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Subject Article Title Pg:Col Date Year
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergCampaign underway to achieve seven immediate goals (pics)1:111/21979
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergPlans described for the kick-off this weekend8:311/21979
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergDr. Jacob C. Baas, executive director for university advancement comments on campaign1:111/91979
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergPress conference held, picture no stroy5:411/91979
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergCampaign enjoys great support from the faculty and staff8;22/81980
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergCampaign nearing the midpoint1:22/151980
[ ]Campaign for Wittenberg"Phase Two" about to begin6:29/261980
[ ]Campaign for Wittenberg71 % of $16.7 million goal reached1:210/31980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergCampaign receives financial gift from Xerox Foundation1:310/171980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergStella Ora Schneider Marlatte, class of 1911, left part of her estate to Wittenberg5:110/241980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergDelta Zetas "kidnap" Greek officers; give ransom to Campaign4:211/71980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergGreed "kidnapping" a success (pic)6:411/71980
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergKnesge Foundation Challenge Grant given to Witt as goal achieved1:32/201981
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for WittenbergNew phase of campaign targeted at Indiana-Kentucky Lutheran Synod about to begin1:13/61981
[ ]Campaign for WittenbergLynn Fluegge, a Kentucky craftsman, builds rockers to help Wittenberg campaign4:31/151982
[ ]Campaign for Wittenberg$50,000 grant from United States Steel Foundation, Inc., of Pittsburgh, PA1:61/221982
[ ]Gifts; Campaign for Wittenberg20 Million Raised (pic)1:11/141983