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[ ]Wittenberg CollegeA year of prosperity20:1-212/11873
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeParty held for students who had to remain over holidays27:1-21/11874
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscence of Wittenberg a quarter of a century ago25:1-21/11874
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences. College hospitalities #233:22/11874
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences. Night score with the wrestling angel #449:1-24/11874
[ ]Cabinet, CollegeCollege Cabinet510/11874
[ ]Cabinet, CollegeCollege Cabinet1211/11874
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOrigin of the college18:112/11874
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOrigin of the college26:21/11875
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOrigin of the college34:12/11875
[ ]Cabinet, CollegeCollege Cabinet524/11875
[ ]Wittenberg CollegePortico on North side of college will soon be a useless relic of a former time101:212/11875
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSpringfield and Wittenberg College107:21/11876
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg needs students and money36:1-22/11877
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra5312/11878
[ ]Orchestra, collegeOrchestra942/11879
[ ]Annual, CollegeCollege Annual, The Bijou, anticipated962/11880
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeNeeds of a college from a citizen's standpoint62:212/11880
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeCommittees on the new Wittenberg were appointed. Change of location discussed148:1-24/11881
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeRemoval of Wittenberg to Mansfield has not been decided upon76:1-21/11882
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeContribution commenting upon college life as remembered47:112/11882
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences from a former student74-751/11883
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeThe needs of Wittenberg68:1-21/11883
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg College is characterized by a thorough going, energetic process66:1-21/11883
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSuggestion to Alumni of ways of helping Alma Mater48:212/11883
[ ]Scientific Association of Wittenberg CollegeOrganization137:1-24/11884
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWhy cannot the Lutheran Church support one Lutheran university?126:24/11884
[ ]College Stylus (newspaper); EditorialsSalutatory [editorial on the founding of a new college newspaper]2:19/191884
[ ]Association of Ohio CollegesAssociation of Ohio Colleges meeting held at Westerville82:1-21/11887
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReply to a statement about the younger and weaker institutions of the state40:212/11890
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeResume of college's part and its needs for the future33:1-212/11891
[ ]Midland College"Midland Colelge" by Prof. E. B. Kneer171:13/101896
[ ]Upsala CollegeThe greatest Lutheran college will be moved to the city of New Orange, New Jersey99:211/271897
[ ]Football; Kenyon CollegeFootball number1:111/261898
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences of Wittenberg1:1-312/31898
[ ]College Street ClubCollege Street Club notes3:212/191898
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeReminiscences of College 50 years ago. #6 "The League and the Mantle"1:1-34/11899
[ ]Football; Songs (College)Wittenberg's Foot Ball Song: Nothing Can Beat Wittenberg (To the tune of "Yankee Doodle")3710/131900
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeCollege needs: tennis assoc., band, organized rooters, glee club4210/161901
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOpening of school, a comic version3:2-310/61910
[ ]Songs (College)"Hit the line for Wittenberg" A newly improved song2:211/11911
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationPulitzers of Ohio Colleges assemble at the Round Table. Second meeting.1:311/291911
[ ]Immanual College, Greensboro, N.C.Colored Lutherans have opportunities for good education11:1-32/141912
