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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]CheerleadersCheer leader to be popular selection. No nomination to be popular selection1:210/51916
[ ]CheerleadersDemocratic elections2:110/51916
[ ]CheerleadersCheer Leaders Will Be Chosen (Through Competitive Tryouts at the Antioch Football Game)1:29/271923
[ ]CheerleadersCheer Leaders Are Chosen At Tryouts1:610/41923
[ ]Cheerleaders;Endley, John;Morris,Earl;Dreyer, Herbert;Geyer, RolandNew Cheer Leaders To Conduct Pep Meeting Friday Morning1:39/301926
[ ]CheerleadersTen students lead cheers3:410/261946
[ ]CheerleadersPortrait1:22/231949
[ ]CheerleadersDrill for opening game (por)310/301954
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders plan to ignite spark of campus spirit3:211/51954
[ ]Cheerleaders1956-57 cheerleaders (por)4:110/51956
[ ]CheerleadersPeppy cheerleaders don Ivy League3:110/121957
[ ]CheerleadersEight new leaders are to cheer5:310/21959
[ ]CheerleadersSeven join WU cheering squad (por)1:29/231960
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders add four to squad (por)1:210/61961
[ ]CheerleadersCheerleaders chosen for next year4:55/191977
[ ]CheerleadersWitt tiger talks1:79/301977
[ ]CheerleadersSix women, three men chosen for squad. Any other interested men, contact advisor Mark Algren5:45/51978
[ ]Cheerleaders'94 cheerleaders rebuild and restructure team5:111/151994