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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirEnthusiastically received1:14/151920
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirArticle2:24/221920
[ ]Choir100 voices compose choral club in first appearance1:112/81921
[ ]ChoirChoir makes first bow to public1:512/151921
[ ]ChoirCollege gives money for work of Choral Club1:51/191922
[ ]Choir;Williams, John ThomasChorus Personnel Chosen At Tryouts - Prof. J. T. Williams To Direct Co-ed Musical Organization This Season1:39/301926
[ ]ChoirStudent musical organization tours four states1:24/111929
[ ]Choirmaster, chair of created1:210/241929
[ ]Field House; Choir; BasketballGymansium Opens Feb. 14,15; Choir Sings; Team Plays1:71/161930
[ ]Field House; Choir; Basketball; Telephone ServicePlans completed for Gymnasium's Opening Program1:11/231930
[ ]St. Olaf Lutheran ChoirTo be heard by large group1:41/231930
[ ]ChoirInitial performance1:62/201930
[ ]ChoirCollege choir will present cantata1:63/271931
[ ]ChoirWittenberg choir, ensemble to broadcast1:54/161931
[ ]ChoirChoir featured on memorial program2:312/111931
[ ]ChoirChoir will broadcast nationally1:11/221932
[ ]ChoirChoir will make five day trip after 3/27; open with concert from WAIU1:63/41932
[ ]ChoirBroadcast of choir heard on network1:44/11932
[ ]ChoirCantata given by choir is ninth annual presentation3:74/11932
[ ]ChoirPresident's office gets choir letters2:44/151932
[ ]ChoirA capella choir to visit 13 cities on two week tour of three states1:53/21934
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing over air today1:23/231934
[ ]ChoirChoir prepares for annual tour1:15/11936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Student ActivitiesBand and Orchestra2:110/21936
[ ]Band;Orchestra;Choir;Course Credit;Musical EventsOrchestra Choir Plan Concerts - Participants In Musical Activities Now Get Credit Hours1:110/21936
[ ]ChoirReduced choir of 41 prepares for tour of eastern cities1:13/41938
[ ]ChoirReduced choir of 41 prepares for tour of eastern cities1:23/181938
[ ]ChoirReduced choir of 41 prepares for tour of eastern cities1:53/251938
[ ]ChoirTraveling choir invades New York to make sixth appearance1:34/11938
[ ]ChoirTraveling choir invades New York to make sixth appearance1:24/81938
[ ]ChoirTraveling choir invades New York to make sixth appearance2:34/221938
[ ]ChoirChoir appears in concert Monday1:64/61939
[ ]ChoirWilliams to direct choir of 40 voices in pre-Easter tour1:12/161940
[ ]ChoirA capella choir1:12/211940
[ ]ChoirHam, Krueger assume main roles in cantata1:13/81940
[ ]ChoirSinging alumni come back next weekend for reunion1:15/241940
[ ]Hamma choirHamma choir will sing1:312/131940
[ ]ChoirChoir will sing hymns over the radio1:32/281941
[ ]ChoirA capella choir appears in Springfield, Dayton1:44/41941
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves for three-state tour1:63/61942
[ ]ChoirSuccessful eastern tour1:13/271942
[ ]ChoirSing Monday1:44/161943
[ ]ChoirChoir members1:39/291944
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing Sunday (Membership listed)1:111/91945
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Ohio cities1:24/171946
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Ohio cities5:35/31946
[ ]ChoirChoir to broadcast1:310/41946
[ ]ChoirChoir returns; trip successful1:110/111946
[ ]ChoirSix Ohio cities will hear choir1:13/141947
[ ]ChoirChoir sings Seven Last Words on tour1:34/181947
[ ]ChoirChoir makes ready for four-state tour1:42/251948
[ ]ChoirChoir makes ready for four-state tour (por)1:43/171948
[ ]ChoirNinety-one members in choir1:110/61948
[ ]Convocations;Christmas;Choir;OrchestraChoir, Orchestra, Appear At Convo1:412/151948
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March1:32/161949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March1:53/91949
[ ]ChoirWitt grad guest soloist in choir tour4:53/161949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March (por)1:13/231949
[ ]ChoirFour nearby stations to air choir broadcast1:23/301949
[ ]ChoirChoir homeward bound after successful eastern tour1:24/61949
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three Eastern states in late March1:24/61949
[ ]Wilmington College Aeolian Choirto sing at convo1:44/61949
[ ]ChoirChoir plans concert tour over 2500 miles2:32/151950
