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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]College DemocratsThompson steers Dems11:110/281983
[ ]College DemocratsDemocrats split over campaign5:14/271984
[ ]Student Democrats;College Republicans;Students Work on Political Campaigns for Candidatepg. 2, col10/51990
[ ]Student Democrats; College RepublicansCollege Republicans, Student Democrates prepare for elections11:111/11994
[ ]Political Science Department; Student Democrats; College RepublicansClubs debate gridlock11:12/211995
[ ]College Republicans and DemocratsCollege Republicans and Democrats fight political apathy7:511/41997
[ ]Carville, James; College Democrats; SpeakersWell Known Liberal James Carville to Speak at Wittenberg this April3:33/262002
[ ]College Democrats; Carville, James; SpeakersJames Carville to Speak this Sunday3:14/192002
[ ]Carville, James; College Democrats; SpeakersCollege Democrats Sponsor James Carville in HPER; Attendance in Excess of 500 People4/232002
[ ]College Republicans; College DemocratsCollege Republicans and College Democrats: We do get along6:19/82005
[ ]Politics;Hayes, Josh;College Democrats;College Republicans;National ElectionsViewpoint: Where did the Parties Go? 6:19/122012
[ ]Politics;College Republicans;College DemocratsCampus Debate Serves As A Dialogue Opener 3:25/72014