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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Career CenterCareer center in Keller Hall6:510/71976
[ ]Career CenterReid believes the Career Center allows students to explore the future7:19/291998
[ ]Career CenterCD&P Director loves helping others find careers7:12/91999
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center offers advice to graduating seniors, reveals career plans of some2:13/282000
[ ]Career CenterCamp fair features more than 21 camps, from 9 states3:12/62001
[ ]Career CenterWittenberg students searching for summer jobs through Career Center8:12/202001
[ ]Career CenterStudents reflect on summer jobs, internships, graduation1:34/242001
[ ]Career CenterNeed Help Finding a Job? We Can Help!9/172002
[ ]Behrman, Cynthia; Career CenterCareer Center offers their congratulations, Dr. Behrman3:41/292004
[ ]Career CenterOFIC Career Fest approaching9:11/292004
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center P.I.G. series8:42/192004
[ ]Career Center; Armstrong, Kia; Sparks, Rebecca; Trego, AngelaStudents intern at Career Center5:43/252004
[ ]Career centerAttend 'careers 2005' to find the perfect job4:211/112004
[ ]Career CenterTeaching proper etiquette needed to land dream job4:111/182004
[ ]Career CenterP.I.G. Series kicks off4:13/32005
[ ]Career CenterSeniors: Chance to Win $502:19/82005
[ ]Career CenterInterview your way to success2:49/222005
[ ]Career CenterCamp Fair comes to Witt 2:312/82005
[ ]Career CenterUnpcoming career fair offers many employment 2:11/262006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:12/92006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:12/162006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:13/22006
[ ]Career CenterGain important informationa at the fair 2:13/22006
[ ]Career CenterWitt helps students find their dream jobs 2:43/22006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:13/232006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:14/72006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:14/132006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Center Corner 2:14/272006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: seniors the time is now 2:19/142006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner 2:19/212006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner 2:19/282006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: A chance to connect 2:110/52006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner 2:110/122006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner 2:110/262006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: Networking through informational interviews 2:111/22006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: So much to do, let the Career Center help 2:411/92006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner 2:111/162006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: Classes are finished . . . Use winter break wisely 2:112/72006
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner 2:11/252007
[ ]Career CenterDo you know what the Career Center can do for you? 2:12/12007
[ ]Career CenterTime for some career advice 1:42/12007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: Internships are imperative 1:42/82007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: How do you sell yourself and your career? 1:42/152007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: Companies coming to campus...who may want YOU 1:42/222007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: Interview jitters? 2:13/12007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: You've got the skills... But do you have the style? 3:13/222007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: looking for a job or a summer internship?2:14/52007
[ ]Career CenterCareer Corner: Summer to build your resume2:14/192007
[ ]WittPath Career Services; Career CenterCareer Center: WittPath Career Services: Take the Challenge7:19/132007
[ ]WittPath Career Services; Career CenterInterview Tips8:19/272007
[ ]WittPath Career Services; Career CenterWittPath to students: Find your path3:110/42007
[ ]Seniors; WittPath Career Services; Career Center;Seniors: The future is fast approaching4:12/212008
[ ]Seniors; WittPath Career Services; Career Center1st Annual Grad School Fair 3:19/182008
[ ]Career Center; Standardized TestsPreparing for grad school 2:410/92008
[ ]Campus Life; Career Center; Editorials; Reilly, Lindsey; Seniors; WittPath Career ServicesOne student's advice: Break the conventionalism8:112/112008
[ ]Smiseck, Wendy;Career CenterChanges at the Career Center: Wendy Smiseck Begins Tenure as Director 2:49/132011
[ ]Corrections; Smiseck, Wendy;Career CenterCorrections: Changes at the Career Center: Wendy Smiseck Begins Tenure as Director9/202011
[ ]Jobs;Career Center;Smiseck, WendySuit Up: The job hunt for many seniors is heating up... or just beginning 3:12/192014
[ ]Etiquette;Career CenterCareer Services Hosts Networking Workshop 3:43/52014
[ ]Campus Life;Campus Resources;Tiger Share;COMPASS;Career Center;[Photo]Utilizing Witt’s Hidden Gem Resources 8:111/22016