[ ]Hamma choirChoir goeson tour for CHEY drive3:42/221950
[ ]ChoirChoir plans concert tour over 2500 miles (por)1:12/221950
[ ]Hamma choirchoir plans three-state tour2:42/151951
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves Sunday on two-week jaunt1:13/11951
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves Sunday on two-week jaunt1:13/151951
[ ]ChoirChoir scores in concert2:312/131951
[ ]ChoirChoir record now on sale5:212/111953
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour Ohio and Indiana (por)1:13/51954
[ ]ChoirChoir tours three states; Williams directs1:43/191954
[ ]ChoirChoir swears in new deputy Williams during tour3:14/91954
[ ]ChoirChoir picked for '54-'55 season1:210/81954
[ ]ChoirChoir enters 24th season1:110/151954
[ ]Hamma choirLargest choir in Hamma history marks current season1:111/51954
[ ]ChoirChoir tour into East starts Feb. 271:52/181955
[ ]ChoirChoir numbers 126 for festive year1:49/301955
[ ]Hamma choirChoir will give series of concerts this weekend (por)3:312/21955
[ ]ChoirChoir will record for radio series1:412/161955
[ ]ChoirChapel Choir establishment approved by legislature, faculty1:41/201956
[ ]ChoirChoir tour will begin Feb. 261:32/101956
[ ]ChoirChoir tour will begin Feb. 26 (por)1:1, 52/241956
[ ]ChoirPlatter & podium; choir rehearses for broadcasts3:14/131956
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing on NBC2:39/211956
[ ]ChoirChoir announces immediate plans1:312/71956
[ ]ChoirChoir to include Dixie Land on annual tour1:32/81957
[ ]Gustavus Adolphus ChoirGustavus Adolphus Choir presents concert1:22/81957
[ ]ChoirMiller: names concert choir1:32/221957
[ ]ChoirShort tour in Ohio1:53/81957
[ ]ChoirShort tour in Ohio3:13/291957
[ ]Choir'Creation' concludes season1:35/241957
[ ]ChoirChoir plans full season1:410/121957
[ ]ChoirChapel Choir plans varied programs3:310/251957
[ ]ChoirChoir begins four-state tour2/281958
[ ]Hamma choirSeminary choir tours six cities3:33/211958
[ ]ChoirChoir records for NBC1:35/231958
[ ]ChoirChoir to give Mendelssohn's Oratorio1:45/231958
[ ]ChoirAnnual tour includes three states1:31/161959
[ ]ChoirAnnual tour includes three states1:42/271959
[ ]ChoirBlind hear choir4:14/231959
[ ]Choir42 members join1:310/21959
[ ]ChoirChapel Choir numbers sixty (membership list)5:310/161959
[ ]Gettysburg ChoirChoir to perform in Weaver5:41/151960
[ ]ChoirFirst choristers had fitness, swimming class3:12/261960
[ ]ChoirThirteenth anniversary3:12/261960
[ ]ChoirChoir will present concerts in 10 cities, two countries3:43/41960
[ ]ChoirChoir will tour in 10 cities1:13/181960
[ ]ChoirChoir concert to be given1:14/11960
[ ]Hamma choirRecords on sale4:54/11960
[ ]Hamma choirTen selections are on Hamma record5:54/81960
[ ]ChoirChoir arranges plans for '61 European tour1:110/71960
[ ]Hamma choir(por)1:24/71961
[ ]Hamma choirChoir gives home concert Sunday3:44/71961
[ ]Hamma choirHamma Choir records music4:35/191961
[ ]ChoirChoir returns from Europe1:19/151961
[ ]ChoirChoir releases new record6:110/271961
[ ]ChoirChoir leaves for north6:11/111962
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour three states1:11/111962
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour three states1:31/191962
[ ]Augustana ChoirAugustana Choir will sing here2:33/21962
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to tour three states2:23/231962
[ ]Rhythm ChoirWill interpret1:13/231962
[ ]ChoirChoir on spring tour1:53/301962
[ ]Rhythm ChoirPerforms3:44/131962
[ ]Choir15 students to travel as entertainment for USO5:19/141962
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing on the Lutheran series of the Protestant Hour5:39/141962
[ ]ChoirChoir tours US military posts1:11/41963
[ ]Hamma choirChoir makes record1:11/111963
[ ]Hamma choirProgram will feature trumpets1:13/81963
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour three states in ten days1:13/151963
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to give concert (pic)1:33/221963
[ ]ChoirChoir selected for Protestant Hour for 8th year5:13/291963
[ ]ChoirChoir reports on tour by Jackie McClaran4:14/51963
[ ]ChoirChoir to present concerts on tour in Ohio & Kentucky1:110/111963
[ ]ChoirNinth year on Protestant Hour4:12/71964
[ ]ChoirChoir to add folk music to European tour repertoire3:15/81964