[ ]Songs (College)"Wittenberg, fair Wittenberg" is official song. Adopted for Wittenberg1:22/211912
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeA great privilege436:1-24/301912
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeThe year with us. Progress in the year 19124:1-35/291912
[ ]Songs (College)Students urged to write original songs and yells92:110/301912
[ ]Luther CollegeA small town in Iowa, called Decorah, is the home of Luther College215:11/151913
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeLend a hand. Let Wittenberg become Lutheran Center of America429:34/231913
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeQuestion raised as to whether Wittenberg will concent to becoming a city college. Buchtel at Akron has consented to becoming a municipal college469:1-25/211913
[ ]Gettysburg CollegeCollege inaugurates a campaign to raise $150,0001041/151914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeBoost Wittenerg. Campaign for new students18:1-24/21914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeEducational advantage of Wittenberg178:1-34/21914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSpringfield benefited by Wittenberg197:1-24/301914
[ ]Wittenberg CollegePictorial review. Entire issue1/61915
[ ]Association of College Teachers of EducationDr. Birch a member of new association. Was elected secretary of Society for school improvement1:41/281915
[ ]Association of Ohio College Teachers of EducationThis organization was formed at at meeting of the heads of the educational departments of the various Ohio colleges1:41/281915
[ ]Colors (College)Cardinal and cream. The colors were first adopted by the class of '892:1-22/181915
[ ]Ohio College PresidentsOhio College heads to hold convention. Dr. Heckert is president1:14/11915
[ ]Ohio College Association; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch appointed a member of a committee on legislation and reorganization of the Departement of Education in Arts Colleges by the Ohio College Association3:24/151915
[ ]Wittenberg Collegeplaced on recognized list by State Dept. of Public Instruction3:24/221915
[ ]College InnMr. F. J. Holden favors plan of a college inn1:12/31916
[ ]College InnWittenberg to boast of new "College Inn" Mr. F. J. Holden favors plan1:12/31916
[ ]College InnTable talk: the so-called "table-bond" is the charm that works the wonders2:1-22/101916
[ ]College InnThough still in cradle, inn looks promising; students favor plan1:32/101916
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeBaby maladies threaten to close dormitories1:23/201916
[ ]Songs (College)Musiker, attention! Let's have some college songs2:23/291917
[ ]Ohio College Association; Birch, Dr. T. BruceDr. Birch appointed Secretary of the Ohio College Association4:24/201917
[ ]Songs (College)It is customary for Wittenbergers to stand up and remove hats when the college song, "Fair Wittenberg" is sung2:15/101917
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeGiven good rating among colleges. Univ. of Illinois places college in class A1:25/171917
[ ]College RepublicansTen thousand dollars for platform suggestion by young voters3:22/121920
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeGreater Wittenberg2:13/111920
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg seeks large expansion fund1:1-24/151920
[ ]Wittenberg College"Faith and our fathers"2:15/61920
[ ]Wittenberg College"To effect the promotion of theological and scientific knowledge" a retrospect1:55/61920
[ ]High School Honors Society of Wittenberg CollegeNew society formed which included honor students granted a $100 scholarship2:23/261921
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeGettysburg Challegner expresses appreciation1:34/281921
[ ]Songs (College); Alma MaterPrize of $10 offered by Dean Shatzer for appropriate words to the tune Alma Mater1:34/281921
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeCollege year 1921, one of many activities.1:55/191921
[ ]Songs (College)Wittenberg College official song2:211/101921
[ ]College Inn"The College Inn" (The Basement of Recitation Hall is a Popular Spot Since the Opening of the College Inn)3:211/161922
[ ]Songs (College)Songs and Yells Being Published (Titled "In the Interest of the Freshman")1:19/271923
