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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Christian Careers Conference WeekPresident of Marion College heads list of speakers1:22/231949
[ ]CareersCareers explored during weekend4:111/71974
[ ]CareersBusinessman sold on liberal arts degree4:110/91975
[ ]CareersRelease of testing and recruiter schedule4:710/91975
[ ]CareersSeniors learn resume tips6:510/161975
[ ]CareersCourse teaches career planning4:111/131975
[ ]CareersResidence hall for career life planned1:12/121976
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;CareersAlum discusses careers in geology4:24/221976
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Alumnae/Alumni;CareersWitt grads discuss jobs4:64/221976
[ ]Careers in Religion for Women WorkshopCareers in Religion for Women workshop planned for April 223:34/131979
[ ]CareersMarketing Club sponsors forum in business careers1:43/61981
[ ]Alumni Careers DayAlumni Appear courtesy of SAA For Careers Daypg. 3, col10/121990
[ ]Careers DayCareers Day gives students valuable opportunities1:49/241993
[ ]Careers DayAlumni Careers Day Speakers11:110/51999
[ ]Careers;ResumesSurvey indicates potential employers often uncover lies on resumes5:112/52000
[ ]Careers dayCareer Day offers alum advice and degree guidance1:110/302003
[ ]Careers dayJob fair updates1:52/32005
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Alumnae/Alumni;Careers; Gaston, PhoebeDespite sleeping in car, Witt grad is successful3:12/212008
[ ]Careers; WittPath Career Services; Employment; InternetFrom the desk of WittPath Career Services: The time to get started on your future is now8:111/132008
[ ]Music; Careers; Andrews, Ariel; Powers, AnthonyTwo Witt students head to iTunes for music career breakthrough5:211/132008
[ ]"Seniors; College Life; Careers; Wickiser, Matt"Midlife crisis: I'm a senior5:029/292010
[ ]"Ritzi, Bobby; Careers"Where are they now?5:0210/62010
[ ]"Elber, Kristin; Woodard, Lauren; Careers"Where are they now?4:0110/132010
[ ]"King, Mark; Careers"Where are they now?10:0110/272010
[ ]Careers; Communication DepartmentWhere are they now?4:0111/102010
[ ]"Careers; Lal, Vinisha"Where are they going: Vinisha Lal 5:012/92011
[ ]"Careers; Cohagan, Mitch"Where are they going: Mitch Cohagan 4:012/162011
[ ]Careers; Desantis, HeatherWhere are they going: Heather DeSantis 4:012/232011
[ ]"Vallery, Eddie; Football; Careers"Vallery working to take talents to next level 11:013/222011
[ ]"Seniors; Careers; Snyder, Christa; Advice"Where are they going: Christa Snyder 5:013/292011
[ ]"Careers; Fike, Bryan"Where are they going: Bryan Fike 4:014/192011
[ ]"Careers; Bierut, Patrick; Neff, Parker; Hall, Haily; Motion Pictures""Look out, Hollywood! Witt trio heads west"4:015/32011
[ ]Bergold, Roy;Business Department;Food;Health;CareersControversy Over Marketing Extraordinaire’s Planned Visit to Witt 1:110/52011
[ ]Seniors;Employment;Careers;WittPath Career Services;Smiseck, WendySenior Job Searching 5:111/222011
[ ]Seniors;Careers; Franck-Larson, HannaSenior to Head to UN for Practicum 8:12/82012
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Careers; Donofrio, DavidWhere Are They Now: David Donofrio4:32/152012
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni; Alumnae/Alumni;Careers; Kremcheck, Timothy; SportsWittenberg Alum Achieves as Cincinnati Reds Doctor 11:12/222012
[ ]Seniors;Wenger, Katie;Careers;EditorialsFour Years Later: One Senior Reflects 10:34/42012
[ ]Seniors; Careers; Saner, Erin; Horton, Chelsea; Lloyd, Caitlin; Monnin, HillaryWhat’s Next for the Class of 2012? 8:14/42012
[ ]Careers;Gartner, Melissa;Berg, Ashley;Walton, Cam;Brothers, Kelly;Job Market Makes Witt Seniors Weary4:19/52012
[ ]Advice;CareersViewpoint: On Finding Your Dream Job 6:412/52012
[ ]Careers;InternshipsConstant Activity at This Year's Job and Internship Fair4:33/272013
[ ]Archibald, Sam;[Photo];Internships;Seniors;Careers;FinancesFeatured Senior: Sam Archibald4:14/102013
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Careers;EmploymentWitt Experiences Largest Number of Employed Graduates [Wittenberg Students Get Hired] 2:32/262014
[ ]Online Exclusive;Careers;Mann, Eric;Biehl, Alec;Ross, Rachel;InternshipsWittenberg Seniors Offer Insight on Post-Graduation 2/262014
[ ]CareersWord on the Street: Where do you see yourself after college? 2:111/112015
[ ]Alumnae/Alumni;Boyer, Elizabeth;Careers;[Photo]Alum Update: Elizabeth Boyer 4:41/272016
[ ]Opinion;Chemistry Club;Kappa Delta;Careers;ScienceCreating Opportunity for Women in STEM 10:44/272016
[ ]Smiseck, Wendy;Careers;Etiquette;Alumnae/AlumniNetworking Event 1:110/122016