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir 'hoots' through Europe; concert tour ends at N.Y. fair3:39/171964
[ ]Lubeck ChoirLubeck choir to appear1:110/161964
[ ]ChoirChoir to present Hootenany, Vol. 21:312/41964
[ ]ChoirChoir presents Hootenany, Vol. 21:312/111964
[ ]Hamma choirChoir to visit 5 cities1:52/121965
[ ]ChoirWU Choir to sing on NBC's broadcast1:12/121965
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour in four states1:53/51965
[ ]ChoirChoir will sing sacred music6:43/261965
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing home concert this Sunday1:14/21965
[ ]ChoirChoir to circle globe in summer of 19661:34/231965
[ ]Hamma choirChoir sets current program5:44/301965
[ ]Hamma choirChoir sings sacred music5:15/71965
[ ]ChoirChoir tours South3:39/171965
[ ]ChoirChoir records Hootenanny5:19/241965
[ ]Orchestra; Choir; OrchestraOrchestra and choir perform5:411/51965
[ ]ChoirNomadic choir journeys west1:52/181966
[ ]ChoirChoir slates home concert4:13/111966
[ ]ChoirChoir group will entertain at "Ohio Night"4:14/151966
[ ]ChoirFolksongs top choir program at Hootenanny1:34/221966
[ ]Hamma choirHamma choir to tour2:34/221966
[ ]Hamma choirVariety keynote in Hamma concert7:15/61966
[ ]ChoirChoir returns from world tour; lauded in Congressional Record59/241966
[ ]Chapel Choir of Westminster Choir CollegeConvocation to feature chapel choir of Westminster Choir College5:13/31967
[ ]ChoirChoir to sing on Protestant Hour5:54/71967
[ ]ChoirSymphony, WU choir to fete Beethoven in final concert1:14/211967
[ ]ChoirAround-the-world choir tour slides will be shown1:35/51967
[ ]ChoirChoir will be heard on Protestant Hour8:45/191967
[ ]ChoirSpring thing1:15/191967
[ ]ChoirSpring Thing Saturday at 8 PM3:15/261967
[ ]ChoirChoir plans South American tour5:110/61967
[ ]ChoirHootenanny to feature different sounds (pic)1:32/21968
[ ]ChoirChoir praised by Gov. J. A. Rhodes for being ambassadors of good will4:25/171968
[ ]ChoirFourteen members to tour with U.S.O. group5:310/251968
[ ]ChoirOne of 32 schools to tour with U.S.O.3:511/151968
[ ]ChoirFourteen members to tour with U.S.O.3:11/311969
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour with U.S.O. group in Europe (pic)1:12/71969
[ ]ChoirChoir continues series for radio "Protestant Hour"3:110/31969
[ ]ChoirChoir to fly to California during spring vacation2:412/51969
[ ]ChoirChoir performed in California during spring vacation, March 19-303:14/101970
[ ]Choir;Williams, John W.Choristers perform Sunday2:35/151970
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour East during spring break12:33/21972
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Spain and Portugal from March 15 to March 25, 1973 performing in four major cities5:110/61972
[ ]ChoirChoir to perform at Weaver Chapel on November 114:311/31972
[ ]ChoirChoir to tour Spain during Spring Break1:12/81973
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Spain during spring break (pic)1:34/51973
[ ]ChoirPictures taken while on tour in Spain44/121973
[ ]ChoirChoir sells doughnuts to raise money for their spring tour to California4:410/111973
[ ]ChoirChoir starts a new dimension of an additional 20-voice song and dance "Witt Pops Chorale"3:710/111973
[ ]ChoirChoir collects bottles for Christmas and spring tours4:810/251973
[ ]Brass ChoirBrass choir presents its first concert of the year on November 11, 1973 in Weaver Chapel4:711/81973
[ ]ChoirChoir to present fifth annual John Bennet Ham Memorial Concert6:710/241974
[ ]ChoirChoir presents variety show (pic)4:611/71974
[ ]ChoirEurpoean tour of 21 days to replace 41 day tour1:11/161975
[ ]ChoirChoir tours Europe6:19/251975
[ ]ChoirChoir tour scheduled4:19/91976
[ ]Choristers (women's choir)Choristers needs members4:51/201977
[ ]Chicago Children's ChoirChicago children's choir to perform; directed by '76 Witt graduate, Lourin Plant4:74/211977
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir slates "Messiah" for Jan. 81:611/111977
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir plans Russian tour6:42/31978
[ ]Wittenberg Bell ChoirChoir's voice "rings" out4:72/101978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirMembers stage 24 hour dance marathon to raise money for tour of Europe/Russia4:54/71978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir to perform on April 164:44/141978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir performs 'for you'1:55/121978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirTour in Russia, general information, comments (pic)4:19/221978