[ ]Association of College News BureausAssociation of College News Bureaus hold convention in Chicago. Wittenberg represented by Prof. K. G. LindNote: this title may exist, but the citation to the print edition appears to be incorrect./2:51/161924
[ ]College RepublicansG. O. P. Students Will Form Club; Republican Headquarters to Aid in Forming Political Club at Wittenberg4:22/281924
[ ]College Life;Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)The College World2:23/201924
[ ]Wittenberg College"Wittenberg" is Subject of High School Contest; Prize of $50 to Be Awarded For Best Reason Why College Should Be So Named1:43/271924
[ ]Songs (College); Administration; Miller, Ross; Immell, Ruth; Faculty and Staff; Schneider, J. Phillip; Bach, Frederick L.Dean Miller to Edit College Song Book: Musical Publication To Appear on Campus: Prize Contest Will Be Featured5:212/31925
[ ]Songs (College)Prizes are offered for college songs: Students are requested to submit contributions for book by February 16:412/171925
[ ]Rider, H. A.;College RecruitmentFilms Shown2:42/181926
[ ]Student Activism;College EducationStudent Awakening2:12/181926
[ ]Songs (College)Mary O. Wolfe to receive $25.00 in gold for her contribution "Wittenberg for Mine"1:24/221926
[ ]Gettysburg CollegeGettysburg Theological Seminary observes its Centennial1:19/231926
[ ]All-College CouncilNewly created organization to promote religious interests on campus1:112/161926
[ ]College Prayer DayLutheran churches to pray for continued idealism in all universities1:42/241927
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeOfficially reaffirmed as 4-year standard college by four educational organizations1:43/241927
[ ]Songs (College)President Tullose requested that the football song, beginning with the lines "When dear old Wittenberg men fall in line," be discontinued at football games4:49/221927
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationTo hold second annual meeting at Wittenberg1:311/31927
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSponsors contest for best collegiate paper1:13/81928
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSixth annual conference to be held on campus1:45/31928
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeAccredited by the Dept. of Education of the State of Washington1:59/201928
[ ]College Life;ExaminationsAre You Prepared?2:210/111928
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationTo hold third annual contest4:62/211929
[ ]Wittenberg - Dayton collegein new YMCA building1:19/191929
[ ]Wittenberg College85th Anniversary celebrated at long chapel1:13/61930
[ ]Phi Mu Delta; Wittenberg College German Exchange FellowshipWittenberg College German Exchange Fellowship1:15/221930
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationOCNA names Wittenberg1:712/111931
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationOCNA names Wittenberg1:74/291932
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationOCNA names Wittenberg1:75/61932
[ ]Ohio Wesleyan University;Hanson, H. W.;Fenn College;Muskingum College;Case School of Applied Science;Einstein, AlbertOn Other Campuses3:31/131933
[ ]College Life;Rumors;HumorBeyond the Pale With Paschold1:49/291933
[ ]Humor;Rumors;College LifeBeyond the Pale With Paschold2:42/91934
[ ]College CostsBook Cost2:12/91934
[ ]Alumni CollegeFirst alumni colege will augment annual commencement plans1:15/111934
[ ]Dayton YMCA Junior CollegeSpecial school will open soon1:19/211934
[ ]Ohio College Association;Arnold, H. J.Nine Professors Attend Meetings In State Capitol2:44/121935
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationSouthern Ohio journalists to convene here1:512/111936
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWhy do students pick Wittenberg1:14/301937
[ ]Ohio College AssociationEducators will meet on campus1:110/151937
[ ]Alumni CollegeGraduates to hear lectures1:65/261939
[ ]All College Recreation NightWAA, Men's intramural staff to hold All College Recreation Night, Nov. 201:311/61942
[ ]All College Recreation NightWAA, Men's intramural staff to hold All College Recreation Night, Nov. 201:611/201942
[ ]Wilmington College Aeolian Choirto sing at convo1:44/61949
