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[ ]College Life;Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)The College World2:23/201924
[ ]College Life;ExaminationsAre You Prepared?2:210/111928
[ ]College Life;Rumors;HumorBeyond the Pale With Paschold1:49/291933
[ ]Humor;Rumors;College LifeBeyond the Pale With Paschold2:42/91934
[ ]College LifeCollege life, "Dynamic Christian" group formed at Wittenberg4:110/301987
[ ]College Life; FriendshipCollege friendships will prove valuable6:19/301988
[ ]Boston University; College LifeRules prohibit overnight guests: 'All of life after 11 p.m. has been banned'14:29/301988
[ ]College LifeCollege Life Offers Dynamic Friendships, Christianpg. 5, col10/261990
[ ]College LifeCollege Life stands in limbo as budget remains tabled; new senate members sworn into office2:15/221992
[ ]College LifeCampaign for Christ speaker comes to Witt11:54/251995
[ ]Circle K; College Life; Model United Nations Club; Student ActivitiesWhere it's at: It's never too late to join another club7:3-510/81996
[ ]Editorials-World News; College LifeFrom the Senate President's Desk7:49/182001
[ ]College Life; Residence HallsForum promotes student discussion9:49/252001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeFrom the Student Senate Desk3:49/252001
[ ]College Life; International EducationPlaying Fair in the American Wonderland7:19/252001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeFrom the Student Senate Desk3:410/22001
[ ]Editorials; Homecoming; College LifeHomecoming opens mind to Witt world7:110/22001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeLooking at the world through the eyes of the beholder7:510/22001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeA.D.D. Friends on Friendship7:110/302001
[ ]World News; College LifeDealing with the loss of a dear friend: Peace8:110/302001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeNew age men and the telephone7:110/302001
[ ]College Life--History'Torch' series sparks panel: Witt Forum to discuss sex (February 17, 1967)2:312/112001
[ ]College Life--HistoryLiberalizing Trend: Dress code guidelines stress informality (November 11, 1966)1:112/112001
[ ]College Life--HistoryReci is scene of black sit-in (Thursday, Jan. 31, 1974)3:112/112001
[ ]College Life--HistoryResolution Concerning Dancing2:512/112001
[ ]College Life--HistorySophomores vs. freshmen in 1901 (Friday, October 9, 1964)2:512/112001
[ ]College LifeRome it's not; Romance at Wittenberg7:12/122002
[ ]College Life"Bar Bridge" Rumors False1:52/262002
[ ]Editorials-College LifeA Call For Student Activism at Witt7:14/92002
[ ]Editorials-College LifeA Response to Security Issues3:44/92002
[ ]College LifeWitt Students Express Studying Concerns12:14/92002
[ ]College LifeAdvice on Dating Here at Witt11:14/192002
[ ]College LifeEasy Classes, Good Friends, Bumps, Bruises and August 19988:15/72002
[ ]College LifeOn Making Friends at Witt7:35/72002
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); College Life; Food ServicesRemember Your First Time In the CDR?13:35/72002
[ ]Editorials; College LifeThis Column is about Sex and Drugs6:15/72002
[ ]College LifeThoughts On Witt9:15/72002
[ ]College LifeWisdom: Take Advantage of Opportunities and Used Furniture and Can Be Expensive7:15/72002
[ ]College LifeA New Wittenberg Season, but Same Old Tradition11:19/102002
[ ]College LifeAccessorize Your Room: Fengshui All The Way8:19/102002
[ ]College LifeSpreading Goodwill Throughout Your Room8:19/172002
[ ]College Life; FashionDecorating with Target's Genius: Todd Oldham8:19/242002
[ ]College LifeWhat's Rant? Problems At Wittenberg7:19/242002
[ ]Fashion; College LifeDecorating with Style: Make Your Room Smile8:110/82002
[ ]College LifeCreate a Lasting Impression, Your Guide To a Great Date8:110/292002
[ ]College Life; Community Service; One Source; Residence HallsMaking the Punishment Fit the Crime7:110/292002
[ ]College LifeDating for Dummies: Ideas for the Romantically Challenged9:111/52002
[ ]College LifeThe Hidden Truth Behind Witenberg Parties11:111/52002
[ ]College LifeWhat's on the mind of Every College Student . . .Sex10:111/122002
[ ]College LifeParty On, Wittenberg University, Party On . . .11:111/262002
[ ]College LifeNothing more awesome than people at Witt7:12/182003
[ ]College LifeWitt students hooked to reality television specials8:12/252003
[ ]College LifeOde to the Bar11:53/42003
[ ]College Life; English DepartmentFaculty and Students spend summer enjoying classic novels and new favorites as books of choice5:19/112003
[ ]College Life; AcademicsShots From The Cupola7:49/112003
[ ]College LifeTen activities for less than $109:19/112003
[ ]College LifeAffordable adventures in and around Springfield5:19/182003
[ ]College LifeGrowing a beard: 10111:110/22003
[ ]College LifeProcrastination 101: My life at Witt7:110/22003
[ ]College LifeThe Big Witt World11:310/22003
