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[ ]History of Wittenberg; Campus LifeWittenberg of 60 years ago offers contrast to Wittenberg of today1:3-412/101925
[ ]Campus Life;Student Activities;Fraternities and Sororities;Social DancesSociety2:310/111928
[ ]Campus Life40 to 1,000 - That's How Many Clubs Exist For Campusites4:512/131928
[ ]Humor;Rumors;Campus LifeThe Backbiter2:29/291933
[ ]Rumors;Campus LifeThe Backbiter2:24/121935
[ ]Campus Life;Phi Mu Delta;Springfield;Kamman, Paul;Voigt, Dr. Gilbert P.Observations2:410/21936
[ ]Campus Life;DormitoriesIntercepted Notes Of Roommates Provide Insight Of Tribulations2:410/261949
[ ]Campus Life;Theta Eta Kappa;Psi Chi;Streich, MarjorieBy The Way....2:212/211951
[ ]Campus LifeWalkman crazeNote: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/15/1983, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 11/30/-0001. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 9:14/151983
[ ]Campus LifeAppointment book 'terrific' gift4:19/301988
[ ]Campus Life; Schult, David "Dave"Chalk drawings depict nuclear horror4:19/301988
[ ]Campus LifeGlobal emphasis 'stands out' at Wittenberg4:410/71988
[ ]Campus LifeLocal bends are sure to suit your tastes1/121990
[ ]Campus Life; Campus; Columns; Physical PlantRed chairs provide watering hole for CDR-goers5:1-52/111997
[ ]Student Activities;Campus Life;Brief SurveySurvey results state need for weekend activities3:312/52000
[ ]Campus LifeCampus a ghost-town over break2:212/112003
[ ]Campus lifeReturning soldiers struggle to adjust back to normal lives on college campuses3:111/112004
[ ]Campus Life; Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; HumorLove it or loathe it, the CDR is one tough cookie 7:19/282006
[ ]Campus Life; Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Thomas, Bill"Casual Campus Cuisine with Bill Thomas" - Cooking class at Witt 2:14/262007
[ ]Campus Life; Campus; Physical PlantChairs offer new place to kick back and relax between classes 1:14/262007
[ ]Alcohol; Campus Life; Security OfficeBusted: Campus wide crackdown on drinking 1:19/62007
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; HumorFreshmen boys: An untapped campus resource 9:19/62007
[ ]Campus LifeMake a mark on campus: claim your territory! 4:19/62007
[ ]Campus LifeThrough the eyes of a sophomore 5:19/62007
[ ]Music; Campus Life; Whittmann, Isaac; Weisman, Brett; Coburn, CarlUnique freshman group entertain passerbys on campus 7:19/62007
[ ]Campus Life; Campus Climate; AlcoholConsultant hired to study campus climate2:19/132007
[ ]Campus Life; Central Dining Room (CDR); Fashion; Food Services; HumorSour faces in the wrong places9:19/132007
[ ]Humor; Campus Life; FreshmenTen Commandments9:49/132007
[ ]Opinion; Campus Life; JuniorsStill clueless4:19/272007
[ ]Campus Life; Freshmen; Wittenberg - Relationship with SpringfieldBreaking the bubble4:110/42007
[ ]Opinion; Campus Life; FashionFashion Review7:110/112007
[ ]Admissions; Technology; Campus Life; Strauss, Erica; Bamberger, Jordan; Schnell, Guillermo; Nevin, Margot; Barnett, Kylee; Wessels, CalWhat life is really like at Wittenberg: Blogs tell all3:110/112007
[ ]Opinion; Humor; Campus Life; TechnologyDoes the boy play the video games or do they play the boy?9:111/12007
[ ]Ebert, Lori; Alcohol; Campus LifeAlcohol speaker a hit with students4:111/82007
[ ]Advice; Lamarre, Manny; Campus Life; DatingAsk Manny: How do you get someone you like to like you?8:111/82007
[ ]Buildings; Matthies House; Campus Life; DatingMatthies House: Study Haven or Love Shack?1:11/242008
[ ]Campus Life; TelevisionStrike drags into 4th painful month5:41/242008
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; AlcoholOutdated: Romance at Wittenberg passé8:12/142008
[ ]Campus Life; DatingValentines Day doesn't have to break the bank6:12/142008
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; HumorValentines Day: A day for love or loathing?8:12/142008
[ ]Music; Campus Life; Concerned Black Students (CBS); Black History MonthJabali Afrika rocks Wittenberg4:12/212008
[ ]Campus Life; Residence Halls; HumorEmbarrassing stories: Fresh out of the shower in Myers Hall 8:33/132008
[ ]Campus LifeEmbarrassing stories: I fall down the stairs on a regular basis 8:13/132008
[ ]Campus Life; StreakingEmbarrassing stories: My professor got the best of me 8:33/132008
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Campus Life; PhilanthropyThe Torch's take: Witt students help others 9:14/32008