[ ]Who's Who in American CollegesWittenberg Refuses Invitation For Student's "Who's Who" Listing1:312/201949
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg's future. Board of directors make known plans for future5:112/191956
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeUniversity1:39/201957
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeWittenberg to become a university. Program explained in convocation1:111/11957
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeBoard of directors vote to change name1:412/111957
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationMeets in Springfield3:14/181958
[ ]Ohio College Newspaper AssociationMeets in Springfield1:14/251958
[ ]Wittenberg CollegeSpecial day planned to begin university1:412/121958
[ ]Christian College DayWittenberg U will join in observing2:44/261963
[ ]College RepublicansGOP support Senator Goldwater5:410/161964
[ ]College BowlWU College Bowl schedules first meet3:43/261965
[ ]College BowlCollege bowls set to battle this week3:24/301965
[ ]College RepublicansYoung Republicans outline goals6:310/221965
[ ]Association of College and Research LibrariesThomas Library granted $5004:32/41966
[ ]Ohio College AssociationColleges to sponsor taped television programs6:410/141966
[ ]Chapel Choir of Westminster Choir CollegeConvocation to feature chapel choir of Westminster Choir College5:13/31967
[ ]Ohio College Health AssociationAMA prexy will address OCHA group4:34/71967
[ ]Arends, George; Benne, Ken; Garstang, Kathy; Muetzel, Karen; North Carolina College; Palmer, Beverly; Vocke, Buff; Warner, Rebecca BeckyExchange with Negro college made by eight WU students8:14/71967
[ ]Ohio Association of College and University Business Officersto hold annual conclave here4:14/211967
[ ]Alice Lloyd Junior CollegeWU students to return visit to Alice Lloyd3:34/211967
[ ]College Council (CC)New governmental system to be put into effect at Wittenberg this fall3:110/21970
[ ]College Council (CC); Educational Policies Committee (EPC)Pass-fail option reviewed3:11/281971
[ ]College Council (CC)"Only to advise," says Dr. Arthur Lutz3:32/121971
[ ]College Council (CC)Approved part of pass-fail replacement plan3:14/151971
[ ]College Council (CC)CC representatitves elected6:15/131971
[ ]College Council (CC)Pass-fail system replaced by grade-credit system1:35/271971
[ ]College Council (CC)"Program of Innovative Education" to be considered1:32/101972
[ ]College RepublicansOrganize to aid in re-electing Mr. Nixon6:110/61972
[ ]College Republicansheld a "candidates night" on Monday6:110/211972
[ ]College Council (CC)CC debates budget and Freshman seminar1:75/101973
[ ]College Council (CC)Special meeting to alternate calendar proposals for next year1:310/251973
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council votes to retain current calendar1:111/11973
[ ]College Council (CC)Friction over evaluation forms1:51/171974
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council passes buck, issues to EPC1:32/71974
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council acts on Black curriculum12/141974
[ ]College Council (CC)By law changes proposed1:13/71974
[ ]College Council (CC)Calendar remains the same1:311/141974
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council discusses evaluation forms, calendar1:11/161975
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council to ask Dahl to reconsider Exeter cut1:111/131975
[ ]College Council (CC)Calendar revised1:61/151976
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council voted to rescind calendar change1:41/151976
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council sends F to committee1:12/121976
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council passes revised W-Day1:44/81976
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council acts to encourage adult enrollment1:35/61976
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council vetoes new calendar proposal1:610/141976
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council considers new calendar alternatives1:12/31977
[ ]College Council (CC)New curriculum debate will continue1:55/121977
[ ]College Council (CC)CC moves to keep calendar1:110/141977
[ ]College Council (CC)Requirements designed for relevance1:410/211977
