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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1876: Class Day exercises147:26/11876
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1877: Class day exercises77:2-36/11877
[ ]Class DayClass Day, 1879: The Class Day exercise forms one of the most interesting and amusing features of Commencement Week164:2-36/11879
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1917: Campus ceremony marks the Monday program and impressive event. Presentation of senior gift and ivy and oak orations. Faculty responses given by Dr. Heckert, Dean Shatzer and Dr. Anderson1:56/61917
[ ]Class DayClass Day 1917: Class day exercises on campus dissolve class as organization. Bishop provides fun of event with his last will and testament1:3-46/61917
[ ]Class of 1937; Class DaySeniors nominate speakers1:14/91937
[ ]Class of 1940; Class DaySeniors elect class orators1:33/11940
[ ]Class of 1942; Class DaySeniors choose six Class Day speakers1:53/61942
[ ]Class of 1943; Kaiser, Don; Nouse, Don; Malcuit, Stan; Pabst, Margaret; Class DaySeniors elect orators for class day program1:23/261943
[ ]Class DaySeniors cancel usual Class Day exercises1:44/171946