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirSpringfield Symphony and Choirs to present Bach's B-Minor mass6:74/271979
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir & Springfield symphony to present Bach's B-Minor Mass6:74/271979
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirTo put on variety show "The Sound of Music" (pic)1:45/111979
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirUsed for TV commercial during Christmas season (pic)6:51/221982
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirMyers cites choir variety show "best" ever (pic)5:110/291982
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir tour cancelled4:11/211983
[ ]Brass ChoirTrumpets bring down the walls8:32/171984
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirVariety show brightens parents' weekend blues5:1010/251985
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir plans spring tour10:82/141986
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWittenberg Choir returns from weekend retreat10:12/61987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirPfalzgraf, Dotson making plans for spring choir tour of the Southeast United States14:12/131987
[ ]Witt Gospel ChoirNew Witt Gospel choir formed11:110/161987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt choir to present variety show8:110/301987
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir enjoys retreat2/31989
[ ]Brass ChoirChoir and Quartet unite Sunday2/91990
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir travels east4:12/231990
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir Prepares For Performancesp. 7, col.9/211990
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirAs part of spring break concert seires, choir members perform in Florida1:54/101992
[ ]Wittenberg Series; Bach ChoirBach choir to sing cantatas for Wittenberg Series8:110/21992
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir to entertain with Variety Show11:610/91992
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirWitt Choir tours in southern Florida8:1-54/21996
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir travels across 'arctic north' on Spring tour6:13/181997
[ ]ChoirWittenberg choirs bond, praise, convert, and have fun through their singing8:110/281997
[ ]ChoirWitt Choir prepares to embark on Spring Break Tour of northeast7:12/241998
[ ]ChoirThe Choir Variety Show: a night of music, comdey, and tradition8:110/61998
[ ]ChoirWitt choir to sing throughout Florida11:12/292000
[ ]Chapel ChoirChapel Choir a rewarding, low-commitment activity11:14/42000
[ ]ChoirThe Wittenberg Choir Take on New York City2:13/262002
[ ]IMANI Gospel ChoirGospel choir informs many about name that inspires5:14/112003
[ ]ChoirWittenberg Choir prepares for annual Parent's Weekend performance on Septemberg 26, 275:19/182003
[ ]Wittenberg ChoirChoir Tour spreads music to the South over Spring Break 3:43/222007
[ ]Music; Wittenberg Choir; ChoirWittenberg's Choir Midwestern tour3:13/52009
[ ]Music; Wittenberg Choir;Witt choir to travel the nation 1:53/42010
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Music DepartmentWittenberg Choir to Perform at OMEA 2012 1:110/122011
[ ]Busarow, Donald;Music Department;Wittenberg ChoirWiittenbergs Mourns Passing of Dr. Busarow 5:411/22011
[ ]Music;Choir;Students Abroad;Wittenberg, GermanyWittenberg Choir in Germany [Wittenberg Choir Abroad] 5:19/52012
[ ]Music;Wittenberg Choir;Con, AdamWittenberg Choir Performs with United States Air Force Band [The Wittenberg Choir Showcases Their Talent and Quality Through Performance with the United States Air Force Band] 1:412/52012
[ ]Fisk Jubilee Singers;Music;Musical Events;Springfield;[Photos];IMANI Gospel Choir;Kawami, Paul T.;Hickey, KearstinHistoric Fisk Jubilee Singers Entertain Witt 1:12/192014
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Fonza, Frances;[Photo]Wittenberg Choir Returns from Spring Break Tour 5:13/252015
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Spring Break;Zinter, Eric;[Photos]Wittenberg Choir Spends Spring Break on Tour 7:13/232016
[ ]Wittenberg Choir;Reviews;[Photo]Wittenberg Choir Variety Show 10:19/282016