbook Non-Credit Music Course Returns to Wittenberg 4:12/202013
[ ]Academics; [Photo]; School of Community Education (SCE); Taylor, Thomas; ; Wagner, BrookeWittenberg to Offer New Programs in Nursing and Criminology1:53/202013
[ ]Duncan, Christopher; School of Community Education (SCE); Summer Courses; Taylor, ThomasMay-mester: New Summer Class Options1:13/272013
[ ]Adult Education; Capper, Jennifer; Clicquennoi, Arena; Crabtree, Miles; School of Community Education (SCE)The Few, The Proud, The Adults On Campus3:43/272013
[ ]Kaplan, Thomas E.;Taylor, Thomas;School of Community Education (SCE);Business Department;Nursing Pathway Program;[Photo]Meet Tom Kaplan: The New Dean of SCE 3:29/92015
[ ]Capper, Jennifer;Gafford, Michelle;School of Community Education (SCE)SCE Office Manager Changes / Capper Leaves, to be Replaced by Gafford 3:411/182015
[ ]Lincoln Elementary School;Education Department;McGuffey, Amy;Community Garden;Community ServiceBringing New Life to Lincoln Elementary Through Collaborative Garden Effort 4:111/162016