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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]CoachingAthletics all over nation are suffering from an over-organized system of coaching2:1-21/281915
[ ]CoachingCoaching: opinion, thought2:32/251915
[ ]CoachingPhysical Ed. courses embody the theories of Ohio State's coach staff2:53/11917
[ ]CoachingLutheran Grads Are Successful Coaches; Former Athletes Win Majority of Their Early Games by One-sided Scores3:210/111923
[ ]CoachingCoaching school to enter second season5:2-33/81928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school to enter second season4:33/81928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school forecasts a large enrollment1:15/31928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school enrollment now in excess of estimate3:15/241928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school enrollment now in excess of estimate39/201928
[ ]CoachingCoaching school at Witt June 17-293:12/71929
[ ]CoachingNoted mentors will teach here3:11/231930
[ ]Women's Coaching StaffNew coaching staff7:39/301983
[ ]Hoyng, Kevin;Sports;Football;CoachingNew Spark in Wittenberg Football Offense Coming from the Sidelines 1:44/302014
[ ]Kubasta, Carrie;Lacrosse - Women;Coaching;Alumnae/Alumni;[Photo]Kubasta Remains A Tiger With New Coaching Position 12:111/22016