[ ]College Council (CC)CC rep reports progress2:111/111977
[ ]College Council (CC)CC alters major1:71/131978
[ ]College EnrollmentStatistics show drop1:19/91978
[ ]Educational Policies Committee (EPC); College Council (CC)College Council approves addition and deletion of English courses recommended by EPC6:310/61978
[ ]Costs of CollegeComments on rising costs of a college education and statistics on the effect on the middle class4:510/201978
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council joins plea to hire full-time counselor. General information1:511/31978
[ ]College Council (CC)Students comment on the new governing proposal6:52/21979
[ ]College Council (CC)Visitation experiment approved6:13/91979
[ ]College Council (CC)Power struggle: student, faculty, administration (pic)1:14/201979
[ ]College Council (CC)College Council discussed proposed bylaws revisions1:15/111979
[ ]College Council (CC)Faculty votes in government change3:19/221979
[ ]College Council (CC)CC to be replaced by a new form of government1:21/251980
[ ]College RepublicansDual parties now represented on campus5:12/81980
[ ]Lutheran CollegesLeading theologian and congressman, Dr. Joseph A. Sittler, a Witt alumnus, will speak of faculty of Lutheran Colleges6:210/31980
[ ]College BoardCollege Board announces lower scores from tested high school students4:410/241980
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans at Wittenberg put a lot of effort into campaign under direction of John Durr6:311/71980
[ ]College RepublicansGOP unites11:410/281983
[ ]College DemocratsThompson steers Dems11:110/281983
[ ]College DemocratsDemocrats split over campaign5:14/271984
[ ]College LifeCollege life, "Dynamic Christian" group formed at Wittenberg4:110/301987
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans are honored4:14/221988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans Are Honored4:14/221988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans attend Bush talk4:45/61988
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans Attend Bush Talk4:45/61988
[ ]College Life; FriendshipCollege friendships will prove valuable6:19/301988
[ ]Boston University; College LifeRules prohibit overnight guests: 'All of life after 11 p.m. has been banned'14:29/301988
[ ]Voinovich, George; College Republicans; SpeakersVoinovich Visit3:19/301988
[ ]College RepublicansCR's must 'cease and desist'8:310/141988
[ ]College RepublicansRally promotes student awareness2:310/141988
[ ]College RatingsWitt rates among the top5:110/211988
[ ]College RepublicansRally attracts Witt students5:310/281988
[ ]Coping at CollegeStudents offered help with coping2:311/31989
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Repubs to host state convention17:24/61990
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans recognized for 'outstanding programming'13:34/121990
[ ]College RepublicansWitt Republicans receive award2:14/271990
[ ]Student Democrats;College Republicans;Students Work on Political Campaigns for Candidatepg. 2, col10/51990
[ ]College LifeCollege Life Offers Dynamic Friendships, Christianpg. 5, col10/261990
[ ]College RepublicansAuthor P.J. O'Rourke Presents His 'Holidays In Hell'pg. 2, col11/91990
[ ]Augustana College Koto EnsembleKoto ensemble to perform at Wittenberg7:42/71992
[ ]Augustana College Koto EnsembleKoto ensemble to perform5:12/281992
[ ]College LifeCollege Life stands in limbo as budget remains tabled; new senate members sworn into office2:15/221992
[ ]College Hill AssociationCollege Hill offers positive impact for area residents1:21/291993
[ ]Antioch CollegeWitt students, faculty discuss Antioch policy1:211/91993
[ ]Lutheran College Washington consortiumWashington Internship offers hands-on learning experience4:310/111994
[ ]Student Democrats; College RepublicansCollege Republicans, Student Democrates prepare for elections11:111/11994
[ ]College Republicans; Meese, EdwinMeese disusses changing role of supreme court1:31/71995
[ ]Political Science Department; Student Democrats; College RepublicansClubs debate gridlock11:12/211995
[ ]College LifeCampaign for Christ speaker comes to Witt11:54/251995
[ ]Clark State Community College$1,500 grant awarded to Clark State P.A.C.13:45/121995