[ ]Humor; Campus Life; SeniorsTop ten things I wish I had known before senior year 8:14/32008
[ ]Campus Life; Cellular Telephones; Opinion; TechnologyTorch's take: Society taken over by technology 9:14/102008
[ ]Finances; Family; Student Employment; Campus Life; AlcoholAre mom and dad giving too much cushion? 8:14/172008
[ ]Student Activities; Campus LifeAn explosion of on-campus activities 2:49/182008
[ ]Campus Life; International Students; Alcohol; PoliticsAdapting to America and Witt 1:410/92008
[ ]Campus Life; Editorials; RecyclingWhat does your recycling bin say about you? 8:110/92008
[ ]Finances; Fashion; Campus LifeHalloween costumes don't need to break the bank 7:110/162008
[ ]Faculty and Staff; Communication Department; Cunningham, Sheryl; Academics; Campus LifeA new professor's perspective of Witt 2:111/202008
[ ]Health; Weather; Alcohol; Campus LifeFour quick, easy, and realistic ways to stay healthy this winter 6:111/202008
[ ]Campus Life; Career Center; Editorials; Reilly, Lindsey; Seniors; WittPath Career ServicesOne student's advice: Break the conventionalism8:112/112008
[ ]Midgley, Kirsten; Perez, Marisa; Politics; Campus Life; Obama, BarackStudents attend presidential inauguration3:52/52009
[ ]Freshmen; Campus Life; FinancesFreshman Survey2:32/122009
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; Finances; FoodIt's Valentine's Day again, guys get out your wallets6:12/122009
[ ]Abts, Paul; Bringardner, Derek; Campus Life; Concerts; Editorials; Music; Post-It; Racism; SwearingPost-It reaction blown out of proportion13:12/192009
[ ]Fashion; Fernholz, Katherine; Campus LifeA fashionista speaks 12:12/262009
[ ]WUSO; Campus LifeA new beginning for WUSO: 89.1 The Berg 4:42/262009
[ ]Finance; Woellert, Drew; Tuition; Campus LifeWitt's benefits > hefty costs 13:42/262009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Campus LifeCampus Moviefest: Student film competition coming to campus in APril3:13/262009
[ ]Frisbee Golf; Recreation; Campus LifeSenior Slackers share secrets on how to shave serious strokes off your spring FROLF score8:13/262009
[ ]Campus Life; TraditionsThe top 10 gen-eds the administration forgot to require13:14/302009
[ ]Woellert, Drew; Campus Life; Seniors;Looking back, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times...13:15/72009
[ ]Osborne, Tara; Campus Life; SeniorsSenior staffer sums up how she made Witt a success story12:15/72009
[ ]W-Day; Campus Life; Traditions; AlcoholW Day's future brightens as seniors strive to revive tradition1:15/72009
[ ]Campus Life; OpinionThe Torch's take...Students, learn to appreciate the chaos4:19/102009
[ ]Campus Life; Opinion; EntertainmentThe Torch's take...Is art controversial only when it's bad?4:19/172009
[ ]Campus Life; TatoosInked Out: Getting Under Witt's Skin1:110/12009
[ ]Campus Life; Coleman, DavidReal-life "Hitch": a real hit at Witt8:310/82009
[ ]Motion Pictures; Campus LifeFor your viewing pleasure2:110/152009
[ ]Student Center; Student Senate; Student Development; Campus LifeFounders: Classic campus space gets a facelift1:110/292009
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station; Campus Life; Powers, AnthonyLack of participation may cause WUSO to collapse1:110/292009
[ ]Campus Life; Opinion; FinanceThe Torch's take...Founders falling flat simply a trend of the times?4:111/52009
[ ]Campus Life; Music3x30: Informal, creative8:411/192009
[ ]Campus Life; EditorialsIs college kids' complaining muddying student morale?5:111/192009
[ ]Campus Life; World News; HaitiThe Torch's take...Apathy finds antidote: Students unite for Haiti 4:12/42010
[ ]WUSO; Radio Station; Campus Life;WUSO recovered from slump with revitalized staff and content 3:12/42010
[ ]Campus Life; Food Services; SodexoSaying "I love you" this Valentines Day with... CDR strawberries?5:12/112010
[ ]Campus Life; Central Dining Room (CDR); Food Services; Humor; An open letter to my sixth dinner plate5:12/252010
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Campus Life; Fashion; PhilanthropyFashion show showcases sundry style: The weekly fashion watch 8:14/12010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; PhilanthropyThe 2010 talent show: the next event from the busy freshman class cabinet3:44/82010
[ ]Campus LifeTrivia Nights become Trendy: 2009-10 addition to Witt Wednesdays become a hit with students, faculty9:14/82010
[ ]Student Senate; Campus Life; Homosexuality; PoliticsWittenberg Student Senate denounces hateful language1:0110/62010
