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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]College RepublicansTen thousand dollars for platform suggestion by young voters3:22/121920
[ ]College RepublicansG. O. P. Students Will Form Club; Republican Headquarters to Aid in Forming Political Club at Wittenberg4:22/281924
[ ]College RepublicansGOP support Senator Goldwater5:410/161964
[ ]College RepublicansYoung Republicans outline goals6:310/221965
[ ]College RepublicansOrganize to aid in re-electing Mr. Nixon6:110/61972
[ ]College Republicansheld a "candidates night" on Monday6:110/211972
[ ]College RepublicansDual parties now represented on campus5:12/81980
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans at Wittenberg put a lot of effort into campaign under direction of John Durr6:311/71980
[ ]College RepublicansGOP unites11:410/281983
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans are honored4:14/221988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans Are Honored4:14/221988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans attend Bush talk4:45/61988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans Attend Bush Talk4:45/61988
[ ]Voinovich, George; College Republicans; SpeakersVoinovich Visit3:19/301988
[ ]College RepublicansCR's must 'cease and desist'8:310/141988
[ ]College RepublicansRally promotes student awareness2:310/141988
[ ]College RepublicansRally attracts Witt students5:310/281988
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Repubs to host state convention17:24/61990
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans recognized for 'outstanding programming'13:34/121990
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans receive award2:14/271990
[ ]Student Democrats;College Republicans;Students Work on Political Campaigns for Candidatepg. 2, col10/51990
[ ]College RepublicansAuthor P.J. O'Rourke Presents His 'Holidays In Hell'pg. 2, col11/91990
[ ]Student Democrats; College RepublicansCollege Republicans, Student Democrates prepare for elections11:111/11994
[ ]College Republicans; Meese, EdwinMeese disusses changing role of supreme court1:31/71995
[ ]Political Science Department; Student Democrats; College RepublicansClubs debate gridlock11:12/211995
[ ]College Republicans and DemocratsCollege Republicans and Democrats fight political apathy7:511/41997
[ ]College Republicans; Student SenateSenate grants College Republicans funds to bring in speaker Lt. Col. Oliver North2:39/291998
[ ]College RepublicansRepublicans, Democrats agree on bringing North3:110/61998
[ ]Parker, Star; College RepublicansParker speaks on welfare reform1:110/102000
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans want students involved, hope to promote political dialogue2:110/242000
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans travel to Washington, DC2:12/202001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans participate in conservative Think Tank4:14/32001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans gear up for 2002, at campaign seminar3:14/102001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans storm campus for Conservative Week; outcome unclear9:14/242001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans bring local Commission race to Wittenberg1:110/162001
[ ]Coulter, Ann; College RepublicansAnn Coulter comes to Witt on Wed.3:13/262002
[ ]Coulter, Ann; College RepublicansRepublican Ann Coulter here at Witt1:14/22002
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans: Ironic events planned5:14/162004
[ ]College RepublicansAbsolutely not standing for nonsense6:312/32004
[ ]College RepublicansAbsolutelynot?6:112/32004
[ ]College RepublicansAre we standing for this?...sure6:312/32004
[ ]College Republicans; College DemocratsCollege Republicans and College Democrats: We do get along6:19/82005
[ ]Politics; Morgan, Seth; College RepublicansState rep confident in party's future2:311/192009
[ ]Politics;Hayes, Josh;College Democrats;College Republicans;National ElectionsViewpoint: Where did the Parties Go? 6:19/122012
[ ]Politics;College Republicans;College DemocratsCampus Debate Serves As A Dialogue Opener 3:25/72014
[ ]Politics;Burgason, Carl;Parmater, Ryan;Southard, Michael J.;College Republicans;National NewsWittenberg Students Hope to Turn the Tide for Millennial Voters 4:32/32016