[ ]Union Board; Student Services; College BowlWittenberg freshman win College Bowl, advance to regionals in Michigan8:12/131996
[ ]College HillCollege Hill residents unite to build community spirit3:1-410/81996
[ ]Circle K; College Life; Model United Nations Club; Student ActivitiesWhere it's at: It's never too late to join another club7:3-510/81996
[ ]Ohio CollegesOhio college presidents consider technology onset1:1-511/121996
[ ]College BowlCollege Bowl competitors flex mental muscles2:4-52/41997
[ ]Board of Directors; College CostsBoard approves tuition, fees budget proposal1:52/251997
[ ]Clark State Community College'A Chorus Line' comes to Springfield14:110/281997
[ ]College Republicans and DemocratsCollege Republicans and Democrats fight political apathy7:511/41997
[ ]College CostsUniversity plans raise in 1998-1999 tuition, room and board1:22/171998
[ ]College CostsStudents react to tuition raise3:42/241998
[ ]College Republicans; Student SenateSenate grants College Republicans funds to bring in speaker Lt. Col. Oliver North2:39/291998
[ ]College RepublicansRepublicans, Democrats agree on bringing North3:110/61998
[ ]College CostsFaculty worried by tuition remission1:311/241998
[ ]College Costs; FacultyFaculty discuss tuition remission1:212/81998
[ ]Kyushu Lutheran College; International StudentsStudents from Japan to visit2:42/152000
[ ]Parker, Star; College RepublicansParker speaks on welfare reform1:110/102000
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans want students involved, hope to promote political dialogue2:110/242000
[ ]College CostsTuition hike2:32/132001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans travel to Washington, DC2:12/202001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans participate in conservative Think Tank4:14/32001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans gear up for 2002, at campaign seminar3:14/102001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans storm campus for Conservative Week; outcome unclear9:14/242001
[ ]Editorials-World News; College LifeFrom the Senate President's Desk7:49/182001
[ ]College Life; Residence HallsForum promotes student discussion9:49/252001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeFrom the Student Senate Desk3:49/252001
[ ]College Life; International EducationPlaying Fair in the American Wonderland7:19/252001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeFrom the Student Senate Desk3:410/22001
[ ]Editorials; Homecoming; College LifeHomecoming opens mind to Witt world7:110/22001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeLooking at the world through the eyes of the beholder7:510/22001
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans bring local Commission race to Wittenberg1:110/162001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeA.D.D. Friends on Friendship7:110/302001
[ ]World News; College LifeDealing with the loss of a dear friend: Peace8:110/302001
[ ]Editorials; College LifeNew age men and the telephone7:110/302001
[ ]College Life--History'Torch' series sparks panel: Witt Forum to discuss sex (February 17, 1967)2:312/112001
[ ]College Life--HistoryLiberalizing Trend: Dress code guidelines stress informality (November 11, 1966)1:112/112001
[ ]College Life--HistoryReci is scene of black sit-in (Thursday, Jan. 31, 1974)3:112/112001
[ ]College Life--HistoryResolution Concerning Dancing2:512/112001
[ ]College Life--HistorySophomores vs. freshmen in 1901 (Friday, October 9, 1964)2:512/112001
[ ]College Costs; Editorials; OpinionAnother Tuition Hike? Who is Going to Tell Us About it?6:12/52002
[ ]College LifeRome it's not; Romance at Wittenberg7:12/122002
[ ]College Life"Bar Bridge" Rumors False1:52/262002
[ ]Student Senate; College CostsFrom the Student Senate Desk3:42/262002
[ ]Coulter, Ann; College RepublicansAnn Coulter comes to Witt on Wed.3:13/262002
[ ]Carville, James; College Democrats; SpeakersWell Known Liberal James Carville to Speak at Wittenberg this April3:33/262002
[ ]Coulter, Ann; College RepublicansRepublican Ann Coulter here at Witt1:14/22002
[ ]Editorials-College LifeA Call For Student Activism at Witt7:14/92002
[ ]Editorials-College LifeA Response to Security Issues3:44/92002
[ ]College LifeWitt Students Express Studying Concerns12:14/92002
