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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceBureau is organized1:24/81926
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceService finds jobs for graduates1:110/41928
[ ]Career Development and Placement; Office of Career Development and Placement; Placement ServiceCollege offers placement service for graduates1:13/81950
[ ]Career DevelopmentHelp offered on choosing a major6;12/81980
[ ]Career DevelopmentComprehensive final required in field of major prior to graduation6:12/291980
[ ]Career DevelopmentMarketing Club hold successful career forum; discuss business careers4:14/251980
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCareer changes9:19/301983
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCareer Development and Placement: A great place to start (pic)10:39/281984
[ ]Career Development and PlacementInterviewing seminar brings connections to campus12:11/181985
[ ]Office of Career Development and PlacementProvides guidance2:1210/41985
[ ]Office of Career Development and Placement"Career Corner Dispels Myths"4:1410/181985
[ ]Career Development and PlacementJob interviews key to employment prospect at Career Development and Placement6:110/241986
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD & P to host alumni careers day4:310/141988
[ ]Thornsberry, Alice; Career Development and PlacementThornsberry Assists In Students' Career Options7:24/141989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementAlumni Careers Day set for Homecoming weekend3:49/291989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementAlumni Careers Day offers options5:410/131989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementJobs program is ongoing1:411/101989
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCenter helps with career needs5:31/191990
[ ]Career Development and PlacementImprove interview skills: CD & P improve interview skills7:41/191990
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCenter offers leads on summer jobs6:32/161990
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCareer development and placement offers studentspg. 5, col4/191991
[ ]Career Development and PlacementGraduating Seniors Face Tough Job Marketpg. 1, col5/171991
[ ]Career Development and PlacementJackson advises job hunters to be assertive1:21/241992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCollege degree is no longer sufficient employment qualifier, Tenney asserts1:22/141992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P Office assists2:59/251992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementWitt alumnus speaks to seniors on job searching1:610/161992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P provides students with variety of beneficial resoures2:111/131992
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P an invaluable source for students4:12/211995
[ ]Career development and placementWitt's CD&P assists students in job search4:4-59/191995
[ ]Career Development and PlacementCD&P announces structural changes2:43/311998
[ ]Career development and placementHow to select a major at Wittneberg7:110/302003