[ ]Sports; College LifeProblem with jock itch? Look no further, Abbie has the answer10:310/92003
[ ]College LifeHow much work is too much?7:111/62003
[ ]Smith, Alaina; College LifeI'll have a cup of chicken soup, please: Chicken Soup For The Witt Soul, that is2:211/132003
[ ]Seniors; College LifeShots From The Cupola7:411/132003
[ ]College Life; SeniorsA close look at life after 'The Gap'7:112/112003
[ ]College LifeRoad trip diaries: Pulsations10:412/112003
[ ]College LifeShots From The Cupola7:112/112003
[ ]College LifeWitt World> Woohoo for finals11:112/112003
[ ]College LifeHave an Ice Day: Meeting friends through ice patches7:12/52004
[ ]College LifeCommunication according to "Miss Cleo"7:12/192004
[ ]College Life; SeniorsForecasting for a positive future7:13/252004
[ ]College LifeSpring flings for the "spring fevered" around Wittenberg9:13/252004
[ ]College LifeDon't Let transportation troubles get you down7:14/82004
[ ]College LifeShots From The Cupola7:14/82004
[ ]College LifeIs chivalry dead? 5 tips for clueless men6:14/162004
[ ]College LifeMake the best of your time at Witt!7:14/162004
[ ]College LifeSpring brings Witt "porchers" out of hibernation8:14/222004
[ ]College LifeA new mission proposed for Wittneberg7:19/162004
[ ]College LifeApathy has taken over Wittneberg students7:19/162004
[ ]College LifeFresh date ideas for the new year8:39/162004
[ ]College LifeWas living in the dorms really that bad?9:39/162004
[ ]College LifeSeize the leaves: fall date ideas9:19/302004
[ ]College lifeFinding yourself in faith at Wittenberg9:210/72004
[ ]College lifeThe choices made at Wittgood or bad?6:110/72004
[ ]College lifeCalling all women! read this!6:111/182004
[ ]College lifeHave a fear of rejection? Get over it, says cupid-for-hire8:14/142005
[ ]College LifeFacebook comes to Witt1:54/212005
[ ]College LifeWhy stay at Wittenberg?6:14/282005
[ ]College LifeRemembering 9/11 four years later1:49/82005
[ ]College lifeQuit bitching, man!6:19/292005
[ ]College LifeIn response to "Quit Bitching, Man"5:210/62005
[ ]College LifeFascism and intolerence: New Wittenberg values? 6:112/82005
[ ]College Life; BookstoreStudent creates Witt Book 1:412/82005
[ ]College lifeAhhh...The cleansing of a rant 6:19/212006
[ ]College lifeWhining: can it solve our problems 6:19/212006
[ ]College lifeSkipping class Ferris Bueller style 1:110/52006
[ ]College LifeA dirty sink 6:411/162006
[ ]College LifeStressed yet? The top ten ways to keep your cool during school9:111/162006
[ ]College LifeRecipe of the Week: Chinese Restaurant Almond Cookies 8:52/82007
[ ]College LifeRecipe of the Week 8:43/12007
[ ]College LifeWittenberg Cribs 8:13/12007
[ ]College LifeRecipe of the Week: California Rarebit--A Vegetarian Delight 8:43/222007
[ ]College lifeBehavior in class: Different perspectives on what is acceptible3:14/192007
[ ]Advice; Lamarre, Manny; Bresnen, Tony; College lifeAsk Manny: I messed up badly on my first exam4:39/272007
[ ]Advice; Admissions; College Life; Lamarre, Manny; Otibu, L.Ask Manny: Is it better to attend a big or a small school?4:310/112007
[ ]Advice; Lamarre, Manny; D., Peter; College lifeAsk manny: What is there to do on weekends?4:210/252007
[ ]Holidays; College LifeThe Torch's cooking corner7:212/112008
[ ]Spring Break; College LifeSpring Break is nearing fast, make it one to remember8:12/192009
[ ]Weible, David; College Life; Academics; AdviceHow to take advantage of the fastest four years of your life12:13/52009
[ ]College Life; Food; NutritionWarm Weather Recipes6:24/302009
[ ]Opinion; Academics; College LifeDrew: On procrastination5:43/252010
[ ]"Seniors; College Life; Careers; Wickiser, Matt"Midlife crisis: I'm a senior5:029/292010
[ ]Sports; College Life; AdviceI remember: a sports column11:0212/82010
[ ]Philanthropy; Relay for Life; Colleges Against CancerRelay for Life Kicks off for April event 5:011/262011
[ ]Athletics; Seniors; College LifeSenior athletes get used to retired life 6:013/222011
[ ]Freshmen;College Life; AdviceAttention Freshmen! Advice for Freshmen from Freshmen 8:19/132011
[ ]College Life; Homosexuality; O'Neill, Kevin; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBoycott Bigotry, and McMurray’s: Student Calls for Campus-Wide Boycott of McMurray’s 1:110/52011
[ ]Relay for Life; Kurwaza, Cathryn; Colleges Against CancerRelay for Life's Relay for Progress11:12/12012
[ ]Relay For Life;Philanthropy;Cancer;Colleges Against Cancer;Kurzawa, CathrynRelay for Life 2:44/252012
[ ]Greek Life;College Life;Fraternities and Sororities;Stutz, MorganGoing Greek? Why I Did Not Go Greek6:11/292014
[ ]College Life;SexualityLet's Talk About Sex: A Perspective on Hook-Up Culture 7:12/122014
[ ][Photo];Opinion;College LifeFreshman Reflection 8:15/22018
[ ][Photo];Opinion;College Life;Kappa DeltaJunior Reflection 9:15/22018
[ ][Photo];Opinion;College LifeSenior Reflection 9:15/22018
[ ][Photo];Opinion;College Life;Fallon, D'Arcy;Mattison, Michael;Phi Gamma DeltaSophomore Reflection 8:15/22018