[ ]College LifeAdvice on Dating Here at Witt11:14/192002
[ ]College Democrats; Carville, James; SpeakersJames Carville to Speak this Sunday3:14/192002
[ ]Carville, James; College Democrats; SpeakersCollege Democrats Sponsor James Carville in HPER; Attendance in Excess of 500 People4/232002
[ ]College LifeEasy Classes, Good Friends, Bumps, Bruises and August 19988:15/72002
[ ]College LifeOn Making Friends at Witt7:35/72002
[ ]Central Dining Room (CDR); College Life; Food ServicesRemember Your First Time In the CDR?13:35/72002
[ ]Editorials; College LifeThis Column is about Sex and Drugs6:15/72002
[ ]College LifeThoughts On Witt9:15/72002
[ ]College LifeWisdom: Take Advantage of Opportunities and Used Furniture and Can Be Expensive7:15/72002
[ ]College LifeA New Wittenberg Season, but Same Old Tradition11:19/102002
[ ]College LifeAccessorize Your Room: Fengshui All The Way8:19/102002
[ ]College LifeSpreading Goodwill Throughout Your Room8:19/172002
[ ]College Life; FashionDecorating with Target's Genius: Todd Oldham8:19/242002
[ ]College LifeWhat's Rant? Problems At Wittenberg7:19/242002
[ ]Fashion; College LifeDecorating with Style: Make Your Room Smile8:110/82002
[ ]College LifeCreate a Lasting Impression, Your Guide To a Great Date8:110/292002
[ ]College Life; Community Service; One Source; Residence HallsMaking the Punishment Fit the Crime7:110/292002
[ ]College LifeDating for Dummies: Ideas for the Romantically Challenged9:111/52002
[ ]College LifeThe Hidden Truth Behind Witenberg Parties11:111/52002
[ ]College LifeWhat's on the mind of Every College Student . . .Sex10:111/122002
[ ]College LifeParty On, Wittenberg University, Party On . . .11:111/262002
[ ]College LifeNothing more awesome than people at Witt7:12/182003
[ ]College LifeWitt students hooked to reality television specials8:12/252003
[ ]College LifeOde to the Bar11:53/42003
[ ]College Life; English DepartmentFaculty and Students spend summer enjoying classic novels and new favorites as books of choice5:19/112003
[ ]College Life; AcademicsShots From The Cupola7:49/112003
[ ]College LifeTen activities for less than $109:19/112003
[ ]College LifeAffordable adventures in and around Springfield5:19/182003
[ ]College LifeGrowing a beard: 10111:110/22003
[ ]College LifeProcrastination 101: My life at Witt7:110/22003
[ ]College LifeThe Big Witt World11:310/22003
[ ]Sports; College LifeProblem with jock itch? Look no further, Abbie has the answer10:310/92003
[ ]College LifeHow much work is too much?7:111/62003
[ ]Smith, Alaina; College LifeI'll have a cup of chicken soup, please: Chicken Soup For The Witt Soul, that is2:211/132003
[ ]Seniors; College LifeShots From The Cupola7:411/132003
[ ]College Life; SeniorsA close look at life after 'The Gap'7:112/112003
[ ]College LifeRoad trip diaries: Pulsations10:412/112003
[ ]College LifeShots From The Cupola7:112/112003
[ ]College LifeWitt World> Woohoo for finals11:112/112003
[ ]College LifeHave an Ice Day: Meeting friends through ice patches7:12/52004
[ ]College LifeCommunication according to "Miss Cleo"7:12/192004
[ ]College Life; SeniorsForecasting for a positive future7:13/252004
[ ]College LifeSpring flings for the "spring fevered" around Wittenberg9:13/252004
[ ]College LifeDon't Let transportation troubles get you down7:14/82004
[ ]College LifeShots From The Cupola7:14/82004
[ ]College RepublicansCollege Republicans: Ironic events planned5:14/162004
[ ]College LifeIs chivalry dead? 5 tips for clueless men6:14/162004
[ ]College LifeMake the best of your time at Witt!7:14/162004
[ ]College LifeSpring brings Witt "porchers" out of hibernation8:14/222004
[ ]College LifeA new mission proposed for Wittneberg7:19/162004
[ ]College LifeApathy has taken over Wittneberg students7:19/162004
[ ]College LifeFresh date ideas for the new year8:39/162004
[ ]College LifeWas living in the dorms really that bad?9:39/162004
[ ]College LifeSeize the leaves: fall date ideas9:19/302004
[ ]College lifeFinding yourself in faith at Wittenberg9:210/72004
[ ]College lifeThe choices made at Wittgood or bad?6:110/72004
[ ]College CostsCollege debt is rising faster than tuition, fee increases3:111/12004
[ ]College lifeCalling all women! read this!6:111/182004
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