[ ]Alcohol; Campus Life; Fashion; FinancesWhat ar you doing for Halloween?6:0110/272010
[ ]Food; Environmental Issues; Campus LifeIce cream cones on Alumni Way6:0111/172010
[ ]"Campus Life; Humor; Copeland, Warren"Maybe this is what really happened9:012/92011
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; HumorStudents express their opinions on PDA 4:012/92011
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; HumorValentine's day gifts for all relationship statuses9:012/92011
[ ]Family; Campus LifeWitt Love part two 2:022/162011
[ ]Campus Life; Dating; Fraternities and SororitiesYears five through eight of your High School career 4:012/162011
[ ]Residence Halls; Campus Life; Dating; HealthCollege roommates; you love 'em or hate 'em 5:012/232011
[ ]American International Association (AIA); Campus Life; Fashion; Gay-Straight Alliance; PhilanthropyHitting the runway: Surprise guest and Witt models strut for a cause Note: this issue of the Torch appeared on 04/05/2011, but the cover on the printed issue of the Torch incorrectly listed the date as 04/03/2011. There may be more than one print issue with the same apparent date. 6:014/52011
[ ]Fashion; Campus Life; WeatherWhat to Wear When the Weather is Crazy: A Style Guide to April 6:014/122011
[ ]World Events;Campus LifeWitt Remembers September 11th: A Calendar of Events 1:19/72011
[ ]World Events;Campus LifeFaculty and Staff Reflect on 9/11 1:29/132011
[ ]World Events; Campus LifeStudents Reflect on the Events of September 11 3:19/132011
[ ]Greek Life; Campus ActivitiesGreek Week 2011: What to Look For 5:39/282011
[ ]Union Board; Campus Life; EntertainmentUnion Board Preview Fall 2011 5:39/282011
[ ]Online Exclusive;Student Life;Campus ActivitiesWhat to do at Witt: Upcoming Events 11/162011
[ ]Union Board;Campus Life;WUSO;WittFestUnion Board Update 5:31/252012
[ ]Campus Life; Duraj, Jon; Student ActivitiesCrow Week 1:12/82012
[ ]Advice; Freshmen; Campus Life; Dating; HumorWitt Tips: Pucker Up, Witt 10:12/82012
[ ]Music;Campus Life;WUSO;Union BoardLocal Bands Coming to Campus 2:12/152012
[ ]Campus Life; Recreation; [Photo]Sweetheart Dance5:42/222012
[ ]Campus Life; Recreation; [Photo]Welcome Back Luau: Greeting the final weeks with a tropical party!4:13/212012
[ ]Campus Life; Entertainment; RecreationWater Wars – Battleships Come To Witt! 6:13/282012
[ ]W-Day;Traditions;Campus Life;Student SenateThe Mysterious Day: W Day Returns to Campus 2:14/182012
[ ]W-Day; Traditions; Campus Life; EntertainmentW-Day Brings Wittenberg Spirit To Campus 6:14/252012
[ ]Residence Halls;Campus Life;Ferrier, Jacob A.;Mengerink, Jeffrey D.;Kaplan, Thomas E.Bald Is In: Shavetember Allows Witt Students to Promote Cancer Awareness 1:110/32012
[ ]Shifters;Campus Life;Campus Activities;Opinion;Letter to the Editor: Dear Shifters 5:110/102012
[ ]Campus Activities;Campus Life;Duraj, JonOffice of Student Involvement Lauches New Webpage 1:110/102012
[ ]Campus Life;Campus ActivitiesViewpoint: Dapper Dancing: The Wittenberg Swing Dance Club 4:110/102012
[ ]Campus Life;AlcoholDefinitely Drinking: Journalism Poll Finds Drinking On Witt’s Campus is Prevalent 3:111/282012
[ ]Fashion;Campus Life;Betts, Bri;Mueller, JonathanCloset Spotlight: Wittenberg's Most Fashionable on Campus 5:19/182013
[ ]Campus Security;Police and Security;Lucas, Don;Residence Life;Residential Burglaries2:19/252013
[ ]Rape;Sexual Assault;Campus Life;Wagner, Brooke;Askeland, Lori;Causbie, Kate;Pickelsimer, Donna;Lopez, Mark;AlcoholWittenberg's Rape Culture - Students, Faculty, and Staff Speak to the Culture of Rape that Permeates our Community4:12/192014
[ ]Religion;Campus LifeWhat Would Jesus Do? Party? 7:12/262014
[ ]Secret Societies;Campus LifeSecret Societies and the Exclusivity of Wittenberg6:34/22014
[ ]Secret Societies;Campus Life;Police and Security;Gill, Casey;Doubt, Keith;Preston Nickoson, CarolWittenberg’s Not So Secret Societies 1:14/22014
[ ]Student Life;Campus Life;DormitoriesTiger Tips: Laundry 4:29/242014
[ ]Campus Life;Hutchins, Jim;Parking;Campus SafetyCampus Parking: Is There Enough? 4:14/202016
[ ]Greek Life;Campus Speakers;Kelly, Maddy;Preston Nickoson, Carol;Gamma Phi BetaGreek Speaker Stirs Controversy on Campus 4:14/272016
[ ]Campus Life;Campus Resources;Tiger Share;COMPASS;Career Center;[Photo]Utilizing Witt’s Hidden Gem Resources 8:111/22016
[ ]Campus LifeYou Can’t Spell College Without A Couple of L’s 7:111/22016