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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Lehman, Richard;CheerleadingLehman Selected As Fourth Cheerleader - Successful Freshman Candidate Will Augment Morris, Bushong, Taylor Combination1:310/111928
[ ]CheerleadingCheer leading squad chosen5:55/91980
[ ]CheerleadingMale Cheerleaders lend spirited support6:1011/11985
[ ]CheerleadingCheerleading clinic open to all students6:510/301992
[ ]CheerleadingSo, who is the Tiger anyway?6:510/301992
[ ]CheerleadingCheerleaders: spirit behind teams needs student support6:12/191993
[ ]CheerleadingCheerleading squad 'takes training seriously' for first time in years; looks for varsity sport status, funding12:110/61998
[ ]Cheerleading"Not just clapping"12:13/21999
[ ]CheerleadingTiger cheerleaders on top of their game13:19/112003